Hillary Clinton and Madonna Are Not Blue-Collar

October 3, 2016

It was interesting that Debbie Schultz had the unmitigated audacity to solidify her position with women in general by stating, “It was awful, you know many of us thought about quitting after what he did. But when we thought about it, when I thought about it, I thought she didn’t do anything, he is the jerk.” She emphasized that it was the President, not his wife, that did anything wrong.


One thing I told Michael was that if you know math and sequences, then you can put everything together and always get a story. My time is valuable so Michael handles the internet and the articles that we collaborate upon. We’ve written one article titled, “Donald Trump Running against Bill Clinton for the Presidency of the United States”.


What was interesting were the exchanges and responses from individuals viewing the article. I was also intrigued with the label of being a foreigner who enjoys getting involved in US politics. It was more or less the stance of two Canadians getting involved in geopolitics. We knew that launching our internationally recognized website “geopoliticalcanadian.com” would gather positive and negative criticism. However we didn’t expect to be labeled “sexist”. It was a cat-and-mouse game whereby the sequences told the story. We strategically knew we were dealing with someone different.


Michael asked me, “How will I pursue this?” I told him to make sure to use the word “my dear” and to insinuate that I cheated. I will come in towards the ending and make the kill.


Michael’s response to an anonymous commenter was as follows:


“Trust me, we will not let that happen. Hillary can focus on whatever issue America wants, but the trend is still the same. I will not let this woman win regardless. Another problem involved the cancelation of Dr. Drew’s show, “Dr. Drew on Call”, one week after he made a comment about Hillary. Many liberal reporters have also been canned because their freedom of expression was restricted. Even NBC television host Matt Lauer was threatened to be fired by Hillary after raising the issue of the emails. It was Hillary that went on a tantrum to the executives demanding his resignation. Despite all of this controversy, we now have Katy Perry and Madonna stripping to sway votes towards Hillary’s direction. Is that fair?”


She replied with:


“Sexist much? They have to get the vote out. Trump specifically implies he targets Hillary and blames her for the infidelities of her husband (which is sexist). You and Trump are all unable to see that because you are likely sexist in your views because you are unenlightened men. Not all men are sexist - most are enlightened and have manners.”

“Blaming a woman for the actions of a man is sexist. Promising to defeat a woman candidate because she is a woman is sexist. Engaging in a marital affair is not sexist - it was cheating (2 decades ago and totally not relevant). Bill is likely a womanizer but that does not make him sexist. Sexism has nothing to do with sex - it has to do with treating someone differently/unfairly because of their gender. Bless your heart for not knowing the difference. I hope answering your question helps you.”


Using my advice, Michael replied with:


“My dear, if you think my enlightenment is off-base in terms of sexism, then I would argue otherwise. If you really think I have no respect in who I am and what I am then you are wrong. If a man is not willing to even acknowledge a woman for giving him pleasure, whatever the circumstances are, then we can also say when Jesus refused to pick up the stone he was willing to say that those without sin should cast the first stone and kill her. There are circumstances in life, whether you believe it or not, where the morality comes to play whether it's a man or a woman at play. This man refuses to acknowledge anything in his life, and for that his wife should not win the presidency.”


The anonymous commenter angrily shot back with:


“Referring to a woman you do not know as "my dear" is disrespectful, sexist, and unwelcome. Your post only illustrates your sexist attitude towards women. There is your clarification. One implies endearment while the other implies empathy. Did your education system fail you along the way somewhere? If so, that is unfortunate - but when Republicans continue to cut education funding and lower academic standards, the result is predictable.”


Michael calmly replied:


“I'm willing to capitulate to you and for whatever motives you have. If I'm viewed as sexist so be it. But I'm not willing to capitulate to Bill Clinton or Hillary just for the sake of it. If you believe that all men are sexist then we can never change your mind. If I have absolutely no manners in the context of being a human being then I'm also willing to accept that, but it is the very fact that you can not accept your own human frailties that makes this conversation very interesting.”


That’s when her true emotions and political savvy began to show:


“We are all human, I accept your apology. What I don't accept is sexism in blaming or your intent to punish a woman for the infidelity of her husband. Let's talk about being human.”

“Bill (2 decades ago) cheated on his wife and lied about it. Hillary's generation forgives infidelity and considers vows of marriage until death do you part referring to the physical death of either spouse. My generation considers those vows to refer to the death of the marriage itself not the people in it. My generation would have kicked him to the curb but Hillary forgave him. It is none of my business but I respect their decision to stay married. His infidelity had no correlation to his record as one of the best Presidents in our modern history.”

“He happened to be President at the time. He is not the first nor will he be the last to be human and make mistakes while in office. You said he takes no responsibility for his actions. The facts do not support that statement. The House tried to impeach him for lying, the Senate acquitted him. That is our legal process at work. He made a public apology to the world for his behavior (took responsibility).”

“He served out his term delivering not only a balanced budget, created 23 million good paying jobs, kept terrorists on the run, created a prosperous 8 years economically, but also delivered a surplus to his successor - something no other President has done. After leaving office, he voluntarily gave up his law license for 5 years in a plea deal admitting to perjury - a stronger sentence than most politicians (who all lie as part of their job) would ever be subject to. He again took responsibility and was punished for his indiscretion - he is human.”

“Since that time nearly two decades ago, he remains extremely popular among Americans and highly respected among Democrats. His brilliance and leadership never stopped around the world or here at home. He could simply have taken his lifetime salary and lived a life of luxury. Instead, he continues speaking, investing, and established one of the largest charitable organizations in the world where almost 90% of funds go directly to people in need. He is a wealthy man who has a career of public service and who continues his philanthropy. He may have been a womanizer (could still be for all I know) but he has certainly taken responsibility for his actions and continues paying for them.”

“Hillary is far more giving, caring, and charitable and I think more brilliant than Bill. He excels in political brilliance but she excels in economic brilliance. It has taken her some time to learn how to navigate the political waters filled with sharks and to build political capital needed to be a successful politician. But throughout her career, she has championed progressive causes by working directly for people in need to no fault of their own, for equal rights, and as a patriot who wants to keep us safe from harm.”

“She isn't one to speak on the stump ranting about things she thinks should change. She actually gets things done by knowing when to stand her ground and when to find common ground for the greater good of all Americans and people around the world who need help. She believes change comes from working within the system instead of against it, realizing you have to be willing to be knocked down as you fight for progress, and knowing what it takes to refuse to be knocked out.”

“The RNC declared her as an enemy over 42 years ago when she was Hillary Rodham - a young Democrat attorney who was instrumental in securing Nixon's resignation. They have spent many millions of US taxpayer dollars to take her down and failed. She knows how to beat the Republicans at their political games. In spite of that, she has a record of working with Republicans to find common ground and make progress in the interest of everyone.”

“Based on her record (however imperfect and human it may be) there is no similarity between the kind of President she will be and the kind of President Bill was or Obama has been. She will build on the things people did that worked well and take a different approach for things that did not work well - going all the way back to the policies of FDR when the middle class she rose up from was established - it is what made America a leader of the free world. Her policies and proposals are on target for America to return to peace and prosperity and still prepare for the future she wants for generations to come.”


She further commented:


“You claim you will never punish a woman because you have failed yourself. I want you to admit that you cheated. I don’t know the circumstances as to whether or not your wife is still with you, but some choose to be with their husbands. You made the following statement and then deleted it: "This man refuses to acknowledge anything in his life, and for that his wife should not win the presidency." which is you punishing Hillary for the actions of Bill. Your assumption about what I think about men is incorrect. Perhaps you did not read what I said: "Not all men are sexist - most are enlightened and have manners" in the prior post. If you have English language difficulties please let me know and I will try to communicate differently to help you understand my posts.”


Michael replied with:


“Monica Lewinsky referred to Bill Clinton's behavior as inappropriate; no doubt it takes two to tango. Bill Clinton was the President of the US, so when Monica Lewinsky kneeled and got splattered all over her face and blue dress, she made sure to keep it as a souvenir and badge of honor.”

“The problem is that Monica Lewinsky had a paid position in the White House. Paula Jones received $850,000 from Bill Clinton and he was disbarred as a lawyer for 5 years for his indiscretion with Monica. Even though Monica and Paula went on with their lives and became successful, what's interesting is Hillary Clinton's so called 'sexist' label. For these women there was no forgiveness, no sorry, and no consoling. Hillary kept her mouth shut and went on for the ride; in fact Monica even called her a 'looney tune' for whatever reason.”

“Mind you I'm not saying the act itself between two consenting adults is wrong, but the corporation itself which is America within those confines made it wrong. Hillary decided to survive; no different than any other animal that felt used and abused. The problem with the Democratic party is their decision to throw Lewinsky out the door like a piece of rag that meant nothing. It was strategic on the part of Bill and Hillary regardless of how much Monica and Paula benefitted from the move. Monica was smart; she kept the semen-stenched dress as proof, but then again we can not call that sexist, instead we call that smart. And of course since Hillary is a woman, she would have done anything to get her hands on that blue dress and scrub the stains.”

“Unfortunately this isn't the conservative talking anymore, it's time to get the liberal opinion, and that's what you call true arrogance.”


The final comment was my chance to come in and take the kill; that’s what I rightfully did:


“Sometimes a man does need bourbon for no other reason than because it tastes good. If it numbs the senses so be it, that's why we have bourbon.”

“This is what Hillary Clinton once said, and it's really based on the aspect of her being sexist, "Multiple people also report that she called the women “sluts” and “whores” — you know, for daring to be raped. A private investigator named Ivan Duda claims that, after Bill lost his second governor’s race, Hillary told him: “I want you to get rid of all these b**** he’s seeing . . . I want you to give me the names and addresses and phone numbers, and we can get them under control."

“Let me mention this: I have no problem if a woman has a foul mouth when they drink too much. I pride myself in being in the geopolitical world and playing this chess game that I've always wanted to play. Let Bill Clinton come on to the podium and support his wife for no other reason that she's a man.”


Debbie Schultz and Hillary Clinton have to come to terms with two things: 1) The Democratic party made a fundamental mistake with having Bill Clinton campaign for Hillary; it was a non-issue that ended up being an issue for America because of these two individuals. 2) If Monica Lewinsky kneeled for Bill Clinton to provide him with pleasure then the people who work at the White House at the laundry room would do their job because they are entrusted to accomplish that task. Both Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton failed at that task.


It was acceptable for the media elites in accepting Donald Trump as a reality star more than anything. Trump stated certain words about women because of ratings. But now he’s running for President which portrays a whole different story. Another key point is that Trump wasn’t present in the White House when his infidelities took place. It’s my understanding that he did marry the other woman.


Why should an American who’s making $15/hour not hold the trust of the job? It is Hillary Clinton and Debbie Schultz who are sexist. If Debbie went with her first inclination then she should’ve quit. So who’s the real jerk? What dismays me is when you have celebrities like Madonna and Katy Perry stripping in order to get more votes for the Democratic Party. The truth is that American-Latino women and African-American women don’t have this luxury. It’s called blue-collar work. Do you understand that Hillary?



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