Donald Trump's Campaign Strategy vs. Canadian Ted Cruz

May 25, 2016


Indeed it was interesting as to what Donald Trump said in reference to building a wall. “I was watching the other day, and I was watching Ted (Cruz) talk, and he said ‘We will build a wall.’” Perhaps Donald now feels that Cruz’s campaign managers are honing in to his policies. My question is to Rubio’s campaign managers that seem to be behind the 8-ball: Are Rubio’s campaign managers moving against the trend?

The University of Michigan did a study that indicated fewer and fewer voters identified themselves as Republicans or Democrats. Many Americans now call themselves independents. Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s campaign manager, is a superb and brilliant campaign manager. Corey was able to realign his philosophy with Donald Trump’s to legitimize the trend that a Presidential candidate should not rely on traditional fat-cats to finance their campaigns.

We all know the corporate elites are familiar with trends, and that is why Tim Cook and Elon Musk decided to form a secret team to take down Trump because of the fact that their views are not being represented. If voters are willing to go against a Presidential candidate on a single issue, then voters are willing to go against the 20,000 lobbyists based out of Capitol Hill.

Corey was smart before he took the position as campaign manager by making sure to which has more than 65,000 lobbyists and over 30,000 organizational lobbyists proliferating the American landscape. This is not just a grassroots movement for Corey and Donald; it is becoming a national movement.

They realize that lobbyists are regarded with suspicion and outright mistrust by the American public and the nation as a whole. It is a concept that lobbyists operate every political system by building upon their own personal interests and priorities. The lobbyists feel that their organizations rank with a certain sense of seniority and superiority over nation-building of the US.

Cruz stated, “It is the Washington establishment’s last grasp, let’s divide things up, let’s play games, real simple. How do you beat Donald Trump? You beat him at the ballot box.” The odd man out seems to be Rubio’s campaign managers that can not command or expand the coalition of lobbyists and corporate elites that have deep-rooted relationships with committee members in the House of Representatives. Perhaps the trend is that the members of Congress don’t want to be seen with lobbyist groups that shape legislation to conform to their own interest rather than the nation itself.

Lobbyists are a collective force that establish certain variables of channeling the printing of US money towards their organization, political elites, and political hacks. Trump and Cruz realize that lobbyists are the scapegoats in achieving the Presidency of the United States. It is the scope and logic of their campaign managers that elicit the fact that the public good should reign supreme versus private interests in the allocation of resources, goods, and services used to compete in the marketplace. Public money is being used by political elites in establishing barriers to entry to make their industry more competitive against smaller businesses and innovative disruptive technological advancements.

The Canadian-born Mr. Cruz’s 1992 Princeton undergrad thesis, Clipping the Wings of Angels: The History and Theory behind the Ninth and Tenth Amendments of the United States Constitution, is rather intriguing. It states that individuals have “Rights and personal spheres protected from infringement by others.” If that statement is true then he should’ve mentioned something about the infringement of lobbyists against individual rights.

His thesis continued, “Government have power, authority to command or coerce others for specific ends.” I agree with this logic. However, his thesis also indicates, “It is meaningless for a government to have rights over people, for a government right is simply legitimate power.” My disagreement with this is the notion that legitimate power is now governed by interest groups that overpower the amendments of individuals in the United States of America.

It is how the lobbyists are maneuvering and intertwining within the network that established the legal framework of their own interests and the accumulation of resources. The fundamental difference between Trump and Cruz is that Trump is not taking money from special-interest groups. Even though his enterprises have benefitted from his contributions to the Democratic and Republican parties, he was a private citizen at the time and not a politician.

Cruz continues to take donations from interest groups and conglomerate businesses to fund his campaign effort. Yet, he has the audacity to say that once he becomes President most of these lobbyists in Washington will get the pink slip. When Rubio rejoiced winning the District of Columbia, it was actually Trump’s and Cruz’s campaign managers that were smiling because it was the national directory of lobbyists that were in support of Rubio.

Cruz’s campaign managers did not move quickly to get Ben Carson’s endorsement; this was clearly a victory for Trump that added Ben Carson to Trump’s party-bus. Carson tweeted, “Many people fight for change in DC, Trump is a leader with an outsider’s perspective and vision, guts and energy to get it done. I endorse Donald Trump, it is time to unite the candidate who will beat Hillary and return the government to We the People.”

Carly Fiorina endorsed Cruz and stated precisely what Carson said. “Ted made the right enemies fighting the status quo power.” She later tweeted, “Power dispersed into the hands of many is wiser than power concentrated in the hands of the few.” This clearly shows that Rubio is simply out of touch with the American people. Rubio tweeted, “Leadership is not about making people even angrier and more frustrated. I talked about a volunteer who encouraged me to keep fighting, there he is.”

Corey Lewandowski has successfully influenced Cruz’s campaign managers and targeted the miniscule Rubio into a corner of being weak and childish. Rubio’s tweets lack energy and confidence. He has no choice but to represent private interest groups that exploit the Federal government’s treasury. In DC, these lobbyists wine and dine political hacks that want to move from government positions to private interest organizations.  

Rupert Murdoch tweeted, “As I predicted, Trump reaching out to make peace with Republican establishment. If he becomes inevitable party would be mad not to unify.” Whatever the American establishment is, it may have to do with influence from the President and his cabinet to the professional lobbyists that affect the national policies in almost every area in America. If the establishment is there to stroke the system, there will be no peace with Trump and Cruz.

Corey and Trump have started a trend; the Calgary-born Cruz is simply riding it. Cruz my friend, if you do lose the Presidency of the United States, I heard there’s an opening for head of the Conservative Party of Canada. You definitely meet the qualifications; the Canadian political elites are lazy and never rise above the Canadian character in terms of ambition.


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