Throw the Author Away



            There are concepts in writing that have moved many authors in the direction of the internet. Authors are here to compete with content that is either worthy to be read as an art form or simply to perish across a multitude of content that has become frivolous. I feel that Authors Connect on LinkedIn is an important forum for writers. However, the problem here may have to do with the promotion of writing groups rather than the solicitation of authors’ writing.


            Think of it this way: any writer can not write superfluous material and go on endlessly to establish characters. The storyline must be swift, it must identify the characters, and it should move the story beyond the scope in terms of making it recognized internationally. The real issue today is that authors want to be recognized and compensated for their content. There’s just so much of this content out there that it’s difficult to differentiate between the good and the bad.


            I have indicated that one has to learn from the “masters” in order to produce good content. The “masters” can not be identified in today’s world of the internet, and the reason why is because they have more latitude in building the content. We are very mindful that the content should not only be swift, but also intellectually appealing to the individual who’s reading it. The author has to surmise that he or she does not have unlimited words to get the message across anymore.


            It’s no different than Hemingway allowing himself to use only a few words for the storyline to expedite in the reader’s mind. Hemingway was influenced by other great writers such as Chekhov and Maupassant that restricted the words and allowed the imagination of the reader to interpret the story.


            One short story, A Good Man Is Hard to Find, was based on the deterioration of an American family. The brutalization and death of one family may have represented God, but it also represented mercy when the grandmother kneeled and begged for her life. The story A Pretty Woman Is Hard to Find is also based on the morality and laws between God and man. The brutalization of the woman corresponded to the beliefs that she had to carry out God’s work, but at the end of the story her brutalization occurred with her being executed.


            There are indeed factors now that propel an author to align themselves with certain scenes that may be minimized, but they must use their knowledge to catapult them onto the global stage. If authors feel that their conventional wisdom is being compromised by the internet then they are wrong. The internet now has purged the unnecessary words to move the storyline towards the end goal that all writers must achieve. It’s their sacrifice for the art form that has changed. The masters of the past provided us the clue for all authors to exist not only based on material gain, but also living in oblivion.


            Who said that in order for a writer to be successful they must have cash on the table to think? If that’s the case then destroy Descartes’ philosophical mantra, “I Think Therefore I Am.” The internet can not establish the emotional love of mankind. It’s only the authors’ love of the discipline himself.

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