Donald Trump & Bernie Sanders Against Hillary Clinton

June 8, 2016


There are times whereby philosophical thinking corresponds to mathematical thinking. There’s no doubt that if you can’t think of a mathematical equation, then why think at all? Why think in strategic and logistic maneuvering if a business can not benefit from its core group of individuals that work for them? The benefits need to be enormous and need to correspond to why they deserve their bonuses and pay raise; no different than the American worker who toils with his own hands.

Sometimes a woman in university must come to terms with her own soul not by the virtue of something given to her because she is a woman, but rather by her earning her position through commandment. I was confronted by a girlfriend that was smarter and pontificated why she was the best in what she does in the world of business. She told me if she hired me, she would demand the best. For some reason, she would destroy me even though I was her lover.

I told her it works both ways: If she did hire me, I would make damn sure that I would destroy her even if I was her lover. I asked her if that was fair. She refused to abide by that rule. Why should she accept my position if she can not rule? Again, it must work both ways.

She was confused and taken aback, “Why would you do that?” I told her, “It’s because of the fact that you exist, that’s why I’d do it. If a woman can not attain the same ambition as a man, then why do we exist as lovers? Why can’t we just become competitors? If you are good then you will defeat me and I will accept it because I love you. Therefore, for the same reason you must love me. I do not expect that you will use your power to somehow subvert who I am as a man.”

She nodded her head in agreement, “Then I do love you.” I kissed her on the lips, “I love you too. When the time is right, we will destroy each other because of this.”

I told my girlfriend that it seems like many billionaires are lining up to support crooked Hillary Clinton. She shook her head and asked why I was so against billionaires. I looked at her, “I have nothing against billionaires, but my boss and I at Toronto Hockey Repair Ltd. just don’t agree with how things are going.”

“The fact is that billionaires have a tendency to look at themselves differently than the common folks that are referred to as Americans. I really feel that this Presidential race is not based on gender or race, but based on low-class billionaires versus high-class billionaires.”

“Honey, for example, all these billionaires have stated that they will not support Donald Trump because he’s a billionaire and already has his own money. Nor are they willing to give money to the Republican Party. You know I’m not as smart as you, but it seems like these billionaires are upset that Trump and Sanders are not willing to accept who you are and what they are and how influential they are in the White House.”

“I may be wrong, but I do believe there’s a social stratification with respect to billionaires that allow themselves to build a hierarchy based on status and pedigree rather than what’s good for America. Again honey, I’m willing to put my arm around you and kiss you all over, but then again the problem arises. If Donald Trump did not exist then how can the American public see the invisible hand deeply rooted in the American conscience in the manipulation of not only the media, but society itself?”

“Look, we’re both at this university here in Toronto. The problem is that Trump and Sanders have both reiterated that billionaires will not have an influence in Washington. Honey I know you accuse me of looking at other women, but I want you to understand one thing, Hillary Clinton knows how to play this game and understands it quite well.”

“There’s an old saying: even if I marry you, for every great man there’s a great woman. That’s not based on gender, it’s based on fact. We don’t have to use mathematics or scientific statistics to prove that there’s indeed a sequence in how Hillary behaves with her husband, her lover, the man who cheated on her.”

“Honey, even if you cheated on me with Bill Clinton as a young woman, would you expect me to forgive you? Would you expect the wife of the man to forgive you? Or, would you be alone for every one in the media to take turns calling you names such as ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ like Hillary did to Monica Lewinsky? As a man, I would forgive you and love you no matter what. But don’t you dare ask me not to go after his wife.”

“When Bill Clinton gave Marc Rich a Presidential Pardon, it was actually Hillary that told Bill to give this hedge fund criminal financier a pardon. Marc Rich was charged with tax evasion and 65 counts of racketeering and bribery. For Hillary, it mattered so much that this man was a billionaire no different than Donald Trump. Hillary wanted this billionaire because she loved Bill Clinton as the springboard to her Presidency.”

“It was Hillary Clinton that instructed Bill Clinton to pardon Marc Rich with 65 counts of criminal racketeering and fraud. She loved him more than her own husband who cheated on her. He was a moneybag and if it wasn’t for Hillary he would’ve served over 400 years in prison. It was this feminine angel that somehow told America that he didn’t deserve a prison sentence. The real question is that if an ordinary Latino or other minority gave $50 to her campaign, would she have given them a Presidential Pardon?”

“Honey, whether you like it or not, if we are going to use Socratic thinking then it does carry a price in the American conscience to the American middle class and minorities that feel obliged to support this woman. You’re my girlfriend and I want you to answer one question, if I was Latino or Black and by virtue of family had the money to support Hillary’s campaign, would you pardon me?”

She looked at me and shook her head, “Not in a million years would I do that. I would be the first to see you go to jail.”

I responded, “I agree honey, I love you.” She put her arms around me, “Never screw me.” I squeezed her tight, "You never have to worry about me."

She gently laid her head on my shoulder, "Promise me." I turned my head and looked the other way, I knew I couldn't promise her anything. 

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