The Celebrity Spectacle Brought Hillary Clinton Down

November 9, 2016



The elite celebrities of Hollywood shouted loud and clear in support of their preferred candidate. However, what this presidential race did convey is that Hollywood’s perception and perceived notion is vastly different than their own entrenched endorsements in the outcome of a presidential election. With social media, the world has become saturated with the persuasive communication of celebrity influence. But this can also be overestimating one’s influence with the attitudes and behaviors of the American people.


The aura celebrity influence has significantly diminished the actions and opinions of the Democratic voice where the line is blurred between relevant information and entertainment. The last day of Hillary’s campaign provided many Trump supporters and undecided voters of the shear size of the celebrity spectacle that dominated much of Hillary’s campaign rhetoric.


It wasn’t so much Hillary’s rhetoric; it was the celebrities and their self absorption of themselves that elicited the far removed values of the American people. There is no substantiated proof that Jay Z and Beyonce received $62 million for the Cleveland concert with only two songs to their name. The rumor mill circulated on social media allowing the real world to enforce their values. Many other celebrities were caught off-guard with the eye-popping paycheck. Perhaps their jealousy and vindictiveness took hold.


These celebrities did the right thing; they kept their mouth shut for the good of the party and allowed the spectacle to unfold. The celebrities that endorsed Hillary were not stimulus-determined. They simply projected Hillary as the real celebrity apprentice without evaluating the census and mood of the American people.


Hillary simply became an instrumentation of Hollywood celebrities that conceptualized her image of not belonging to the people. Her own celebrities over-stimulated the American decision-making process and many independent voters began to feel a lack of interpersonal communication from Hillary.


A celebrity image only determines a candidate’s relationship towards them. They are not a factor in determining electoral outcomes. The primary factor of the celebrity endorsements of Hillary became a non-issue in the election and failed to persuade voters to accompany the candidate. The critical error that Hillary’s campaign managers made was the fact that they pronounced and accepted the rationalization of the money that celebrities raised for her cause.


Hillary’s errors led to the establishment of dissimilar standards in evaluating the strengths of a political opponent. Among other things, Hillary’s celebrity entourage determined Trump’s image and his agenda as progressively for the people of America. The relative weight of Donald Trump’s mantra “drain the swamp” was a verbal expression of a self-concept and political evaluation that not only the political elites should bear the fruits of the murky swamp.


“Drain the swamp” has gathered steam simply because Madonna had the mitigated audacity to tell American voters that she would give oral sex to any man who is willing to vote for Hillary; that in itself sealed the deal. The problem with the Democratic campaign strategists and logistical movers and shakers is that they failed to maneuver towards determining what is real and unreal in the perception of what voters believed.


What drained the swamp was Donald Trump’s vociferous call upon the American people that he was with them, belonged with them, and needed them. The evidence is front and center on Trump’s Twitter page; he is constantly thanking everyone. Hillary refused to say thank you because identical to celebrities, she felt she deserved to be anointed the crown she was promised.


How simple is it folks? Trump had animal instincts. It’s a sad day for avid Clinton supporters including the likes of George Soros and Warren Buffett. This time it was Obama that became the apprentice. Obama stated that the sun will continue to shine, why wouldn’t it? The sun gave us life. This does sound like a Shakespearean play; much ado about nothing, the world will continue to function.

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