Kevin O'Leary and John Tory? Give Canada A Break

June 20, 2016


I think the Canadian Conservative Party is a little discombobulated in terms of choosing a candidate to lead their party. For some reason Kevin O’Leary’s name keeps popping up. We are in the geopolitical sphere and couldn’t care less about Canadian politics, the reason being that Canada has never had a significant leader who could ever make a case in establishing their role in the geopolitical world. The Conservative Party now seems to be contemplating on Kevin O’Leary because of his desire to establish a particular brand with the party.

Please, give us a break. What type of branding is he talking about? Is this man talking about losing money? There’s no other man in the history of the stock market that’s capable of losing money more than Kevin O’Leary; all you have to do is ask his investors and look at his track record for a clearer picture to materialize. Even on television he seems to fold his hands like he’s some sort of guru or God in the money markets, and yet everyone seems to believe his nonsense except for Wall Street.

Wall Street has a habit of dealing with individuals like this. Whenever an individual like O’Leary invests the public’s money, Wall Street is there to take it and reap the profits. Unfortunately for Kevin O’Leary this is a consistent problem. However, now he has the audacity to go around saying that he wants to brand the Conservative Party. What is he trying to brand? Is it a television show with Mark Cuban?

I think Conservatives have to establish a platform and a message before choosing a viable leader. Kevin O’Leary seems to have established a platform simply because he claims to reach more than 10 million viewers weekly with 2 of the 10 million being Canadian. He seems to believe that with those viewers he is able to increase the Conservative treasury to wage battle against the Liberals.

When you’re dealing with a failure investor, the only message that Wall Street can give Canada is to not choose this imbecile. Unlike Donald Trump, O’Leary is no billionaire even though he advocates to the world that he is. This man can not attract billionaires to the Conservative Party nor investors that can even give him credibility or legitimacy to his candidacy.

O’Leary stated that he’s a liberal person in favor of assisted suicide and marijuana legalization. The question is if he was sick and in the hospital on his death bed, would he be willing to pull the plug on himself? A dominant ape will take their last breath even if they were dying and would ask the doctor if there’s anything they could do for them to live; that’s what you call animal instinct. It just seems animal instinct is something Mr. O’Leary can’t comprehend when it comes to investing; his investment acumen is to lose the public’s money.

Even if O’Leary ran as a Liberal Party member, he would not have the knowledge to execute Canada’s role in the Asia-Pacific region. American policymakers understand Russia’s and China’s role in the Asia Pacific region. Their desire is to feed the Asia Pacific region because they know that once you feed them you gain the power. American Presidents understand that concept, which is why there is a militarization currently taking place in the South China Sea to determine dominance.

Is Canada willing to feed the Asia Pacific region? Are they willing to achieve and streamline natural gas and oil in the Asia Pacific region? This is great wealth. What are the logistics? What is the strategy? How can Canada cement their role in the region to achieve this great wealth?

The only thing O’Leary wants to do is influence Canada’s role in domestic policy, that’s what he said. This man has no strength or masculinity to achieve any role in the geopolitical world. According to CBC, his main goal is to “influence economic and fiscal policy in Canada, which I think is subpar, broken and in some cases moronic (and) stupid."

This man calls Canada subpar, broken, and stupid? It was former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper that shouted to the world that Canada will be a superpower of resources. Where the hell is it? Another failure of a mediocre leader that can not rise upon the podium amongst international leaders nor make a statement as to where Canada should be.

So Kevin O’Leary is contemplating running for leader of the Conservative Party; the only reason why is because BNN has given him some legitimacy in being a mogul. What mogul? If he was confronted with Donald Trump he would call him a loser no different than Mark Cuban who seems to pontificate his virtues on the American public.

I remember when I was 18 years old and worked for Larry Grossman running for the Ontario Conservative Party. I remember just sitting around at the headquarters and John Tory was walking around with his head up in the sky thinking he was king. God forbid if anyone approached him and proceeded to ask him a question. All he would do was walk around telling everyone he was some damn lawyer; no different than O’Leary now walking around telling the world that he’s an investor and can make money for Canadians.

I had an opportunity to canvas with Larry Grossman and made damn sure to ring the doorbell only once. Larry Grossman rang the doorbell four times and some guy came out swearing at Larry, “Get the hell out, it’s 9 o’clock, why the hell are you bothering me?” Larry said, “I’m running for the leader of the Ontario Conservative Party.” The guy told him to get the f*** out. All I could do was laugh. Larry told me, “What the hell are you laughing about?” I had enough guts to tell him to shut up and let me laugh.

Folks, trust me. If O’Leary becomes the candidate of the Conservative Party, I will use my animal instincts to go after him so that he never becomes the Prime Minister of Canada, and he could take Toronto Mayor John Tory with him.

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