Globalization In a World of Mathematical Order


             We all know globalization is inevitable. With new technology and transportation systems, the trend is growing far quicker than anticipated. The global complexities associated with globalization may be tied to the orderly world of mathematics and physics. The changing norms are transpired towards regulated order to do business even with the emergence of disorder that makes it irretrievable at times.

            What is irretrievable is the nationalistic order embedded in a country that harbors a sentiment towards the survival of their multinational companies. However, the mathematical order will never cease to exist towards the global norms and subjugation of these irretrievable fibers in the global economy. It’s a type of organized complexity that overlaps the networks that gauge the mathematical order establishing social globalization patterns that achieve a unified world of business.

            This type of order establishes dominance not only in the physical world, but in our own everyday interaction that relies on the movement of people, capital, and information. The fact that information became orderly automatically makes our norms orderly in the global stage. Nationalism has the ability to suppress information but it does not have the ability to destroy the order and progress in the utilization of technology towards the advancement of business and innovation.

            Globalization has crafted the global mind as a unit as the analyses of sociological and more general social science have begun to exacerbate the deployment of mathematics and physics into complex, non-linear adaptive systems. Even frivolous information allows our sensory capacity to identify what is real and what is virtual in the global framework.

            We can all say the Kardashians have absolutely no value in the advancement of technology and innovation. However what we can say is that they do have a social value of order in the intrinsic value of branded products associated with the growing presence of consumerism.

            The increasing role of orderly interlinked networks plays a key role in speeding global consumerism to emerging nations. The nations’ norms will not necessarily follow the Kardashian model in the way they live their lives or sexual proclivities, but the order itself is established because the senses pick up what consumerism stands for in catapulting a nation to the forefront of global trade.

            Globalization is by no means static or fixed and can never be suspended. Its strength relies on increasing global networks and the self-organization of nature that builds the hierarchical direction where information and technology perpetuates itself no different than government bureaucracy. The difference with bureaucracy and information technology is that the latter constitutes exponential revenue-boosting while the former aligns itself to the betterment and distribution of wealth to either a select few or to the people themselves.

            Instead of using mathematics and physics to derive the exact equations used in the model, the focus has turned towards the role of behavior and how it plays a role in the modern organization of global networks. If the global analysis rests on a few individuals that believe that the globe itself is an intractably disordered world, then they are dead wrong.

            Even the role of global militarization carries consumerism towards what nations need to have to protect their interests and the order of their world. Japan recently announced a $40 billion stealth fighter jet contract in efforts to establish order no different than the desire of any other nation. The global business order can only be threatened when the militarization can not see the order of mathematics and physics applied to their role to exist. That becomes the destruction of the orderly world of information.

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