Clinton Dominates Kenneth Starr

June 9, 2016

There may be reasons that Kenneth Starr, an American lawyer who carried out a controversial investigation of members of the Clinton administration, has now decided to stand on the podium to praise crooked Hillary Clinton with all the errors that flew against Bill Clinton. The problem stems from the fact that America had two incompetent lawyers, Robert Fiske and Kenneth Starr, who didn’t have enough energy to bring down Bill Clinton. They failed America for the simple reason that they were lazy and decided to have the information come to them rather than seeking it themselves.

If I was the lead investigator of Bill Clinton’s obstruction of justice and if pornographer Larry Flynt offered $1 million for any woman or man to come forward with any illicit sexual relationships involving members of Congress, I would take the $1 million and put Larry Flynt into jail for circumventing my investigation.

Hillary Clinton was ecstatically jumping for joy when she heard Larry Flynt say these words. She knows there are more escorts in Washington than anywhere else in the world. First off, how does an escort know if she’s having a liaison with a Congressman unless he tells the escort? I would imagine for the escort that Washington lobbyists and Congressmen all look the same. It’s very hard to differentiate any physicality between Washington hacks and the men who hold the power.

Even Bill decided to smoke a cigar and let out some steam knowing fully well that Flynt’s $1 million would go a long way in exonerating crooked Hillary and paving her pathway for the presidency of the United States. How incompetent was Ken Starr? We need to reflect on what’s happening now:

Ken Starr has been under heavy pressure to resign as President of Baylor University after his mishandling of allegations of sexual assault and domestic violence involving Baylor University football players. This clearly shows America how evidently unprepared and incompetent Ken was in handling the Bill Clinton investigation; now he’s even advocating redemption.

Not only is Bill advocating redemption, he is comparing Jimmy Carter with Bill and Hillary Clinton. After his presidency, Jimmy Carter picked up a hammer and went to work building American houses for Americans. From 2001 up until Hillary launched her campaign last spring, Bill and Hillary combined to make approximately $153 million from speeches alone. Jimmy Carter is among the most respected men in the world that both Democrats and Republicans view as an international leader and catalyst in the development of America.

What we should really do is perhaps offer $1 million ourselves for any person at Baylor University to come forward and see whether or not there’s any sexual harassment under Kenneth Starr’s umbrella. Why don’t Bill and Hillary give the $153 million to the impoverished Latinos and Black families that need it? I’m sure with $153 million that you can build plenty of houses. Why would crooked Hillary dig a pit with all that money and throw it away foolishly for her candidacy?

Why doesn’t crooked Hillary use the billionaires’ money, one being Warren Buffett, to bankroll her campaign? The reason why is because the Clintons want the money for themselves. Their foundations are run by the same premise of bribery in helping loyal cronies that have supported them in the past.

Ken Starr believes Bill Clinton was punished adequately because they stripped Bill of his Arkansas law license. Bill didn’t care about practicing law in Arkansas, it was crooked Hillary that made the compromise. Once Bill’s law license was put on hold, the possibility of a package deal became ever more real.

Bill’s agreement to forfeit his license was quite complex. It included an unequivocal admission of wrongdoing as Clinton acknowledged that he gave false answers in his Jones disposition. The deal included Bill signing an “Agreed Order of Discipline” stating that he “knowingly” engaged in “Conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice.” This is known as the disciplinary equivalent of pleading guilty to obstruction of justice.

Ken Starr did not have the personality to dominate the investigation in the field that he was in. He allowed Bill and especially crooked Hillary to dominate him. What is odd is that now Democrats have decided to tell Bernie Sanders to capitulate to Hillary because of Bernie’s legacy. What legacy is this media talking about? Are these journalists as stupid as Hillary?

My philosophical thinking rests in the middle as oppose to my conservative co-author. Bernie Sanders called for a re-canvass in the Kentucky primary because of odd irregularities in the way Hillary conducts her campaign. America must come to terms with the fact that Hillary will never change. She’s willing to put her cheating husband back into the White House because they feel they deserve it along with the billionaires.

This is one family that Democrats and Republicans need to get rid of once and for all. Ken Starr couldn’t get the job done because he was a failure, now it’s up to the American people. Hillary may go around asking everyone if she's really that crooked; the answer is yes and she knows it. 


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