Toronto Star’s Rosie DiManno’s Fallacy and the Truth of Justin Trudeau

November 11, 2016

            Justin Trudeau realized the role of Canada in the geopolitical world. Trudeau recognizes the global imbalances between the geostrategic realm and their encompassing regions. Even though the polarized American world depends on political change, it now harbors a mechanism of diffused shock stemming from Donald Trump’s presidency. Trudeau is willing to work with the president elect by extending Trump to visit Canada as he stated, “At his (Trump’s) earliest opportunity.”


            Justin Trudeau will be a great Prime Minister of Canada because of his willingness to carefully construct policies that will strengthen global interdependence through partnerships of interest. Canada’s sovereignty is linked with accommodation as a gateway that illuminates the interaction and creation of international institutions based on economy. No different than Obama, Trudeau will achieve a constructive relationship with the new president, and Trudeau will continue to remind the president of Canada’s precious assets to the world.


            This is exactly what Barack Obama did when he met with Donald Trump on November 10. Obama told Trump of the global precious assets America has worked so hard to obtain. Trump was conciliatory in establishing the structural leadership and mechanism in defining the collective good in regards to those precious assets. Trump not only pleaded to himself but immediately followed up with the right words, “Obama is a good man.”


            Trump acknowledged that Obama’s counsel would be valuable in soliciting what is good for all Americans. The two combatants put away their differences to understand each other by not subduing or swaying shared American values. The two men didn’t display fear or trembling, instead they displayed a subsequent knowledge to further reflect on the obligation of the posing challenges facing America.


            A reporter asked Trudeau how he would explain to children that a sexist, racist bully has taken office in the United States. Trudeau showed remarkable strength, “We need to promote a strong relationship with anyone the American people elect.” He continued, “It’s important to work constructively with whoever is President because that’s what Canada expects.”


            Toronto Star Author Rosie DiManno wrote an article, “Oh America, what have you done? A once-great nation no longer exists.” Her thesis fails miserably to capture rural America. She did not do her job because of the fact that the most pressing issues remained unanswered. These issues include massive foreclosures, bankrupt family farms, tragic suicides, a growing income gap, and a disenfranchised African-American population that feels their idealism has been crippled.


            DiManno has little poetic sensibility in understanding that the white American males were swimming the same ideological current as African-Americans. Both white and black males felt disadvantaged and blocked by the mainstream economies and political elites. DiManno states, “That country has ripped out its own guts.” Again her historical perspective is wrong. During the Great Depression urban African-Americans were laid off in the masses. The Great Depression crisis devastated rural America that represented uneducated white Americans at the time. The labor market of many minority job seekers was slim to none and the paradigm grew closer for no other reason than because both white and black had to survive.


            As a geopolitical leader Justin Trudeau did the right thing. He extended his hand to Donald Trump and will succeed in the solicitation of Canada’s core values and precious assets as a pivotal economic benefit to the world. DiManno can whine all she wants, but Justin Trudeau understands the legitimacy and responsibility of power. Trudeau will blossom as a great leader and symbolize our hard-fought poppies in remembrance of Canada’s fallen soldiers. Its functionality will gather global leaders to obtain the respect that Canada deserves as peacekeepers of Earth.


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