Trump Vs. Sanders FOX Debate

June 10, 2016


Even though I myself view myself as more liberal while my co-author views himself as more conservative, I did tell him one thing: If I was a senior political strategist sitting in with Donald Trump and his own senior political strategists, I would make the case that once a national leader indicates that he’s willing to debate with Bernie Sanders, they need to rightfully carry through.


For both Trump and Sanders, it is a win-win situation. Ultimately, Trump is legitimizing Bernie rather than Hillary. There will be rules in terms of debating Donald Trump no different than the demands that senior strategists make with respect to the media.


First off, I would choose FOX News over CNN. They may hesitate allocating revenue to a charitable organization; however the views will be monstrous with a lineup of advertisers eager to establish their brands with Trump and Sanders. I would suggest that Trump should go first in his pre-amble with what he wants to accomplish for America as a leader. He should reserve his attacks on Hillary rather than Obama. Mind you, attack Obama with the first two sentences, but after that make sure to prioritize Mrs. Hillary Clinton.


What is Bernie Sanders going to do? He will go after Trump like a pit-bull. Not only will Trump reiterate how Sanders mentioned Hillary being “unfit” to become president, but Sanders will also make the case that Trump is similarly unfit to become president. Trump has to fire back with a homerun and tell Bernie and America that if he is unfit, then what can Bernie say about the thousands of jobs that he creates for Americans.


Trump should magnify the reasons he is fit for the role of president by reiterating that Sanders and himself both want to get rid of the Washington establishment and the crooks that reap their payday from the Treasury. Bernie will attack Trump again by claiming that he is among the Washington elites. Trump has no choice but to agree, but at the same time indicate that he has an advantage in dismantling the establishment because of his knowledge around it.


The very core aspects of these two individuals is based on attack and relinquishing a certain aspect of their goal of destroying their adversary Hillary. Bernie has only one shot in gaining some momentum with his campaign, and that is through the generosity of Trump’s strategic campaigners. This may be the best debate that two candidates establish in the history of America by virtue of generating revenue for charitable organizations that help America.


Hillary Clinton refused to debate Bernie Sanders simply by the virtue that she leads the delegates of the Democratic Party. Trump on the other hand is saying that there’s indeed a higher goal for America: to establish why we all exist, which is primarily to help Americans. Donald Trump clinched the GOP nomination by gathering enough delegates. He’s willing to tell America that he’s not afraid of anyone, including Bernie who knows that Hillary has rigged the Democratic delegates in her favor.


Hillary has a habit of rigging everything, including self-proclaimed native Elizabeth Warren on the warpath. She shames even the American Apaches that believe in their bloodline that contributed to the growth of America. She had to lie no different than Hillary. However, both Trump and Sanders understand this game.


Bernie Sanders has a slight chance of beating Hillary; however the only man that can give him the nomination is Trump and his strategists. The problem with Hillary is that her knowledge of economics is lackluster. She is very predictable in putting the blame on everybody including Trump and Sanders rather than herself and her husband. Trump and Sanders know that the housing bubble was fuelled by low interest rates, easy credit, and toxic mortgages that transpired certain sequences that allowed many American middle-come families to lose their homes and life savings.


Hillary can not comprehend the fact that the financial institutions had exposure to the mortgages and consequentially borrowed money against them. Eventually, the financial institutions gave $200,000 for an imbecile like Hillary to speak to them. Now, the financial institutions are supporting her once again rather than Trump and Sanders.


It was Alan Greenspan that eliminated the safety barriers in the banking system, a move that made a financial catastrophe ever more real and possible. This opened up the floodgates of shadow banking syndicates and risky over-the-counter derivatives that bankers flocked to. The catastrophe started with Greenspan who allowed Bill Clinton to print more money and Bush who began looking for a savior in the form of Ben Bernanke.


This time, we have the same scenario with the stock market in terms of an ‘orderly’ market; that’s why Janet Yellen fears the market. If and when the Dow Theory takes place, it will take the housing market with it. More Americans now are mortgaging their future with the stock market.


Trump and Bernie know the sequences. Hillary wants their heads over the clouds along with Obama. She wants to tell Americans that their world is sound. Hillary is just too stupid to understand that what holds up the American economy is the confidence of the American people, and that is what Trump and Sanders are advocating.


If Donald Trump shows a certain poetic sensibility towards Bernie Sanders, that means Bernie Sanders will have the biggest audience in the world looking at him; no different than looking at the man who said, "Yes, let's do it for America." Hillary will grunt and moan and will want her vengeance against Bernie. 

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