China’s American Dream

August 1, 2016


            Chinese scholars are stumped that Donald Trump has reached this stage of the election and is now a step away from the White House. They did not realize how popular the anti-establishment movement had become and the change of sentiment in the American public. The middle class always provided the trend to establish the rules of Washington and the people that are hired to do their bidding. It seems like they are fed up with the current system and have begun to take active roles in deciding the fate of themselves and future generations.


            Chinese scholars have become skeptical with many of the articles being published in China. What they see is an ordinary man with ordinary traits eliminating political correctness in the mainstream world of America. These scholars did not anticipate Americans’ distain for Wall Street and elites, nor did they see the rise of Donald Trump mimicking China’s rise.


            Jin Canrong of the Renmin University of China indicated, “At the very beginning, we didn’t expect American disgust with Washington and Wall Street to have such a powerful impact on the US general election.” The impact was based on the printing of money and allowing those channels to be funneled by the privilege and their growing influence on the American political stage.


            Trump’s support was based on a slowing global economy and the wealth discrepancy that allowed the elites to enrich themselves. Regardless, people of the world still believed that the election would come down to an outright battle between two individuals with strong political family reputations. “But now we discovered Trump could also attract many voters from the silent majority who found his outspoken style and negativity make him look very different from traditional politicians,” stated Canrong.


            The negativity of the middle class was a built-up bubble of political correctness that made them think they were no longer valuable in voicing their opinions. The middle class’ change of sentiment relied on them being inclusive in the American dream. The problem with the American dream was that it became elusive no different than the printing of money that was given to Wall Street and not the middle class.


            The middle class feels they are poorer now than ever before. One can also see the ethnic disparity between law and order, rich and poor, and Wall Street’s exclusivity on the money that Mr. Michael Bloomberg now advocates as a Democrat. The middle class is now heavily in favor of change and its role in stabilizing society could lead to a Trump victory over establishment-embedded Hillary.


            Think of it this way: The middle class acts like a steam engine. If it feels that it’s disenfranchised, it will pick up the silent majority to convey its message. China labels it a “Trump Phenomenon” that enables the populous mentality to gain control of the American dream. Song Luzheng, a research scholar at the China Institute of Fudan University indicated, “Maybe Trump’s contribution in US history lies in his very existence, which has made people realize the problem of the current political system and this will eventually push through a change.” Mr. Luzheng is referring to his research that concludes it may be the democratic system itself, not Trump, which must be blamed for the antics of the current US election.


            The antics of the US election may be disquiet displeasure; however, they’re also a form of leadership. The President is faced with fighting the greed and recklessness of Wall Street; he wants the richest Americans to pay their fair share of taxes. Economic inequality shrank the middle class. All these factors do nothing for the middle class because their sensibilities have changed by the virtue of doing nothing.


            The problem is that the Democrats have more billionaires supporting their party than the Republican Party. What’s a true phenomenon is that you have one billionaire that decided to put away his pedigree in order to become a common man. Wall Street thinks the middle class is stupid. However, the middle class’ advantage is based on the familiarity that the wealthy class has contempt for itself.


            Only Donald Trump would have the audacity to say, “If Russia or any other country or person has Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 illegally deleted emails, perhaps they should share them with the FBI!” He elicited part of the American dream that was broken and the notion that even the FBI failed to do the right thing. It’s humorous but by the same token drives the point home in what many Chinese scholars have indicated. The built-up bubble of political correctness has been burst.

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