Obama's Loss of the African-American Voter

September 21, 2016

            The polls have behaved rather strange lately. According to the NBC News|Survey Monkey Weekly Election Tracking poll, Hillary Clinton is now leading Trump by 50 percent support while Trump is down to 45 percent support. What I don’t understand is NBC News’ symbolic and persuasive need in indicating Hillary “plugged her leaking lead” after coming back to her campaign trail following her pneumonia. The media elites do control to some extent the minds of the voters, but not directly their actions. Even with polls, voters will retain autonomy and independence.


            The advent of social media has weaned the power of media elites considerably. Now, many American voters have a higher capability of resisting political persuasion. The media elites including: NBC; The New York Times; CNN; and many others operate to give specific standards, norms, and values. However American voters do possess the concealed knowledge that distinguishes from the control-room discourse that the mass media believes is a valuable resource.


            Social media represents a more defined and broader range of patterns encompassing conversations between family, friends, colleagues, and other general networks. Ordinary Americans have no direct influence with established media coverage. Media elites are unable to control social media patterns and trends that respectively go against the media’s institution of elite power and dominance. The real problem with media “actors”, especially in regards to the presidential race such as Anderson Cooper, is that they possess very little access to the minds of the general public voters. The voters may participate with the media’s message, but it may fail to change their subconscious mind.


            Americans are not active consumers of politics, they are active consumers of social media’s identification that distinguishes their respective roles in this world. With the Brexit Referendum, media elites from the US and Britain plotted every poll from September 2015 to June 2016 in their favor towards Britain not leaving the European Union. The media elites managed to persuade 10 economic Nobel laureates to spell disaster to the British economy if they chose to leave. It’s a fact that this failed to happen: their economy did not sink.


             Americans are avid fans of competition. Who’s winning and losing is a daily thought process in their conscionable minds. The NBC News push-poll operates as a tournament on a social scale with NBC’s preferred candidate in the lead. The behavior of media kingpins is based on voters aligning themselves with the winner. The real problem with this is that the bandwagon effect becomes manipulative and deceitful to the voters. The employed tactic becomes hypothetical and blatantly false.


            This is not an ordinary presidential race. Voters are cynical about the establishment and therefore a secret ballot may be the socially shared knowledge of who wins in November. When a journalist publishes an article, the journalist creates their own model and behavior consistent with the media elites in the form of preferred norms and established shared credibility. The media spends too much time with pre-election polling because of their notion of being intrusive and to establish a consistent representation of their outcome.


            Trump’s distain for the media elites is vociferous in the public domain. He has become more aggressive towards media elites because they have become a threat to his credibility. His evaluation of the news is not for the purpose of a supportive role, it’s for the purpose of a combative role on his persona and the routine business world he lives in.


The media elites maintain critical distance from prejudice and the reproduction of ethnic inequality. Trump calling Mexicans rapists is a form of segregating Americans. How do similar comments made by Hillary fall under the radar? In reference to African-American youth, Hillary Clinton stated, “(they’re) super predators who needed to be brought to heel.” The segregation of Americans is therefore done by both presidential candidates. These two candidates are cut from the same cloth and are by no means the best that America can produce.


            The mainly Caucasian elites need to control strategic knowledge as a counter-power against the threats of opposing candidates. However if the African-American voter feels that they’ve been marginalized by Obama with regards to the racial violence of authority then it may guarantee a democratic loss. If these voters vote for an independent party, vote for Trump, or abstain from voting at all, Hillary’s presidential candidacy will become ineffective as a bargaining vehicle for African-American issues.


            Obama told African-Americans, “I really really really want to elect Hillary.” This does not embody or embrace these Americans into mainstream politics. The reason why is because Obama has failed to give these people anything substantial. Racial tensions are boiling over and police officers are beginning to travel in pairs, so why does Obama continue to marginalize the African-American population? This created a sequence of events of making African-Americans politically impotent in American national politics.


            The feeling of abandonment is due to the fact that their interests have not been tied to the American Dream. Their dream is based on a sound economy, safe neighborhoods, good schools, and lower taxes. It’s a fact that race does play a significant role in the vast majority of African-Americans. Social media is now pounding the pavement beyond the established media elites’ outreach.


            If an African-American’s car breaks down in the middle of the road and the individual is unjustly killed by authorities, America must take a stand for the sake of humanity. Obama stated he would take it as an insult to his legacy if there isn’t a strong African-American turnout for Hillary Clinton. This may have been a strategic move, but it was in the form of a strategic error. Barack Obama should not fool himself: abandoning Americans you love has its regrets, and sometimes the scars are deep. 


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