Donald Trump's Future Relations with Justin Trudeau

November 25, 2016

One must wonder what goes on inside the mind of Justin Trudeau. When Trudeau was in Cuba he decided to warn Donald Trump of bringing “concrete policies” to the table when the time for negotiation between the two individuals came. Since Trump won the presidency one would imagine that this man is serious about proposals, trade, and the position of America in this world.


Many other leaders chose a starkly different path. Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe arrived in New York with a gold golf club. Abe was concerned about trade and Japan’s role in the Asia Pacific region. Both men achieved pragmatism and courtesy; they sat down as two adults getting to know each other. He left New York not in a state of bewilderment as they cemented their individuality and goals that need to be achieved for both nations to thrive.


Xi Jinping of China immediately phoned Donald Trump following his victory as it is customary to acknowledge the American’s electorate choice of President. China and the US strengthened their bilateral ties as Xi and Trump reached a vital consensus amidst an opportunist atmosphere. Again, Xi was reassured by talking to Mr. Trump directly over the phone and spending time getting to know the man.


Justin Trudeau decided for whatever reason to warn Donald Trump. It’s my understanding that Trump is assuming the responsibility of the most powerful individual in the world. So what exactly is Trudeau warning about? Canada has constructive policies no different than the United States; they encompass economic policies, trade policies, and growth policies.


It was a strategic error for Trudeau in having the mitigated audacity to warn the Republicans of something that doesn’t make sense and has not come into fruition. There are no policies on the table, so why is he threatening Trump? What are the imaginary policies that the Liberal Party is talking about? Have they materialized from thin air?


These are very serious diplomatic errors in the relationship between Canada and the US. My personal opinion; I think Donald Trump will get along initially with Trudeau even though it may take a month or two. However, after a while I expect Trudeau’s personality to wear thin among the political elites orchestrating Trump’s agenda.


China’s goodwill was critical in achieving huge opportunity and potential for China-US cooperation in coordinating both economies and reinforcing bilateral relations that meet the prospects of having US multinationals benefitting from China’s domestic economy. It is a give-and-take, however, both men achieved goodwill. Xi and Trump agreed to keep close contact in establishing the geopolitical tone in familiarizing their expectations towards themselves.


If Xi Jinping aims to achieve the “Chinese Dream” then this directly complements Trump’s desire to fulfill his promise in making America great again. These two countries will reap the benefits and fruits tied to their position in the international order and global business community.


Kellie Leitch does remind me of Olive Oyl from Popeye the Sailor Man. Leitch is running for the lead position in the Canadian Conservative Party. She is tall, stature-esque, has a nice monotone voice, and speaks directly to whatever she doesn’t agree with. She’s highly educated earning several degrees at the University of Toronto, Dalhousie University, and Queen’s University. She is very Socratic in the way she thinks and formulates her ideas to achieve the greatest amount of momentum from the electorate.


If Leitch wins the Conservative nomination she will assume the role of Trudeau’s strongest opponent. Trudeau’s declaration that he is a feminist has pushed the man into a corner where it will be tough to attack a woman opposing him. Even Leitch’s controversial policies mimicking Trump’s ideology will gain some degree of steam in Canada as a form of denying elitism for the greater benefit of all Canadians.


Trump criticized Justin Trudeau several months ago by pronouncing him the worst leader Canada has ever seen. The one who could severely put a dent to his leadership as a one-term Prime Minister could in fact come in the form of Mr. Trump himself. This is why it’s imperative that the two individuals get along in aligning their goals and finding a medium that both men agree upon.


If a consensus between Trump and Trudeau fails to come into fruition, the gates will be opened leaving Trudeau vulnerable to attack. Kellie Leitch doesn’t care about photo-shoots, selfies, and playing with knives. This is not a playground for kids. Ultimately, it’s up to Trudeau to redeem himself and grow up.


When Hillary Clinton lost the election, rumor has it that she went absolutely berserk and was too drunk to even acknowledge her followers the night of her defeat. Unfortunately Bill Clinton got an earful from his spouse as well, it led to him throwing his phone out the window. Trudeau needs to understand what happened with Hillary; that means not getting drunk even if you lose.


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