Trump & Cruz Vs. Harry Reid

May 27, 2016

Whatever world US Senator Mr. Harry Reid lives in he seems to be blaming people, especially Americans, for helping create the American wasteland with the xenophobia that the conservative world lives in. He bolsters his criticism against Trump for no other virtue that the American dream can not and will not exist unless his virtues are sustained in the way America should be governed.

It is now Mr. Reid that has all the answers for the American people; he draws upon his inner soul. “No grey area here. It’s time for Senator McConnell and speaker Ryan to find the backbone to say enough. Trump enough.” Perhaps these words created a wasteland, because for some reason, they have become the weapon of fear.

To establish that one man can destroy the Republic rather than the multitudes that believe in the American dream is not a sound argument. Mr. Reid believes the world revolves around him and he’s willing to wage war to sustain his own self-worth and entitlement. If Mr. Reid believes the moral integrity of America rests on his shoulders, then what shoulders does he give the American people? If Mr. Reid believes he prescribed some sort of thesis in the conventional belief that only the elites and the establishment represent the American people, then he may be wasting his time.

As one of the co-authors, my political philosophy is more liberal-like. In contrast, my co-author tends to lean towards more of a conservative side. However this time I have to agree with him. There may be a legitimate double-standard with respect to the way the common man views himself. What many democrats fail to understand is that Mr. Reid’s sensibilities may be based on silencing the common man.

Reid stated, “Why are they waiting to withdraw their support, what more do they need to see?” Again he is wrong because he can not see the convictions, whether wrong or right, the American people have to prove it. In geopolitics there’s a tendency to see things differently than the conventional political scientist. Even though Donald Trump boasts about his business successes, it really means nothing to this wasteland.

What America sees is a common man that chooses to put his trust on common sense. If a President takes the oath to defend the Constitution of America, he is undertaking the supreme law of the land. Again, Reid does not provide a thesis of why the Republican Party will implode. Perhaps the real trend in what middle-America wants is based on common thinking rather than superficial thought.

If the common man believes that it’s acceptable to bail out the banks, then it is acceptable to bailout the families from losing their homes. If it’s acceptable for other countries to take away American jobs, then it is acceptable to get those jobs back to America. The story goes further: if the analytical thought of man can not rise above the establishment then that means they can not awaken themselves.

If Mr. Reid believes that you can’t trust the American people, then that means you can’t trust the constitution. It also means the American people can not trust or give confidence to their financial institutions. If Socratic thinking comes into play, it may have to do with the status and embellishment in how they rule America. When you have certain individual politicians that depend on their title for their salary, then we can understand Mr. Reid’s ideology.

Senator Harry Reid stated, “Donald Trump is the GOP’s Frankenstein”. What is he saying about Ted Cruz and Trump and the Americans voting for them? Ted Cruz is advocating building a wall that works, getting rid of slush funds, getting rid of government agencies that continue to prop up special interest groups at taxpayers’ expense, and bringing back more American jobs. What is Xi Jinping advocating for China? He’s advocating for them to invest in their stock market and domestic consumer market in order to raise their standard of living.

The scope and ideology between Cruz and Trump has narrowed. So what is the difference between these two men? There seems to be a kindred spirit between the Democrats and Republicans that rely on the Treasury and middle-class to secure their jobs. John Boehner, Former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, called Ted Cruz “Lucifer”. Now we have Frankenstein and Lucifer (according to Reid and Boehner), advancing the political ideology where the middle class seems to be meditating.

The truth is that only a career politician is able to relate his hypotheses with his own self-generated bright ideas which owe nothing to the public itself. If the political parties implode, may be it’s because their values are not reflected by a political system that subordinated the masses. Trends don’t happen simply because they happen; there are sequences and events. Sometimes a distant class of citizens will claim their own existence if their lives are disregarded and treated briskly.

Whatever persuasive reminder Mr. Reid or the New York Times give the masses is because of their unrecognizable value that has become the majority. If the mainstream value of America has changed, it wasn’t consigned by Trump or Cruz. They are simply repudiating a hierarchical system in American society that merely wants to establish their own ambition at the expense of the mainstream.

If a record number of voters are flocking to Trump’s and Cruz’s rallies, it is because the old-guard could not sustain public trust. The mainstream voters feel they have to take charge emotionally and get a leader that can build trust and make commitments. The sequences that are taking place with the anti-establishment started with Ross Perot. Even without a political party he managed to get 19% of the popular vote.

Even the framework of having corporate media organizations and billionaires mounting an offensive attack on Trump and Cruz may not work. The reason why is because the political marketplace has changed. When Trump and Cruz orchestrate rallies, they do not view the voters as a product or service. Using social media, they are repositioning their ideas and constantly changing their market conditions, especially Trump. For Trump, social media reigns supreme over the televised marketing tool. The critical success of his campaign is based on him standing on the podium like a bull and telling voters that mass amounts of money is flowing to attack him, yet not even a dollar has reached the hands of veterans and families that need the money. He berates the media as power brokers because of the fact that the power-structure no longer represents the voters. The media executives are shifting their strategic framework from the voters who have education to the ones that are less-educated; talk about segregation as the new strategy for media development.

Trump and Cruz will not make the same deal that Bernie Sanders made with Hillary’s campaign managers. These two bulls are there to win: they will go after Hillary, her husband, her emails, and the Saudi slush funds. Paul Ryan may have an option: to open the doors and let the Republicans walk out and support Hillary. Senator Reid indicated yesterday, “Watch my remarks from yesterday as we must challenge Donald Trump with the power of ideas.” Reid received less than 8000 views regarding this remark. If you compare that with Donald Trump or Cruz, they’re commanding millions of views.

Elizabeth Warren, a US Democratic Senator who happened to be an academic politician, made a strategic error in calling Donald Trump a “loser”. Though Donald Trump has a bad habit of being an undisciplined politician, she reinforced that the mainstream voters have a bit of a “loser” in themselves. These voters will distinguish between a winner and a loser.

The problem with Elizabeth Warren is that there’s no hidden agenda with the middle-class that wants to keep fighting. Along the way these “losers” feel that they were deprived of the American dream. If Elizabeth fabricated having Native American heritage to secure a position at Harvard University, it says a great deal about Harvard as an institution and why the middle-class feels that this battle needs to be fought on their own terms. Elizabeth, since you are a scholar, you need to come up with a thesis, for Mr. Reid understands little about the battleground that you fought. The bulls are in the arena and they refuse to be emasculated by the matadors that control them.


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