Kim Kardashian's Robbery Angers Elvis Presley

October 5, 2016

Maybe Elvis Presley was right with his statement, “The image is one thing and the human being is another. It’s very hard to live up to an image, put it that way.” Elvis Presley never purchased things he couldn’t afford with money he didn’t have. He did not impress the audience with the banalization of just being a celebrity. The former rockstar had talent; he was transparent with his generosity and flaws. Perhaps that’s why the world loved him. Elvis had certain magnanimity towards the human quality that reflected upon the fans to be loved for who they are.  


My family was at home watching the Kim Kardashian show. I had a nice long walk with the dog, but when I got home I overheard my kids saying, “Why can’t we be like them?” Sometimes a man and a woman have to fulfill themselves according to their own laws in order to represent who they really are. When you’re dealing with the human equation, the question always is: why?


It makes no sense that Kim Kardashian is now blaming herself after getting robbed in Paris of an estimated $12 million worth of jewelry. Kim’s metaphor towards life is that she doesn’t want husband Kanye West to replace the $4 million ring. Even celebrity fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld felt dismayed as he stated, “You can not display your wealth then be surprised.” Karl’s proposition undermines the true value of life.


Kanye West asked Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg for a billion dollars for an investment into the plentiful ideas Kanye has. Excitedly, the public got into the action and raised capital for Kanye with respect to his bright ideas. On Twitter Kanye stated, “I write this to you my brother while still 53 million dollars in personal debt … please pray we overcome … this is my true heart.”


A few weeks later Kim Kardashian tweeted, “Sorry I’m late to the party guys. I was busy cashing my $80 million video game check and transferring $53 million into our joint account.”


However, Yahoo Finance indicated that Kim’s video game produced by Glu Mobile might no be doing so well after all. Yahoo’s Aaron Pressman indicated, “Shares of Glu Mobile (GLUU) peaked at $7.60 in July but have since lost 50%.” Glu Mobile is now trading at about $2.20 USD with a market cap of $288 million. Northland Capital and Roth Capital downgraded the stock as Glu Mobile reported earnings. The company reported an EBITDA loss of $3.2 million, a value that was still better than the guidance range of the expected $5.5 million loss.


Their balance sheet as of June stands at $158 million in cash. They paid $1.6 million in royalty advances. Their booking guidance is to be in the range of $50 million to $52 million. Their adjusted cost of revenue is expected to consist of $12.6 million of platform fees, $5.2 million in royalties, and $1.2 million in hosting costs.


Even if Kim Kardashian has a billion followers on social media, there are many deadbeat customers who play the video game without paying. In fact, Glu Mobile’s CFO Eric Ludwig contradicted Kim’s statement by mentioning that she earned $13.6 million or 24% of the company’s total revenue for the Q4 period across the entire year. I think Kim is confusing the game’s revenue, which earns $71.8 million, with her actual paycheck.


Many security analysts have now speculated a camera should have been fitted inside her room. A screen could’ve been set up in the chief security room and someone would’ve watched it all night. These are simply standard procedures for high-status celebrities. Isn’t it standard to have a team of security situated outside of the building and a celebrity’s own posse inside the room?


These security analysts have mentioned that the whole story is rather speculative. Some speculate that the cops who entered her room may never be found, even with surveillance footage. Some speculate that the jewelry was thrown into a sewer thereby never tying the culprits. After the ordeal, Kim boarded her private jet rather quickly and miraculously her bodyguard returned after a long night of partying.


Now Kim is telling the world it’s her fault and that the extremely-poor Kanye West should not replace the ring? It’s very odd behavior for Kim to mention the value of $4.4 million ring given her traumatic experience. Now, a new revelation has come out from Kim’s own mouth that the robbery could have actually been an inside job.


What this whole fiasco raises is more questions from the speculative French investigators scratching their heads trying to piece together the clues. One thing about the wealthy, and I’m not putting Kim Kardashian on the same platform, is that when the wealthy lie they lie big. Even the basic investigative questions are not solicited because they’re wealthy.


All I can say to my family is that whatever modesty I live in, I can say that I’ve done my best. Can Kim say the same? In the next few weeks let’s see if the policemen come out of the woodwork. The insurance company has a lot to think about. Elvis is my true hero; he is the globalization of the true American dream.


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