Obama and Hillary Clinton Unfit to Govern Biological Warfare

November 8, 2016

Michael Bay’s “13 Hours”, a film detailing the 13 hour storming of the American diplomat compound in Benghazi, strongly held all the American virtues of courage. However what truly made this movie great was one solitary scene that said absolutely nothing and allowed the singularity of the camera to work its magic.


The image was chilling and set in motion an unrelenting resolve to dominate the Middle East. The scene of the multitudes of mothers and wives that simply crept in the soliloquy of their dead husbands and sons made a lasting impression that acknowledged that there are no moral legal barriers protecting the world of instability.


If terrorism can not win with guns and artillery then a transformative world will gain a footing whereby the core values are bound by asphyxiation and instability towards democracy and communism.


Biological warfare dates back to the 14th century when Tartar forces used their own army plagued with disease to decimate Kaffa, a region now situated in Ukraine. Not only did Kaffa fall, but the population was greatly devastated. Afterwards, British forces learned to use smallpox-infected handkerchiefs to conquer the Native tribes opposing British rule in America.


Biological warfare finds simplicity without weapons. The signing of the Geneva Protocol in 1929 did not hamper biological warfare agents to dissipate. It only allowed these agents to lay dormant breathing pathogens eventually dominating the bioterrorist world of disentanglement.


Whether or not Obama’s and Hillary’s feeble minds understand it, biological chemical weapons are the main categories of weapons of mass destruction. It is the low cost of production on a global scale that allows pathogens to gain momentum in spreading their tentacles in the geopolitical world. In turn, this benefits the poor with its benign world of its own God.


These weapons of biology are applicable as military devices in the form of highly potent reagents that destabilize the economic world and its principles toward mankind. If these pathogens contaminate global instability then they will have a sequence of events allowing mathematical concepts to multiply exponentially by themselves


Biological arsenals and weaponry have reached a point where they’re crippling superpower nations. It’s very easy to transmit the use of biological weapons through food, water, and even through dispersion from a conventional explosion that allows itself to mutate and go unnoticed in the world of science. An example includes the bubonic plague which gradually dispersed throughout Europe by Genovese merchants that tried to escape from Kaffa. They failed to retreat and the plague spread, eventually killing millions.


Between 1985 and 1991, Iraq’s biological arsenal was quite small and ineffective. Iraq developed anthrax, aflatoxin, and botulinum toxin. The US and coalition forces had overwhelming superiority that decimated Iraq’s command and interconnectivity and disallowed Iraq from using chemical weapons on US forces. Without the multidisciplinary approach by NATO and other superpowers, this type of biological warfare would not only be destructive, but would also proliferate. That means that any form of treatment, reassurance, and relief of pain would not be enough to combat psychological contamination brought forth by proliferation.


Remember, in the US it was mostly postal workers that were infected with tiny potent spores embedded in envelopes that claimed four lives. Paradoxically, biological weapons entered the mainstream of American society. If a larger super-germ were to invade America’s psychological mind-frame, it would essentially destroy the confidence of American people in their economy.


In 1972 the US and Russia decided to ban germ warfare. However with their own conventional wisdom, Russia decided to increase pathogens on an industrial scale. Eventually this led to other terrorist groups establishing their own dreams and visions of biological weaponry. A new frontier was opened where terrorists began to seek territorial expansion in the Middle East. Terrorist groups rapidly expanded their outreach and interconnectivity channels in Europe and the United States.


How real is it? The United States only has to peek out into their own backyards. Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, a world-known cult, paid $5.75 million for a remote 64-acre ranch in Wasco County, Oregon. This cult celebrated everything from sex to whatever beauty the world offered them and only them. They made their money from drugs and prostitution. They built a community including a 160-room hotel, shopping malls, casinos, discos, a water sewage transportation system, and even an airstrip. They had police access to state law enforcement programs and the Oregon crime networks.


Salmonella typhimurium, an unusual strain of salmonella, infected the population of Oregon. The state of Oregon identified the strain as the largest outbreak in the history of Oregon. This cult group even tried to contaminate the water system in Dallas. Over 50 investigators armed with search warrants located a tunnel with a sophisticated lab and multiple vials of the unusual salmonella typhimurium strain.


Biological weapons are frightening, and unlike nuclear weapons, biological agents are inanimate simply because they become reproductive and multiply over time. Over time these mutations becomes less resistant to any medical device that can sustain a human life. The Ebola virus kills 90% of its victims in a little more than a week. There is no treatment for Ebola even in the manner that it spreads which is also unclear.


Biological warfare has become individualistic. Many times even the most sophisticated laboratory techniques fail to determine the unfamiliar pathogens that spread so quickly. If a super-germ takes hold of the global world, the bacterium itself will not have ample time to be identified.


With only $10,000 and a small room you can build a biological arsenal that can develop a mutated organism that spreads throughout Earth and destroys the psychological mind-frames of the economic world. There is no moral repugnance with this world of instability.


A fellow LinkedIn member told me, “I am only wondering what will happen with those laboratories which sell biological material free and ship it all around the USA without any control? I am afraid that on local level there are so many failures and imagine national and international level , the biological weapons is a goal of state and non state actors and that is what make the microbes the ideal atomic bomb of poor! In this case of ordinary people who want non conventional tools of revenge.”


If terrorists are cutting heads and murdering humans then there is no fear in using biological weapons. It is a deep-seeded aversion to gain the upper hand of mutated pathogens in gaining territory and achieving revenge that encompasses democracies and communistic countries. Let’s just say this LinkedIn member made a solid point to our whole world, but are you prepared to listen?


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