A Mother's Christmas Gift to her Son

November 30, 2016

There is no honor for a dead son or a mother that receives the adulation of a nation that honors its dead soldiers. This Christmas she had nothing to give as a mother, her husband had left her for another woman, there was no one left for her. She couldn’t go back in time to persuade herself and illuminate her son that it wasn’t worthwhile to die.


Before he left she pleaded to her son, “You’re the only person I have left in my life, I can’t live without you.”


This is a testimony of a mother who made her journey back to Afghanistan in order to generate any trace of remnants of her son. There was nothing of him left; no flesh, no bones, or any characteristics that her son did indeed had a life in America. She scraped up every cent of her savings to make the journey back to the most inhospitable place in the world that no human being could ever fathom living in.


She had a good life. She raised her son to become the man she always hoped he would be. His characteristics changed for no other reason than because he felt duty-bound in protecting the freedom of those he loved. This Christmas there were no presents to give and no freedom to love. There was no joy for the refuge that lost her children upon the Earth that God gave them.


She met with her guide in Afghanistan, “Your son died on a mountain peak. He rests in peace among many Americans that couldn’t make it back home because there was nothing left of them.”


She cried, “I must visit this mountain-top. It was my son, the most wonderful human being in my life, I gave him birth, he looked after me when I was sick, he was kind, he was generous, and now I have nothing to bring back home in memory of his soul.”


The guide softened his stance, “I’ll do my best, many people have died including some of my relatives. I loved them also. But those men do whatever they have to do in order to survive. They died because they believed that this country belonged to them, even when the Americans invaded our country, our land still stands upon the same soil that it has for thousands of years.”


She nodded her head, “I have nothing left in my life and I must find him, my soldier, my son, for no other reason than because he existed in my life. I need that from you. I need your help to put his soul in a place of rest.”


He looked at her, “I have a family to feed, and like you one day I may not have any children to sustain who I am and why I exist, for this I will lead you to your son. These forces of God correspond with each other as one. I will do my best to lead you to your resting place.”


She accepted his offer and it took them four days to get to where her son had likely died. The guide gave her a necklace that represented a symbol of love. The symbol for her represented heartache, loss, and the emptiest feeling that Christmas would never exist for her. She kissed the guide on his cheek and told him to leave.


She laid her head upon the soil of Afghanistan. She looked up into the heavens, “God, it’s time for me to leave this world, there’s nothing left here for me. Take me under your wings and allow me to embrace myself with whatever pieces you give me. I have no hope, I have nothing but your love. This is my Christmas gift for my son.”


That day God performed the unthinkable. He took the mother under his wings and pieced together her son. They both arrived home and spent Christmas as one. 


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