Donald Trump is Correct: A Third World War is Looming

October 28, 2016

As that strange not quite parallel universe unfolds south of the border, the norm has become bizarre, bizarre has become the norm and outrageous plus outlandish has become gospel fact.


Not sure if any theory slightly off the beaten track can even be referred to as conspiratorial, because not only is truth stranger than fiction, fiction is truth.

The latest nefarious plot comes under the guise of what did the Donald actually say.


Hillary will accuse him of something, he will deny it and then the main stream media will trot out footage as “proof”.


But here is where it gets interesting.


Deep below the Oval Office in a luxuriously appointed bunker resides 42 of the greatest cinematic technicians to walk upright on the face of the earth.


The Democrats, either through coercion, blackmail (coercion in a more forceful fashion) or kidnapping have assembled the last 14 film editors, 14 sound editors and 14 writers who have walked off the stage in Hollywood with the golden statue aka the Academy Award.


Their job is simple.  Turn the writers loose to come up with the most outlandish scenarios that could offend, hurt, shock or turn off any Republican supporter.  Then, take any footage of the Donald saying anything and then piece it together in a seamless fashion so it appears that he is actually saying what the writers accuse him of saying.


Once the work is done, the Dirty Tricks equivalent of the Bat Phone Chimes in the headquarters of the Democratic Party and the word goes out.  “Guess what the Donald has said this time.”  The lines hum, the speechwriters give the new information to the candidate, she states, he denies and it is off to the races.


Invent, concoct, accuse, deny and prove.  If you have either a) video proof, b) it is on the web or c) in the Inquirer it must be true.  What a way to run a campaign.


Donald Trump stated that Hillary Clinton’s Syrian policies would ultimately “lead to World War Three”. I think all liberals should take notice of this. There are global rivals to the American liberal vision threatening American alliances. This is by no means a conspiracy theory. What ISIS has done has challenged the United States and their unipolar dominance.


ISIS has become an infused characteristic in the insecurity of the global order. They are literally influencing the rules of the game in the Middle East with their power in generating and reinforcing the most unthinkable policies to rid American policies in the region. For them, it is a grand strategic orientation of dying to crack open the Democratic code of democracy itself.


However, the grand scheme doesn’t just rely on democracy; it relies on communism. ISIS catapulted Russia into an agreeable policy to engage in the Middle East as a wall of defense. If Iraq, Libya, and Syria have no rising expectations with respect to their economic outlook then you can be sure they’ll resort to unorthodox means to propel their norms and values in order for them to somewhat exist in this world.


The Algerian revolution in the 1950s and 1960s claimed 1.5 million Algerians before the Algerians overthrew French colonialism. The historical lesson here is the way they did it; destroying order and authority. The revolution at first lacked vigor but rapidly gained momentum after the revolutionists saw dividends in attacking authorities. The revolutionists resorted to obtaining weaponry and resources by murdering authorities one-by-one.


The cell of the Algerian revolution possessed a small number of intellectual individuals that initiated a strategy consisting of murdering their own people through terrorist attacks that were blamed on the French. The French had nothing to do with the bombings, but the sight of Algerians carrying their own babies out from these bombed buildings was horrifying.


What was peculiar was the French army going village-to-village and giving out bread to Algerian civilians who refused it. The Algerians simply had no expectations to live as their own God couldn’t even provide them with hopes of a future. If there is no future to live, to eat, to sleep, then what starts as a small cell exponentially spreads its tentacles dominating even non-religious values of other nations.


If Americans believe that nuclear war won’t happen in our lifetime, they are sadly mistaken. Personally, I think Trump successfully destroyed Obama’s ability to function socially in the geopolitical world. Unfortunately I also believe that this sequence has also been set on Hillary’s frame of thinking and policies regarding the Middle East.


Over the years Obama has stated that he’s willing to accept China’s peaceful rise, but yet again Obama continues to send his Navy in an effort to provoke China. Now even the maniac president from the Philippines wants the American Navy out of his sights. Unfortunately, he won’t be lasting long in his tenure as President for much longer.


If Obama and Hillary continue to ascertain their Middle Eastern policies and terminate Russia, China, and India, then another Peloponnesian war will arise as a result of the Thucydides Trap. ISIS understands the game proclaimed by Thucydides. Obama and Hillary are two imbecilic lawyers playing the last few cards out of their deck that mean absolutely nothing to the nations of Syria, Libya, and Iraq that do not exist.


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