Hillary Clinton Brought Down by a Wiener, and It's Not Bill's

October 31, 2016

The FBI has dropped a political bomb on the Hillary Clinton campaign announcing it's investigating new emails involving the Democratic presidential nominee. Director James Comey says the Bureau is looking into whether there was classified information on a device belonging to Anthony Weiner.


The disgraced ex-congressman is recently separated from longtime Clinton aide Huma Abedin. The flare-up in what's been a constant problem for the Clinton campaign comes with just over a week until Election Day. It's welcome news for Clinton's Republican rival, Donald Trump, who's been trailing in the polls.


It’s good to hear that Abedin is Hillary Clinton’s protégé and certainly one of her top strategic weapons against Donald Trump and the Republican Party. It’s a blessing that these two don’t represent the millennials. As strange as the world is, Abedin and Hillary have similar temperaments, but this is not outdone by their respective husbands’ sexual transgressions.


The mainstream media is now outmaneuvering themselves to distinguish from tabloid media by transforming Hillary’s emails as soft news rather than hard news. The sins of the husbands of Abedin and Hillary should never carry forward to facilitate Hillary’s institutional environment. What is hilarious however is that Weiner’s emails should reveal an overreach narrative of Hillary getting off a plane to meet the Saudi foreign minister with her trademark pant-suit.


Bernie Sanders must be feeling vindicated with his own historical importance and candidacy in the Democratic running. But Bernie seems to have threatened the Democratic Party. He stated, “This is a historic and pivotal moment in American history, now is the time for our next President to rally the American people against Wall Street and corporate greed and stand up vigorously for the decline of the middle class.” These are precisely the same words that Donald Trump has been pontificating. Trump’s methodical logic is to simply accuse Wall Street of getting away with murder.


Remember, the FBI is part of the Justice Department which is part of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government. The FBI needs Presidential and Congress support in order to obtain funding. Director James Comey indicated that the FBI is operating independently of the Justice Department. For Hillary Clinton this is no joke. When she has too much to drink her temper flares up and her giddy side takes over by telling dirty jokes, as mentioned by her former aide Neera Tanden.


A geopolitical observer can see that the speeches of Obama and Bernie Sanders against Trump are somewhat lame. Obama sticks with a few power points and jokes that the campaign is not a reality show and that Trump isn’t a champion of the working people. Obama went on to say that even when he does business with Putin, “I don’t go around saying that’s my role model.”


When Obama pontificates a speech promoting Hillary, one notices complex facial expressions. Barack makes tiny movements around the mouth conveying mood changes. He’s concealing his frustrations, not only towards his legacy, but towards his distain for Hillary and Abedin. Obama’s posture is upright when he’s attacking Trump, then he hunches towards the microphone and lowers his eyebrows when referencing Hillary Clinton.


Abedin reportedly said that her boss’s personal server was shared by her estranged husband and that she doesn’t know why the 10,000 emails landed on her laptop. It appears that her husband Weiner doesn’t want to go to jail all by himself. Michelle Obama’s speeches denouncing Trump are far more aggressive in nature. Her vocalization method is in defense of her husband reinforcing her occupation that this is simply a “bad dream”.


Michelle’s behavior pattern involves an increased need for the cooperative exchange of information that is more dominant than her spouse. For her, there’s no farewell to the electorate comparatively speaking as her husband approaches his final year. We can assemble certain facts with her passionate speeches conveying Hillary’s symbolic presidential bid that Michelle Obama is unaware of the deliberate Machiavellian politics being played out behind the scenes.


Remember, Nobel Prize wining economist Paul Krugman went berserk when the FBI director reopened the case involving Hillary’s use of a private email server. Krugman stated, “Comey needs to provide full info immediately, otherwise he has clearly made a partisan intervention betraying the office.”


Perhaps this particular economist should not have received a Nobel Prize. Most economists assume, but by that token the symbolic equation eludes them. Krugman is unable to see the mirror-image reflection of himself by referring to Comey’s behavior as inexcusable and grotesque. Krugman’s anthropomorphic response against Comey doing his job relates to the fact that he is grotesque and not human. There’s no consideration or emotional feelings to Comey because of his obstructive behavior towards Hillary. Therefore as an animal he should suffer and resign.


But here’s where the geopolitical puzzle changes. Krugman is highly politicized, arrogant, and dismisses the work of a vast majority of economic geographies as anti-model and anti-quantitative. Krugman fails to understand that Obama deserves his Nobel Peace Prize even though many have argued otherwise. Geopolitical geography puts Obama as the strongest with respect to his legacy in preserving peace and not getting into a Third World War.


The animal Paul Krugman is talking about is someone who’s sick and tired of Hillary’s double-standards. An animal who was sickened by Abedin’s husband and the nude images of Weiner and his son. This person couldn’t take it anymore when he heard that Madonna was to give oral sex to anyone voting for Hillary. This person was tired and did something for himself that challenged his poetic sensibility to do the right thing.


Mr. Krugman, the FBI has obtained the warrant. This is a very powerful man that understands the geography of the world. When it comes to elections; “Pecunia non olet.” However for this dominant animal, the money smelled bad and he chose to do the right thing for his own soul and for the Country. Without uttering one word he proved himself.




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