The Media's Control of Donald Trump

August 16, 2016

            What Donald Trump and his campaign organizers are doing is reinforcing the media as a political force. The media impacts the personal perspective that one has internally and changes the external world they live in by shaping opinion. Trump’s war on the media includes the New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN to name a few. This war has put his campaign organization in a position of dismay and disorder.


            The media has narrowed their aim in reflecting the pattern of emotional feeling towards Donald Trump’s persona. This is based on the media’s confirmation of Trump’s dwindling poll standing and support. The media now runs Trump’s campaign and are making Trump less cogent and relatively superficial in his pattern of ideas to make America great.


            Sure, if I was the president of CNN or the New York Times and Trump decided with his own conventional wisdom to call my business garbage, you can be sure that I wouldn’t show mercy. The media elites formed an overall consensus to manage Trump’s campaign message by solidifying an established order. It’s a fact that the media craves normalcy within their own conscience that enables them to propel their belief of an unacceptable president for the American people.


            Media elites have popped open the champagne bottle as they’ve realized that Donald Trump spends most of his time watching and reacting to the media. Trump now believes that it is the media that is crippling his movement. The traditional campaign went from a single opponent named Hillary to a grander opponent in the form of the media. The media played a good hand.


            The media’s causation has to do with their indignation of Trump observing their moves and Trump’s brooding feelings of being boxed in by the media that enveloped his campaign. There’s a peculiar dance performed by the media elites that resonates in the public domain. They are able to tap into Trump’s common vulnerability to rumors, polls, and trends that secures Trump’s interdependency of the media.


            At the same time, the media is able to guide the emotional feelings of the public pulverizing Trump’s campaign. It is Trump that can not elevate himself above the media’s conceptualization of who he is. Trump is very adamant in personalizing his achievements that go unnoticed by common publications and broadcasting organizations. The media successfully cued in on Trump’s bewilderment and his personality that craves love from the general public. The man believes he should be a likable celebrity rather than a crazy politician planning to lead America. It seems like his ultimate goal is to become a President with celebrity status. 


            Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager, has also begun to feel the effects of the media. The New York Times blasted him by claiming that he allegedly received $12.7 million from a series of secret payments from Ukraine. Manafort now feels like he’s boxed in just like his boss. With this revelation, Manafort’s position has changed and has forced him to use his resources to attack the media with Trump at his side.


            Trump decided to wage war on the media that not only encapsulated his campaign, but also managed to skewer his planned message to the American people. The problem here is that people have lost sight of Hillary and Bill Clinton who are celebrating with a glass of champagne.


            Trump viewed his celebrity status as a gateway to the White House. He didn’t realize the media’s kindred spirits in diminishing and neutralizing a potential threat in their quest to normalize public opinion of a right path to American virtues.


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