Donald Trump: The Wrong Candidate for America

August 11, 2016



            In the geopolitical world we can all surmise the behavior patterns of an individual who wishes to lead America. Again, there are significant signals that merit not only Russia, but also China in their resolve to allow America’s military might to be monetized. If the American military is monetized then it will bring forth revenue with respect to their treasury.


            On August 12 Donald Trump indicated that the people on television trying to figure him out were poor, pathetic, and wasting their time. Who has the audacity to say that these people are wasting their time? What you really see is a pathetic figure in the American landscape that feels he can not repent or apologize for his missteps.


            Even Reagan apologized to the American people over the Iran Contra scandal. The fatal flaw was based on Reagan’s awareness that something went wrong and that he was only willing to apologize after the news became public. Trump’s missteps are based on a personal tax against American taxpayers. It is based on their personal integrity to be different that doesn’t seem to coincide with the basic American deeds that the world adheres to.


            Trump’s personality goes beyond the concept of what is right. He continues to pervade his ideological world that an American can not watch CNN nor read the Washington Post. If the American taxpayer can not watch programs like CNN or read publications such as the Washington Post then what is Trump saying to the American psychic?


            Trump’s behavior personifies his own real world that he lives among the rich and not among the common man that sustains the belief of a rising format in elevating their own inadequacy in the world they live by. Now Trump is able to pontificate that elections are rigged for no other purpose than because people are against him on a personal note. His campaign managers are unable to not only determine who he is, but also what he stands for.


            If the Evangelicals, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and other minorities can not determine what he stands for, then the media has every right to determine the course of action of this man. If the Republicans can not tame a man’s mouth then there’s simply nothing else you can do. Trump believes he is above the Republican Party, so exactly what is the Republican Party? How can they cement their ideological framework towards the American people who seek change?


            Donald Trump isn’t attributing change for the sake of change. He’s attributing a course of action that can only be determined upon one man that determines the ideological beliefs of a party and the deeds that this party attributed towards the American people.


            Democracy is a belief system that encompasses Democrats, Republicans, and even the Independents who feel they have a voice for America. Trump believes the course of action are the words of a man who is unscripted, undisciplined, and a temperament that refuses to recoil upon the land and freedom that God gave America.


            However, the story goes even further. He taunts the public that misbehave upon his personality traits. His only virtue is to make America great, but upon that land rests an ideology that goes beyond the arrogance of a man who believes himself to be a billionaire. This man is lucky that he has Republicans that refuse to pull resources from Senators and Congressmen running for election.


            Now, Trump has told his supporters that if he loses the election he will take an extended vacation. He will extend his vacation upon oblivion along with his family. There won’t be anyone left that will support his businesses and real estate, and that was strictly his decision.


            If Trump is rich and powerful, then let him say he does not represent America and the common men and women that make  up this country. At the end of the day, the common man is able to repent and apologize because they are human. If the common man is human it is because they’re willing to uphold their religious right upon the global world and say, “I think and therefore I am.”

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