Obama & Kerry Converging to a Darwinist Geopolitical World

May 29, 2016

The virtue of terrorism is to bring about change by exhibiting terrorism. In geopolitical terms, it may rest on the divine right of rule by legitimizing terror through the power of intimidating the structure of the global order. When Nazi Germany inflicted terror-bombing on British cities, the Germans general knew that it would bring about an equal force of terror to their general population.

The problem with state terror is that it accomplishes nothing when there’s an equal playing field. The atomic bomb established terror but also brought capitulation and peace. No one wants nuclear proliferation because it puts terror on an equal playing field. The real danger to global order is when superpowers refuse to cooperate; global business can not thrive without cooperation.

Sometimes the game of dominance comes into play with superpowers in the way they maneuver when establishing strategic interests. Unfortunately, sometimes even the shift of global power establishes power vacuums that threaten the global order and the civility and tranquility of peace. However, at the end of the day superpowers have to take their roles seriously and protect global stability through cooperation.

Democracy and communism do maneuver in order to establish dominance. However, even with political missteps, eventually the sequence of order has to be established. The goal of superpowers is to establish normalcy, stability, and peace regardless of personality.

The US Secretary of State John Kerry was interviewed by Deputy Director General Mikhail Gusman in Russia. Sergey Lavrov and John Kerry are old warriors and both men have established the respect that’s needed to accomplish the mission. In the interview, John Kerry indicated, “Well, we’d like to get back to it.  We’re making progress.  I think that Foreign Minister Lavrov – Sergey Lavrov and I have had a very productive relationship and we’ve been able to separate differences and work together in a very effective way.  President Putin has been very gracious to spend time with me when I’ve come here and to work at trying to find a solution to very complicated issues.  I think it’s safe to say that the United States-Russia joint effort on the ceasefire has had an impact.  It’s been very positive.  And that’s the way we can build back to a much stronger, more effective relationship.”

The operative word here is “productive”. In diplomacy, the word productive means resolution with certain issues that are complicated in the geopolitical sphere. The joint effort becomes an alignment of where the global order will be in the future. If Iraq does not exist then it must exist somewhere in the future. This is why strong strategic initiative between the US, China, and Russia is significantly important in the global order; neither role can be diminished.

Can democracy destroy 1.7 billion lives? It’s impossible; no different than communism destroying its own lives.  There has to be a cancer somewhere standing between the two philosophies that promotes the infliction of terror towards each other. The world of international terrorism is small compared to war. The reason that superpowers are coalescing with each other in terms of compromise is because of the anarchy unleashed by a rogue terrorist-state that is psychologically tearing apart the multipolar stability of today’s superpowers.  

In his recent interview, John Kerry further stated, “The world faces a crisis of historic proportions where, unlike the last century where the former Soviet Union and the United States were involved together in fighting World War II, and Russia lost 30 million people – an extraordinary contribution to fight fascism.  So if we could find that same cooperative commitment here to fighting violent extremism, we could have a profound impact on history together.  And I think that the ways in which we can do that should be the centerpiece of our cooperative efforts.”

John Kerry is pontificating a historical fact towards democracy and communism that they need to work together in achieving cooperative efforts based on interests. The philosophies and ideologies can not survive without economics; it is a moral interpretation of a give-and-take world for them. If a terrorist state’s symbolic influence is to create terror through political influence then the influence itself is based on publicity that it generates to establish its own cause.

In the geopolitical world, the historical aspects are critical; they establish the mutual interests that existed and perpetuate an involvement where the future gathers steam regardless of various ideologies.

John Kerry stated, “What I have learned as Secretary of State is how important it is to not let the conventional wisdom and not let some of the media and the pundits tell us what we should do. It’s important to have a dialogue. It’s important to engage. It’s important for the leaders to map out steps that they can take that are in the interests of their people. We believe that the Russian people will do much better if we can make peace in Ukraine and make peace in Syria, and that will do a huge amount to renew the relationship between the United States and Russia so we can work together on any number of challenges that we face. But the important thing is, is you’ve got to be willing to sit down and have the dialogue and work to find where the common ground is.”

Kerry’s statement is important because it carries two personalities: Kerry and Lavrov who neither aspire becoming president of their respective nation. John Kerry tried and lost, he has nothing to prove to anyone, not even to the media that proclaim democracy as God’s so-called rule. Kerry knows that God’s rule is to have two ideologies working towards a common ground in the perpetuity of the global order to achieve stability. The superpowers have no choice but to find common ground against the terrorist-state in order to achieve the survival of the fittest.

Marcus Licinius Crassus faced the terrorist group of Spartacus. Hollywood can say whatever they want; Spartacus never claimed freedom. He just wanted to get out of Rome; he simply didn’t have the means to change Roman rule. What Crassus did was establish order. He attacked Spartacus strategically; that means he made sure he had his own men lying on the ground rising above the Earth and joining Spartacus’ army. Crassus knew exactly what Spartacus was doing.

John Kerry hit the bulls-eye with this one. “The sooner we end the chaos, the sooner we isolate the terrorists, the sooner we restore stability and peace.” It looks like Kerry and Obama have come to terms with themselves. They want to isolate the terrorist groups; no different than what Crassus historically accomplished.

At the Nuclear Security Summit in 2016, Obama indicated, “The United States and Russia remain on track to meet our New START Treaty obligations so that by 2018 the number of deployed American and Russian nuclear warheads will be at their lowest levels since the 1950s.” The reason as to why Russia chose to not attend is strategic; they went behind the diplomacy of the US rather than submitting to be a junior partner. In many ways, it is the constant struggle of give-and-take and compromise. If we are to summarize the sequences in 60 seconds, then we can say this: Putin wanted respect, there was enmity between two leaders where harsh words were said that neither could take back.

We were the first ones to write an article stating that Russia would get involved in Syria before it even happened. Putin met with Obama for 45 minutes, within two days Russia was in Syria bombing terrorist targets. Obama came out and said Russia wouldn’t be successful. However, this was all behind closed-door diplomacy to appease the imbecilic American media.

You had two nations bombing terrorist facilities, now they’ve stopped and are making efforts to cooperate with each other. This is what superpower nations do. Obama played a good hand and he deserves credit for this. Putin was willing to compromise no different than Obama; neither one wants any terrorist group to have nuclear weapons.

The end result lies in the words of John Kerry, “The people of Russia deserve to see these issues addressed in a responsible way so that ultimately, sanctions can be lifted and the people of Russia can see their economy grow, their lives get better, their incomes grow.  That’s our goal and we’d like to see that happen.” This is a credible comment between superpowers in the geopolitical world in how the world shifts.

Sometimes leaders are governed by God and humanity no different than the ideologies they live and die by. The world of Darwinism still exists; our heritage lies in the beginning of the socialization between dominant primates. 


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