American Conspiracy Against China

July 25, 2016


          We all know how the State Department and Obama like to lend their support to their allies, especially new Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. Duterte loves to go around holding a machine gun in public, womanizing his own population, and cursing the Pope with foul language. His personality hinges on stupidity but is also heavily based on a lack of education. He’s definitely not the brightest tool in the shed.


           “Forget the laws of human rights”, proclaimed Duterte. This means that even if you’re not a drug dealer he will have his death squads knocking on your door accusing you of partaking in illegal activity. Duterte has stated that he is more interested in building funeral parlors for criminals over prisons. Remember, these types of funeral parlors he’s talking about will be used to deter political opponents who have different ideological opinions and wish to challenge him.


           Even though Duterte won the tribunal arbitration case for the South China Sea land reclamation against China, he’s not boasting about it like he did before the election. Sure, Beijing has claimed control of more than 90% of the enriched resource lands in the South China Sea, but now the Philippines’ land claims have been backed by The Hague. China believes this is all a conspiracy that goes back to the United States and their rebalancing movement in the Asia Pacific region.


            Does China have some clue as to whether or not it’s an American conspiracy? Well, sometimes the American military does send their ships to the South China Sea in an effort to flex their muscle and to provoke the Chinese military. This provocation is based on a dominant superpower beating their chest and showing the world that they are the strongest.


            Firstly, the Philippines do not have a strong economy to tap any of the resources that China currently occupies. The political and economic environment that the Philippines adheres to plays a significant role in how the US can influence the political judgment of the Philippines. A poor uneducated population pays dividends to having US military bases in the Philippines. The Philippines are stuck in a vicious circle of interdependency on US culture and economic reliance for the security of their nation. Very few countries have accepted this format in terms of their growth. The Philippines rely heavily on the credit ratings of Fitch and Moody to raise funds. This is the only type of loyalty that they could ever muster up from the US state department. The continued economic and political lag is based on loyalty at the expense of growth.


            The United States’ desire to have a missile defense system is primarily for the destabilization of the Asia-Pacific region. China is saying that if this is what the US wants, then why dance around the issue? If the US wants to aim the missiles at China, then they should go right ahead and do it. The One Belt, One Road project, that aims to connect the Eurasian countries including the Philippines, commands the support from over 50 nations. The supporting nations wean the American dominance and prestige within the region and are seen as a threat.


            Now, Australia is getting into the act. They’re telling China how to behave like a superpower within the geopolitical community. Australia insisted, “To ignore it (the court ruling) would be a serious international transgression.” My question is who tipped Australia to say these words? Surely it wasn’t Obama or the State Department, one can never imagine them getting involved in this issue. Perhaps the State Department was a little confounded when China told Australia to mind its own business and that if they continued to press the issue, bilateral relations would be jeopardized.


            In many ways I really can’t believe that the court ruling in the South China Sea was an American conspiracy. We all know how bright Mr. Obama is in the geopolitical world. Normally a President would at least tell the tribunal that China has some claims in the region rather than none at all.


            When the court ruling came back, Philippine President Duterte must have picked up his machine gun and begun to shoot bullets into the air. The problem with Duterte is that the only claim he has is the air he breathes. Perhaps Obama should reconsider supporting a man like this. Charles Darwin's theory still dominates the global order.


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