The American Dream Bureaucratizing Terrorism

May 14, 2016

The political exploitation of global terrorism has stretched its tentacles beyond America while superpowers have begun to catch their bearings to adhere to the same American principles of economic expansion and dominance. There may be a sound argument that perhaps there is nothing wrong with terrorism; as long as some nations achieve a strategic advantage. Indiscriminate competitive carnage by terrorist groups is the new growth trend that seems to meet the expectations of superpowers to muscle in and expand their growth.

Who could ever imagine Bin Laden’s ultimate objective of restoring the power of the Muslim world in a global arena of super-terrorists that jockey fiercely for territorial expansion aligned with leading nations? That means that these super-terrorists are competing with leading nations. French President Francois Hollande did learn some mathematical statistics from Putin when he stated, “We’re mourning together with you and the heavy losses France has suffered. I know the latest data indicates 130 people dead and more than 350 wounded.” Hollande responded, “That is exactly why I’m here with you today. I’ve come here so that we can find a solution and move together on this path, effectively fighting the common enemy and searching for a political solution to the settlement of Syria.”

 The problem with Hollande’s statement to fight a common enemy is whether or not he understands that superpowers develop the institutionalization and cooperation of terrorist groups and that it is very difficult to achieve counterterrorism measures when national strategic interests are involved. Terrorism does have strategic goals which compel democracy and communism to withdraw military forces from territory that they consider to be the homeland. The only way terrorism could sustain dominance over the superpowers is through military occupation to establish a reliable and replenishable resource of suicide bombers.

However, the analysis goes further than that. In America, terrorism was bureaucratized and it spread to Europe. The American dream and its invisible hand have established its own core values that supply jobs, businesses, and wealth that feed the mechanisms of terrorism. Bureaucratizing terrorism becomes the continuity to establish resources and wealth to combat terrorism. The commander-in-chief meets with his political elites that are well-tuned in utilizing resources to hunt for terrorists and to achieve some sensibility of global threats. It also establishes the resources to gain a competitive advantage.

The machinery of terrorism relies on the hardware of the oval office to solicit the media in the perpetuity and order that gives momentum in its fight against terrorism. Terrorism has become a natural resource occupation that elicits other nations to follow them. Perhaps that is why Francois Hollande smiled at Obama, then turned his back and relied on France’s national character to achieve his objective. France was intuitive that if Obama claimed that Putin would fail, then that would mean Obama would also fail in Syria.

That means the French media and intellectual elites are not interwoven like Britain or Germany, which are tied closely to the US media. The French unconsciously made the decision that there is no difference in the human rights violations of the Kurdish population in Turkey to President Bashar al-Assad’s methods. Today, the French President repeated his conviction to the world, “President Bashar al-Assad does have a place in Syria’s future.” Putin and Hollande are to coordinate their airstrikes in Syria and Putin now claims that the US leaked the flight path of the downed Russian jet to Turkey.

Many geopolitical scholars are now looking into changes in the American-political landscape and the media elites that are not in-tune with the American middle class. The anxiety of the American middle class is starting to build a trend; they may not want a lawyer’s pedigree from Harvard or Yale in the White House.

It is a combination of factors and sequences that created the mistrust and loss of confidence in the American media that has often reflected the American middle class. The American middle class is strongly rejecting these intellectuals and political elites that have dominated their conscious for far too long. The corporate elites are now questioning themselves: will they follow the trend? If you want to make money, you need to follow the trend. The trend is your friend. After all, it is an American dream in the bureaucratic world.


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