Trudeau's Dominance Over Kevin O'Leary

December 14, 2016

            Comparatively speaking, the Canadian national character will fail to carry the same weight as the patriotic expressions of Americans. If Canadians are unassertive in their nationalism it may have to do with the justificatory character and its reliance on the United States.


            This reliance has to do with economics, social culture, and the interconnectivity of social media that responds to pressure from American influence. Resentment is ambition that rises to the surface. Perhaps that’s why it’s confusing that Kevin O’Leary is now contemplating running for the Conservative Party of Canada.


            In the geopolitical world one must examine potential candidates that presumably feel they have the ability to lead Canada. Celebrity businessman Kevin O’Leary stated he could beat the “surfer dude” then went on to say he could even fund his own campaign. Upon further examination, it’s evident his demeanor is somewhat lacking. Every time he talks he seems to hold his hands as if he’s praying. It seems as if O’Leary believes he’s a philosopher of some sort rather than the failed stock promoter he really is.


            He was rejected by federal Liberal pollster Martin Goldfarb. Goldfarb told the Globe and Mail, “He came to see me about fundraising and whether or not I’d be interested in running his campaign. And I said not in a million years.” Perhaps Mr. O’Leary became a little discombobulated with the rejection. This may have pushed him to come back to his family questioning if he still had any support from the Liberal Party.


            On December 12, 2016 O’Leary waddled over to Ottawa soliciting an exploratory committee for his bid for the Conservative Party. He claimed he’s assembling a committee of roughnecks that have success with campaigns, especially prestigious campaign mail-out and voter contact expert Chris Rougier. For Rougier, perhaps no one told him about the internet or social media for that matter, that’s why he continues mailing out personal characteristics having to do with Kevin O’Leary.


            Remember, Donald Trump declared his candidacy with 17 opponents in the same battlefield. He allowed the natural cycle of Darwinism to lead him to victory by decimating his opponents one-by-one. On the other hand O’Leary’s stance lacks bravery as he stated, “ I simply want to wait till the natural Darwinian forces of finance roll through their lines.” What lines is he talking about? The ones he doesn’t want to battle?


            O’Leary further indicated, “Do I have a name recognition problem? Don’t have that problem. Do I have a money problem? Don’t have that problem. What I have as a problem is too many people in the race. Why don’t I wait?” Then he mentioned, “I’m in business. I don’t like to waste my time, I’ve already invested heavily in getting the support, the infrastructure, the legal advice I need.”


            But who’s time is he wasting if he already mentioned he has the supportive infrastructure? On the one hand he’s saying he wants to beat the “surfer dude” and on the other hand he’s telling Canadians he doesn’t want to waste his time even with the infrastructure support he has. This is the same stock promoter who claims he will learn to fluently speak French in the next few years. This claim is rather odd with his lowered level of discipline in the field of stock promotion and real estate.


            In 2012 O’Leary told Canadians that if they bought a house at that time it wouldn’t be worth “a dime more” than the value it stands at the time of purchase. This is how uneducated this man is. Since 2012 the value of property in major Canadian cities has exponentially skyrocketed as a factor of population growth and demand, a basic economic concept very challenging for Mr. O’Leary to grasp.


            One can only feel for the individuals locking into contracts with O’Leary Mortgages in 2012. At the time O’Leary claimed, “There will be thousands of people with variable mortgages that will be slaughtered … with fixed mortgages they’ll have five years of knowing what they’ll exactly pay.” The reality is that these Canadians got burned as variable rates persistently stayed at record lows while the individuals locked into his contracts continued to pay the higher fixed amount.


            O’Leary’s stock picks haven’t fared well either. For example, he highly recommended Diversified Royalty Corp, a company highly engaged in the acquisition of royalties across North America. Firstly, this stock is very thinly traded and poses a high threat of liquidity risk for investors. The company’s returns haven’t performed as promised and are likely to continue their decline in the next few years to come. Sales growth is expected to decline over 50% for Q1 of 2017 with slim hopes of rebounding. Overall, a lousy stock that investors will fail to see a return from.


            The Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index dropped from 5000 to 4000 over the course of a few days in the summer of 2015. O’Leary went on BNN and heavily advocated the purchase of Chinese stocks and went as far as saying that those who didn’t were “foolish”. The investors that listened to him horrifyingly witnessed a further decline of the Shanghai Index from 4000 to 3000, today the index stands at a value of about 3150.


            Kevin also mentions that there are thousands upon thousands of regulations choking small businesses in Canada. However yet again, Mr. Wonderful fails to mention even a few of these regulations. Then Mr. Wonderful states he will invest $1 million in the province of Alberta if Premier Rachel Notley resigns. Why not $100 million? After all, his claim to riches makes $1 million look miniscule in the grand scheme of things.


            A simple caveat for Canadians considering his candidacy. “You got to pay Daddy, because my wife costs a fortune, my kids cost a fortune. I need dough and I need dough every month. You got to pay Daddy number one.” I think what Mr. O’Leary is saying is that he wants the Canadian taxpayer to subsidize his wife and kids. The “surfer dude” will not subsidize his wife and kids. Collectively as Canadians, we have our own families to take care of.


            His track record speaks for itself, he will never win against Trudeau. Keep praying O’Leary.





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