Trudeau's Belief in American Exceptionalism

August 18, 2016

            Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau made it known to the geopolitical world with his own words referring to how interests evolve not only in America, but also with respect to Canada’s pivot to the Asia Pacific region. “It’s a relationship that doesn’t just serve its own interests – it serves the entire world,” stated Trudeau. Our problem as a liberal nation may be based on Americans progressing towards protectionism of trade against China.


            Canada has the land mass, the resources, and the freshwater to develop strong relations with the Asia Pacific region. Canadian democracy rests on the fact that our deeds are revered by many nations that have to come to terms with their own trade policies to uplift their economies. If China has become the key presidential issue of protectionism then what does it say about Canada?


            If the belief system of Canada rests on making trade deals with China and engaging with every country that wants to trade with us, then our loyalty must rest on what is right for the US. A nation can not succumb to the friendship of the American behavioral attitude of exceptionalism. We can’t have a leader who doesn’t have the intellectual masculinity to move our resources into the regions we desire to build upon. If Trudeau believes he can sit in parliament and allow the world to continue then we will follow the complacency trap that undermines our position in the geopolitical world.


            China is adamant that American politics has reached a fever point of rhetoric that goes against not only the production of Chinese products, but also how they distribute them amongst the world. When you have two candidates like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump who want to raise tariffs against China, then a discriminatory trade imbalance arises that brings about uncompetitive sequences in the world of global trade.


            China is asserting their authority, a move that Canada should learn from. “Even if Trump was elected, the US is not Trump’s company and will not be run under a one-man rule,” stated Chinese officials in regards to potential additional tariffs on Chinese goods. If the tariffs are imposed on the Chinese then they will eventually be further imposed on Mexico, Germany, and even Canada.


            If the tariffs go through then China will hit back. It’s difficult for the US to bear the increased cost of imposing additional tariffs on products made in China. China lamented the existing US trade restriction and is not in a place to accept a US move to levy additional taxes on Chinese exports. The incremental gains the US would experience from imposing tariffs against Chinese products would fail to offset greater economic consequences that are derived from the decision.


            It’s important to note that additional tariffs will only have a deteriorating effect on the massive trade deficit the US currently owes to China. With the appreciation of the Yuan, Americans have realized that the low exchange rate isn’t the key factor as to why the deficit is so large. The US must come to terms with the fact that their trade deficit with China represents their trade deficit with the rest of the world. America failing to rearrange its economic structure will only damage its economic relations with the rest of the world and its trade partnership with China.


            Trudeau indicated, “And finally, we believe – Canadians and Americans – in the fundamental truth that diversity can be a source of strength. That we are thriving prosperous countries not in spite of our differences but because of them. But of course, Americans understand this, too. It’s why each generation has welcomed newcomers seeking liberty and the promise of a better life. It’s what has made America great over the past decades.”


            The Prime Minister pontificates how great America is. We have a leader who wants to sit in parliament instead of travelling to India and China to cement our trade deals simply because of American exceptionalism. This is unacceptable and a wrong strategic move for Canada and the vast resources we own. As Canadians we must make a movement that enables us to compete with Russia, Saudi Arabia, and other countries with similar economic standing.


            Canada has to assert its masculinity in the geopolitical world, our future growth in technology, science, and mathematics relies upon it. Sometimes a father’s intellectual prowess does not incur into the son. It’s not too late for Trudeau to change.




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