The Unfortunate Flaws of David Cameron

June 4, 2016

It looks like David Cameron found a certain solace in Chinese investment when Xi Jinping visited the Queen of England. Perhaps Xi Jinping is more concerned in getting to know the British people and their character rather than David Cameron’s personality traits. What type of geopolitical leader is David Cameron? On the one hand, he wants China to invest in England, and Xi Jinping has brought those investments into the country. Now David Cameron wants to wash his hands by establishing duplicity and subterfuge.

No other leader in British history has displayed more stupidity than David Cameron. His words in the global order mean nothing; he is willing to sacrifice British benefits for no other reason than to establish freedom of navigation in the South China Sea. Cameron’s proclamations have to come from somewhere, how has his mind been pervaded? Why did Cameron now solicit freedom of navigation as priority to its diplomacy?

In a signed article to the Times published Wednesday, Liu Xiaoming, Chinese ambassador to Great Britain, demanded to halt meddling in the South China Sea dispute by numerous politicians and media outlets in Great Britain and the United States. Xiaoming asked, “Is the freedom of navigation that every country is entitled to really the issue? Or is it the ‘freedom’ of certain countries to flex military muscle and move warships on other nations’ doorsteps and fly military jets over other countries’ territorial airspace?” The Chinese ambassador to Great Britain makes a strong point, “If it is the latter, such ‘freedom’ should be condemned as a flagrantly hostile act and stopped.”

What Britain and the US ultimately want to do is contain China and disguise the veil of freedom of navigation as a governing tool to strike at China. Not a single ship has been stopped by China. Why is international law dominating the agenda? Why is the word ‘freedom’ being used as a lie to circumvent China’s rise and growth? Why is capitalism fearful of China’s rise if it ultimately mimics its world? What is the root cause of capitalism to strike against its own self?

The real problem of capitalism is the color of capitalism: it can not stomach if it’s yellow. The true face lies in prejudice and how that prejudice is maneuvered in gaining control to submit one force of capitalism and allow the prejudice to dominate. There’s no doubt these two Western nation-leaders that seem to have been educated at prestigious universities like Harvard and Oxford want to retain their pedigree along with their color to cement capitalism as they see fit. It is not a question of capitalism getting along with each other even though the multinational world is intertwined in the thinking and correspondence of business without color.

In a signed article to the times, Liu Xiaoming also indicated, “The issue of the South China Sea is being ramped up by those in the US and the UK who accuse China of causing tension in the region. They proclaim the principle of free navigation and over-flight but in reality their prejudice and partiality will only increase tension.” Liu also alluded to the fact that China was the first country to name, discover, and govern the Nansha islands and surrounding reefs.

According to the US and Britain, China has taken a ‘hard line’ stance on the South China Sea. This however lacks merit and is more of an effort to maintain Western leverage over China and Russia. It matters very little that Xi Jinping has invested in Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

What capitalism fears most is investment in Caribbean countries. It is the movement of people in sunny destinations that will determine the strength of the Chinese Yuan one day competing head-on with the American dollar. The prejudice lies with the color of the skin and the Anglo-American mentality of defeating China’s investment conquest. Both nations are heavily in debt; their only option is to circumvent international law and allow a military engagement to confront China.

What is so tragic is how stupid and imbecilic Mr. David Cameron is. He’s willing to take Chinese investments and perpetrate lies for no other reason than to have his color of skin mesh with Obama’s and Hillary’s. It is the quest of international law and freedom of navigation that resides on the color of the skin of who should dominate, even at the expense of doing business with China and investing in Britain.

Capitalism breeds contempt upon its own soil. David Cameron has no legs to stand on. What David Cameron has to look at is himself; he is the true idiot. Geopolitical leaders have no business apologizing to him. This man needs to finish his hotdog before any of that can happen. The Queen has finished her hotdog, that’s how strong she is.


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