Paul Ryan's Endorsement of Donald Trump

June 21, 2016


It looks like Paul Ryan is in a bit of a dilemma with Trump’s endorsement. He is cognizant that both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have tapped in to the deteriorating middle class Americans. In essence, Middle America has been obliterated. The sequences gyrate between the upper echelon and lower class. These are the two dominating classes in America in this millennium.


In the geopolitical world, it’s hard to determine what many scholars are thinking about. Is Donald Trump a realist? A pragmatist? Or simply an idealist cruising by without the correct mind-frame? Trump’s mind-frame may have to do with the fact that he does not want to meddle in other countries’ foreign policies. He wants to focus on domestic policies in order to rebuild Middle America.


Hillary Clinton attacked Trump directly with her speech that focused on middle class Americans, “We cannot put the safety of our children and grandchildren in Donald Trump’s hands. We cannot let him roll the dice with America.” What she means is that Trump will have nuclear weapons ready for disposal at the tip of his fingers. However, it may be the consistent foreign policies of Obama and Clinton that may spur nuclear war.


Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump fully realize that China has stockpiled nuclear weapons that can reach the United States. Richard Fisher, a senior manager at the International Assessment and Strategy Center indicated, “We will see a period of rapid increases in the numbers of China’s nuclear warheads that can reach the United States.”


It’s virtually impossible for the United States that deploys their military in the Asia Pacific region to pull out for the simple reason that it can not dominate that region. Asian authorities, particularly from China, are aware of the increased militarization. In a briefing, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun stated, “Now, the United States has come back, and is reinforcing its military presence in this region and promoting militarization in the South China Sea.”


Many countries in the Asia Pacific region are starting to advocate the type of pragmatism that Donald Trump is soliciting to the American public. China continues to advocate resolutions with their trading partners in the Pacific region in regards to disputed territories. Obama’s and Hillary’s strategy in repositioning their foreign policy in the Asia Pacific region will bring about an inevitable war. It’s only a matter of time before the American military will not abide by the 12 nautical miles set by international law.


These are the types of provocations that are taking place. However, it still seems like Hillary and Obama are firmly set on this type of path for Americans. The global nuclear summit could claim that they’re doing a lot of good for the global order. The problem is that the realism is based on nations moving forth with the proliferation of nuclear weapons. This primarily has to do with the monumental wealth and benefits that nations can achieve in the Pacific region.


The Pacific region has to be fed. It needs oil, natural gas, coal, infrastructure, food, and water. The growth of their population will increase more rapidly than Europe and North America. When it comes to wealth this region should not be taken lightly. For China, Russia, and America, this once hostile region known as a burden has shaped into an investment opportunity of a lifetime. It boils down to a question of dominance.


This is what Sanders and Trump are seeing. Can these two individuals achieve respect within the context of the global order? Yes they can. They are trying to solve the isolationism that has occurred from the obliterated middle class in America and the discrepancy between high-income and low-income families. The middle class has shrunk significantly, which is why Trump and Sanders have geared their focus towards domestic-oriented policies.


Are these two individuals relinquishing their dominance in the global world? Not necessarily. It hinges on the fact that multinationals have the intelligence to maneuver with corresponding relationships that they’ve built in the past to grow American businesses. Even Xi Jinping is advocating for citizens to buy Chinese products; not because he’s an isolationist, but simply because he wants domestic revenues to fuel their global growth.


The problem with Paul Ryan is that he needs to find a way to dominate his campaign organizers or the man himself that leads the Republican Party. I know from experience that you can not tell a woman that you love her without providing the resources to win them over, nor can you do that with the minorities.


Trump and Bernie understand that blue-collar workers are suffering an enormous amount of pain and feeling anxious towards policymakers and the establishment. There is the belief that there are 11 million immigrants taking away American jobs. These 11 million immigrants have established economic benefits for America and there’s no way in the world that you can eliminate that benefit. The only thing you can say is that by establishing legal immigrants, you are successfully contributing to domestic economic growth.


As long as you have low interest rates and continue the monetary policy of printing money, America can establish 20 million legal immigrants to double domestic growth. There’s absolutely no way that the Republican Party and Donald Trump can have this massive exodus without deleteriously affecting the economy. Paul Ryan and Donald Trump have to come to terms that with this logic you possess enough revenue to construct whatever wall you want.


When you have Trump and Sanders winning the so-called middle and blue-collar segment of the American population, logistically it’s stupid for them to lose this race. There may be a significant change in the trend. What Trump has to do is somehow drain the goddamn swamp of all the political elites that are entrenched in the American psychology of winning at all costs. He needs to realign himself with the American voters and establish victory. The trend of polarization between the left and right will continue, that is the mathematical sequence. In two weeks one can actually confirm if the trend has changed. There's only a marginal increase with the donations that Trump is getting compared to Hillary.


It means that Ronald Reagan's mantra of not attacking Republicans has been broken with the presumptive leader in the form of Donald Trump. One can also see many of the supporters on television that are having a difficult time supporting his logic. Many individuals in the media have attacked Paul Ryan even though he had no choice in supporting Trump. 


Even though I'm more of a liberal and my co-author is more conservative, I told him that that if I was Trump's campaign manager, not only would I threaten him, I would make damn sure that he would lose his business if he lost the presidency because of stupidity. It's highly unlikely that even a billionaire could run a national campaign with the political persuasion of having a few Republicans that previously endorsed him now seeking an honorable way out. 


The trend is based on the money. If the middle class blue-collar workers and the upper class do not donate then Trump will lose the election. Ronald Reagan had a star personality adored by everyone. He was soft-spoken and respected the American class system. Reagan's rallies were based on building American confidence rather than the self-absorption of a man's real estate business. 


If Donald Trump continues to advocate making America great again, then what is he doing when he attacks an American who is doing his job for the betterment of the American economy? Judge Gonzalo Curiel is no different than any other American that works hard to benefit the domestic economy. What's next? Blue collar workers? 

It's not his campaign managers at fault or even Paul Ryan; it is Donald Trump that feels he can dominate Republican senators and congressmen simply because he feels that he's bringing more Americans under the Republican umbrella. That's what leaders do, that's what Ronald Reagan did. However, Reagan did not ask for anything in return and accepted Americans because of the work they do. Even when his father couldn't provide food in the Great Depression, Reagan understood the value of hard work and how Americans sacrificed their lives for their children. 


Paul Ryan has his hands full with the presumptive leader. He needs to slap his face when it comes to Republicans being attacked. Trust me, it's a lot easier slapping a billionaire's face than a blue collar man who would retaliate. 

What Americans want is change; they want to focus on the real enemies that are tearing apart the American psychic. Trump and Bernie want a more restrained foreign policy, not to make enemies with nations, but to improve the core values that America has while respecting the values that other nations have.


Unlike Obama and Hillary, these two individuals are not searching for enemies. Trump and Bernie want to compromise with nations and allow businesses and multinationals to prosper rather than create power vacuums that foster terrorism.


Since Paul Ryan negotiated with Donald Trump, if Bernie Sanders is not going to be the President of the United States and chooses to attack Trump, Ryan should tell Trump that they are there to win and to listen to him no matter what. The reason why a political party exists is to influence the leader to implement the core values of the party into his or her leadership style. Paul Ryan has to get the job done and tell Donald Trump to tow the line.


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