China's Love for Donald Trump

June 3, 2016

There is something strange happening in the geopolitical world, especially in regards to China. It’s awfully quiet on the Eastern front. One would imagine that the Chinese central command would’ve been discombobulated with Trump’s victories. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Their propaganda machine is not soliciting information against Donald Trump. Many geopolitical scholars feel there may be an alignment of values between China and Trump’s virtues in terms of making America ‘great’. When you have machismo, it has a tendency to align itself with the strongest. China’s core values may remain in transforming their economy domestically, but this doesn’t take away from the fact that they want to deal with a leader based on strength.

What are the clues that we can solicit and come to terms with in achieving a sequence as to why this is happening? One clue is how China views Obama. A recent article from the People’s Daily of China called “Comic Obama not suitable for mimicry”, ridiculed Obama’s personality as a weakling who is incapable of making major policy decisions to benefit the US.

The article mentioned, “Objectively speaking, such a tradition of humor in the US high-level political field is quite outstanding in the Western world as a whole. In comparison, European politicians are far more cautious and restrained. In Asian nations with a Western political system such as Japan, politicians are even more scrupulous about every detail when it comes to their remarks.”

The very detail that China is talking about undermines the real geopolitical order that is paramount for the existence of nations and their respective economies. Yes, China is correct: European politicians are indeed more cautious with their personality; they are more restrained simply because the cues are picked up in the geopolitical world in terms of behavior.

I would argue that the Japanese politicians are less scrupulous because in general they seem to say fewer words. Japanese politicians study their adversaries; no different than the Japanese business community that has established the same virtues with respect to conducting business with Western countries. Japanese businessmen scrutinize the integrity of whom they do business with and whether they can benefit and capitalize on their competitors’ excessive dialogue.

Another excerpt from the article indicated, “The annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner, which became a tradition long ago, has brought a certain impact to the outside world, as well as reflection on the characteristics of US politics.” What does China mean when they mention “characteristics of US politics”? Perhaps it’s the characteristic that the joke means nothing to Americans and everything to China. They believe that even in a joke lies truth in the way a leader handles himself internationally. The less serious he is in terms of his own personality, the less worthwhile the geopolitical world means to him.

China may have come to terms in understanding Trump’s personality and psychic with what he plans to accomplish for America and for the global order. The Chinese media are stealthily quiet and not criticizing Trump as much as the amalgamated billionaires that are against him, including the media elites. We all know with Hillary Clinton that the path and sequence of global order would be similar to that of Obama’s logic.

Geopolitical scholars are beginning to examine whether or not Trump’s philosophical thinking matches the masculinity of China and Russia. Do China and the rest of the world believe the global order will be congruent with Trump? Are they gambling on that aspect? Trump continues to pontificate that he can work with all countries whether it be from Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and so forth. This type of philosophical thinking and whether or not the America media denounces it, appeals to China’s psychic.

“The public’s foremost demand of politicians is hard to change no matter in which country, and that is shouldering responsibilities and resolving puzzles for their nation, not the ability to joke around. In some way, that US presidents can face reporters in a relaxed fashion shows that they cannot make their own decisions for the country’s major principles and policies. In this globalized era, vital information spreads all over the world. Yet the logic of development has proven hard to integrate among different countries. In this sense, it is not surprising that Obama brought laughter to the globe, yet no leaders from other nations will follow his example.”

The statement above from the People’s Daily needs further analysis. What China is saying is that when a leader tells jokes, they inhibit their ability to resolve the global order. This stretches as far as the Middle East, where Obama has shown total incompetence. That means Obama could certainly take an arrow, shoot himself in the foot, and laugh at it because he can not establish principles and foreign policies in a globalized era.

I need to reiterate one more point: China and their belief of Obama becoming an exception in terms of leadership because of no one willing to follow his example, including Mr. Trump. Why would Trump follow his example? He is very serious in making America great, and the people of China believe that. They know Trump is not joking; it’s a clear and concise message that this world is now subscribing to.


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