When It Comes To The Democrats, Follow The Money

June 7, 2016


It was Hillary and Bill that brought dirty money into the political system in Arkansas. No other woman in history tried to protect her marriage and husband’s political future while cementing her own ambition as a springboard to the corrupt methods of luring money into her own coffers.

The only way that Hillary could protect her dignity and preserve her integrity was by the role of gender. It’s not a question of political leadership between a man and a woman, but rather that any criticism will be met with the word sexist regardless of any personality. It is the Democratic Party that she was able to lure in the sequence in establishing her mind frame over everybody else.

We can get the personality of the individual by examining sequences in the way she perpetrated her demeanor towards her husband. She made herself more important than the President himself; this was done by design.

I have no qualms to say that my wife is the most important partner in my life. However when it comes to a job, the role should be filled without maneuvering towards power and attaining dirty money. These are not presidential qualities and Bernie Sanders seems to understand why she’s unqualified. The undecided voters need to come to terms that presidential candidates elicit policies but may not necessarily be the rock that molds leadership.

Fraud and dirty money seem to follow Hillary and Bill Clinton’s legacy; they are by no means willing to capitulate to integrity and honesty. It was Hillary and Bill that met with James Riady, an Indonesian tycoon who plead guilty to a “conspiracy to defraud the United States” in 2001 with his illegal donations to Bill and other democrat leaders. Riady was consequentially barred from the United States.

In 2009, Riady returned back to the United States for the first time since he was barred. Hillary indicated she was unaware that he was let back in, but the real truth lies in her association bringing out the sequence of bringing this man back to America. Remember, in the political spectrum, it is the sequence of time that enables individuals that made huge contributions to the campaigns of Bill and Hillary to stealthily walk in through the back door.

The relationship of Bill and Hillary with the Indonesian tycoon was based on money they received from their law practices followed by the closest Arkansas cronies. Joseph Giroir and Webster Hubbell, former law partners of Hillary, were also on the payroll of the Riady family and made it possible for James Riady to buy a local Arkansas bank that eventually went under.

Hillary Clinton’s law practice was Arkansas. It was a governing business of the state itself; no different than passing laws and legislation to beef up their elite establishment rather than the people of Arkansas. Hillary was by no means concerned about families in dire straits, the underprivileged, and even the Blacks and Latinos. The Clintons’ only motive was money and how billionaires could further establish monetary gain for their businesses rather than the American public.

Even the so-called venerated New York Times can’t get their act straight. Their propaganda machine is heating up to the point where one day their whole business will go under due to lack of integrity. Their belief system is that Hillary is so far ahead against Bernie Sanders that she won’t admit to electoral fraud against her enemies.

In an editorial, the Des Moines Register indicated, “Too many questions have been raised. Too many accounts have arisen of inconsistent counts, untrained and overwhelmed volunteers, confused voters, cramped precinct locations, a lack of voter registration forms and other problems.”

These shenanigans come directly from the horse’s mouth because of her distain for this old man’s rising influence on the American people and Democratic Party. In some cases, the number of voters at a caucus actually outnumbered the number of people registered; the “extra” votes were favored to Clinton.

However, it’s the New York Times that can’t get a grip to what’s happening to the nation itself or conduct their own investigation to help Bernie Sanders’ campaign. The New York Times’ mantra is that there is no place for honest old men in the American landscape.

Now Hillary’s campaign is maneuvering towards the undecided voters that make the proclamation that Trump is dishonest because of his universities, casinos, and business practices. America has to come to terms with the fact that there’s a big difference between the survival of the fittest in business and the survival of the fittest in political bribery taking advantage of communities in America.

Whether you like it or not, business favors investors that are willing to take risks. That is the American dream even when the common man loses. It pales in comparison to what Hillary has done for political expediency for her to claim victory at the expense of undermining every ethnic group in America that somehow allows her virtues to continue to stream America unabated and unchallenged with the exception of one bull in the arena with enough guts to tell her to go to hell.

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