The Inevitable War Between China and the United States

May 31, 2016

In the global order, the Thucydides trap does have a genetic map that adjusts attitudes producing competition between a dominant power and a rising power. In the historical perspective, if the Gods gave Sparta the cultural shock of Athens’ rise, then the dominant power couldn’t circumvent their fear of a competitor in the arena. The singularity of fear is not proportional to the stage that these nations live in. There is no God that can choose between a dominant power and a rising power; that is left to man and the social order to settle the score to what is favorable and what is unacceptable.  

If the Greek Gods were unable to choose between Sparta and Athens, then perhaps geopolitical scholars need to assert a relevant thesis that may have to do with familiarity breeding contempt. In regards to China, the commission of America’s national interests stated, “A dive of such proportion can not enter the stage without effect.”

I need to know what Gods they’re talking about or what Gods will has upon China. We all need to know what God’s will towards China is. If Sparta was wrong towards Athens as a rising democracy then why should democracy be absolved from being wrong in this millennium?

How can Bill Clinton’s words resonate the truth? “Democracies don’t attack each other. If democracies don’t attack each other, then who will they attack?” If Russia refuses what Bill Clinton stated then we will continue to urge Russia and other states to press ahead with economic reforms while the US continues to cooperate with regional problems. Therefore, Russian troops should be limited only if neighboring states agree to their presence.

This means Russia’s presence can only rely on democracy on the world global order. Bill Clinton pontificated, “We will work with our European partners to help to integrate all the former Communist countries into a Europe that has the possibility of becoming unified for the first time in its entire history, based on the simple commitment of all nations in Europe to democracy.”

I suppose the simple commitment was with a Rhodes Scholar who could not think. Bill Clinton had no poetic sensibility in understanding that this was the Thucydides trap in reverse and that the real genetic map was set by Darwin. If Sparta was militaristic then we can say Athens was not due to their democratic principles. Therefore, the Peloponnesian wars did not reshape the ancient Greek world; that is why the Thucydides trap unconsciously waved its invisible hand in the global stage.

There will come a time where a nation will want to put their lives on the line of freedom. It is not for democracy to build a better relationship with China; is the role of dominance pressing true democracy on Chinese soil.

China recently stated, “If Carter canceled his China trip to express dissatisfaction against China’s actions in the South China Sea, it only reflects that the US military is becoming less confident, and more sensitive and emotional. The US military is already quite advanced and strong. It seems that the US is becoming less confident, and more sensitive and emotional. The US military is already quite advanced and strong. It seems that the US will never feel at ease until it has absolute military predominance over China. This explains that Washington’s China strategy lacks justification. The US is using the South China Sea disputes as an excuse to intervene in the region. Washington’s posture in the region is much more aggressive than the South China Sea policy it claims.”

According to Thucydides, “It was the rise of Athens and the fear that this inspired in Sparta that made war inevitable.” The rise and fear seems to be a mechanism in the psychological makeup of a dominant nation. China’s economic clout has excelled in ranking amongst the trade partnerships they’ve constructed. The US is now inclined to tell the world that Obama should be the one making the rules. Again, the question comes to the forefront on the global stage, why are their rules more exceptional than others? 

If Democracy and Communism are polarized, eventually conflict will occur. It is the predominance and subjugation of an ideology; no different than a dominant primate exerting their authority against a competing and rising primate. Even if you kick out a rising primate, they will gather partners stealthily until their dominance is set as a sequence to the rise and fall of nations.

Again China reiterated, “The US is stirring up more regional countries to confront Beijing, and at the same time, it is escalating the situation with US Navy vessels and joint military drills. It is holding all the possibilities of deeper military involvement but not wanting to be part of a war.” This type of provocation comes at a time when China is investing in countries like France, the United Kingdom, Greece, and every country that is willing to realize China’s domestic population as a source of growth. China is winning over nations with a smile and a checkbook; a great symbol of importance to democracy.

The US will continue deploying their military as China’s presence in the South China Sea and West Pacific strengthens. The struggle for power between China and the US in the West Pacific won’t come overnight. China must be patient; it is rare for a hegemonic power to be defeated by a small country.

Thanks to the United States, the last two decades following the Cold War have been relatively peaceful due to the unipolar presence established by the United States. Thanks to Darwin, that is why the unipolarity is now being challenged; no different than Sparta going to war with democracy. It’s not a quest of who is right or who is wrong; it’s the ideological belief that the dominant power should bring peace and global order. This is the achilles heel that countries must adhere to in this millennium.

A rising power will eventually go back to the social order it believes in to dominate and dethrone the king. The Thucydides trap is based on the principles and sequences of Darwin. If a dominant power is able to align itself with virtues that a rising power should exist, then we will have peace and prosperity. History has shown us otherwise; that is how dominant Darwin is.



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