Justin Trudeau's Phone Call with Rodrigo Duterte

January 1, 2016

            There’s no requiem for a prized fighter. For a geopolitical fighter to win with respect to how the order will work depends on a sequence of events that establish why the mathematical order exists in regards to how our world operates. This story corresponds to two Canadians: one living in the Philippines and the other in Canada. The story itself relies on the conversation between two individuals by virtue of what they believe in. I came in as the third wheel not only to motivate the story, but to solicit the answers that I viewed were right.


            The real story unfolds in the Philippines where the Canadian man currently resides. I made up my mind that perhaps he was wrong in his assertion about the Filipino character. In many ways it had to deal with Rodrigo Duterte and Canada’s love for the liberal ideals that Trudeau expounds throughout Canada rather than the geopolitical world.


            Remember it was Obama that dug deep into his own soul and told Canadians they’re not doing enough with respect to their military and sanctifying their own safety. This statement resonated to many geopolitical scholars that believe that Canada is not taking its rightful place of why Canada exists with the amount of wars the nation has fought honorably.


            Even though Canada was a British colony, our nation has sacrificed its own lives in the First and Second World War. It wasn’t because of our duty or our rightful place in the British colony; it was simply because Canadians felt that authoritative fascism in Europe should be defeated. Our deeds relied on the fact that we were courageous, resilient, and able to come to terms with what was right for our world at that time. To this day we will never relinquish that right to the United States, Europe, or the Asia Pacific region.


            This story takes us on a journey that exhibits an answer of who we are, why we exist, and why Canada should be strong as a military power that corresponds with peace. The following exchange between myself and my friends Steve and Peggy over Facebook symbolizes the extreme sequences of why Canadians should get involved, not only in geopolitical terms, but in the overall stability and order or our economic world that we thrive upon:


            Fiorenzo Arcadi (Author): “Mr. Hunt it is my understanding that Abu Sayyaf only has about 500 soldiers. Even with the inbreeding inter-connectivity that they practice it's not exactly what you would call an army by any stretch of imagination. With respect to drugs normally terrorists control the territory while the drug-lords control the supply. For Abu Sayyaf it's mutually beneficial. The US has doubled the amount of military aid to the Philippines from $50 million to $120 million over the past year; the biggest amount recorded in 15 years. Now I don't think the extremists are getting drug money; I simply think that the drug lords in the Philippines are greedy and keep all the money. If you take a look at Filipino newspapers, not one big drug-lord was ever executed in the Philippines, in Malaysia and China yes, but not in the Philippines. All the news outlets and even Google is killing drug users. Duterte is a wimp; he knows as long as he has terrorists domestically then he will receive money, so what's his motive to destroy extremists? The Obama administration knows that. Among the 500 fighters maybe 200 are warriors. How simple is it to attack from land, sea, and air in the Philippines? A US general understands this and that's why they label these individuals as generals.”


            Steve: “Well I won't attack your thoughts as your sources are very tainted in North America. Duterte is opposite from what you’re describing. He is in no way a wimp trust me. He is a hard ass socialist who will and has done what he promised to do. In some ways like Castro his reputation in western culture is tarnished because he has stood up to the Americans. The Philippine people are not just fighting terrorist as this goes back to WW2 and the formation of the republic. Duterte has all sides sitting down. Anyways we don't have enough time to explain all of the Philippine history. 
The Canadians were taken by terrorists yes. Unfortunately they were killed. Duterte or Trudeau had no control over this situation and for you to think otherwise is politically immature. 
Do not pay ransom. If you think Duterte is a wimp come and tell him but don't tell him in a helicopter. 
As I stated before he has delivered on virtually every election promise, not even Trudeau can make that claim. Justin forever.”


            Steve: “I know you’re busy so no need to reply. Fiorenzo it is so interesting watching the politics over here. Asians are sitting down talking to each other in a nice non combative way. When Duterte was giving a speech explaining to Obama and USA mainly but all of western culture he said "do not come into our countries and tell us what to do with our countries and people". He went on from there as only Rody can. What was interesting was the Japanese ambassador was quietly nodding in approval. In Singapore, much the same speech, their leader was nodding in approval as well. 
The opposition liberal leader of the Philippines actually still approves of Duterte (that was just before Christmas, haven't heard of any changes) He was a little critical but commented it's only been 6 months Duterte had been in power. Sorry Peggy. I was laughing so hard not at them but in wonderment that politicians think before they speak. I'm sure he's waiting until Rody’s popularity drops a bit. There is much more respect among politicians and politics in general. The number one highlight is during debates, one person talks at a time. The moderator actually has little or no opinion, he moderates, what a novelty. Happy New Year!”


            Fiorenzo: “He threatened the helicopter punishment for anyone who might steal the financial aid he was promising. Duterte has to go to jail for human right violations. No compromise for the Philippine population.”


            Peggy: “Duterte is seriously mentally ill...how a whole country could have voted for him is a sign of the times we are in....and the fact that Canada seem to continue to ignore the fact that we need a stronger military is shocking to me...this should have been

Trudeau’s first act once in office....we have let our military drop to levels that is criminal.....if we were called to war tomorrow our people would be showing up with pitch forks and hand knives....and men like Duterte would take over and just keep killing....We need a strong army one we can be proud of....we had it in WW1 and in WW2...and its time we stopped thinking that the world issues will not touch us...”


            Steve: “I just waved my magic wand. The Canadians are alive. Tell me your game plan now Mr. PM. Stop stalling.”


            Fiorenzo: “The game plan is mission accomplished, this conversation was heard all over the world. Remember Mr. Hunt, in geopolitics we use social media for profiling individuals no different than what the Americans are doing now who are slightly more advanced in this game. It was 1 in a million that someone from the Philippines responded, for that I am grateful. The game now is not up to us anymore, we did our job, it's up to the new US President and the Republican Party. The world was listening Mr. Hunt right from the beginning, too bad I have to go on vacation. You're one hell of a Canadian Mr. Hunt and we shall all be proud of you, I really mean this.”


            Steve: “Fiorenzo Arcadi on your death squad informant. Everyone who has examined his testimony agrees that there are multiple lies and ambiguities throughout his testimony in front of the senate. I'm calling bullshit that allegedly Duterte only paid him less than half of what a McDonalds employee makes here in the Philippines. " So sir you were a hitman for $100 a month?"”


            Fiorenzo: “In the Philippines why not. I hope the senate believes him. The senate should get rid of Duterte.”


            Steve: “You’re acting like a chest beating American. Stop watching CNN news. I've tried to explain to you the Filipino senate/congress have the ability TODAY to vote him out. Even the opposition leader supports him. You’re out to lunch on this one Fiorenzo.”


            Fiorenzo: “Is the Philippines senate and generals willing to accept Duterte sleeping with their wives?”


            Steve: “You’re focused on this little group of island nations while Trump and Obama are torching the world. I think Shakespeare referred to this Nero fiddling while Rome was burning.”


            Fiorenzo: “Give me Shakespeare, rather than Nero. No one’s bigger than Shakespeare or Darwin. Shakespeare has love, power and emotion, Darwin has dominance.”


            Fiorenzo: “Now in regards to Duterte: what this man possesses is a power of seduction. I would not characterize Duterte as a charismatic leader because the Philippine Senate does not applaud or admire him as a God. Is Duterte intuitive? Perhaps, but perhaps he's more demented and all his energies are used to kill drug users while drug lords run free within his country. He wants to isolate drug users without a trial, and by that he is forming a neurotic country in the Asia Pacific region. Mind you the only thing that Duterte sees different than himself is the Senate. However the Philippine spirit which embodies the Senate will not be paralyzed nor the voice of the Filipino people. He chooses to slaughter drug users and this is simply not contingent in the democratic will of the Senate. Duterte stated, "Hitler murdered 3 million Jews so therefore there are 3 million drug addicts." This man has the mitigated audacity to slaughter each and every one of them. What Duterte is saying is that there's no justice for drug users because they can not defend themselves and therefore they should be annihilated. The presumption of innocence in the Philippine Senate has become the presumption of guilt. What the Senate is doing is reversing the rule of tribunal without testimony, and therefore they must be killed. Duterte visited the Arch-Bishop of the Philippines and he decided to sanctify his character by bowing down to his face. Mr. Hunt, that is not good enough, I want this man charged, I want this man gone, but unfortunately Trudeau is too weak to pontificate that virtue and to get involved in the geopolitical world because he is fearful. This goes against the almighty Canadian character in regards to the battle we've fought whereby Europe measured our deeds without us asking anything in return unlike the US. Who is stronger? Duterte gave the orders for the 2 Canadians to be murdered because Trudeau was weak. Mr. Hunt who am I talking to? You? Or a member of Duterte's death squad? We are both liberals, but you continue to support Duterte, that's unacceptable if you love Justin Trudeau.


            Steve: “Wow you have a real Hate Hard One for this guy. I think you’re the only one bud. As I stated before has the full support of a democratically elected Republic where they can replace him tomorrow. I'm only one man Fiorenzo. Your Canadian buddies were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I met a couple of Americans New Year's Eve. One nice African American from New Jersey, one arrogant white guy from Missouri who works in Mindanao. I'll bet you a bottle of your favorite wine the white guy shows up dead for more than one reason. When I told him I'm from Canada he said oh our 51st state eh eh. I said you’re right the SMARTEST PROVINCE. The black guy told me his contract is up at the end of January and he works most nights or so he tells his new friend. He told me this guy is going to show up dead because of his mouth not his skin color. Duterte in no way killed your buddies and if Rody was cleaning up your country you'd be standing on a soap box praising him. On New Years Day a drug dealer was shot and killed by police. Less than 24 hours later his father told ANC news that his son told him that he wasn't going to stop selling and they were not going to take him alive. Not a tear in his eye. He certainly looked grieved but dad knew this would be his son’s fate. Where can I find your posting on Columbia's drug problems?  Dint worry Israel will be your next platform. Donald is seeing to that. 
Sun Fun and Guns for all. Bring the kids, bring a picnic lunch and your Body Armor. I'm off for a few hours. Sleep well.”


            These are my demands Mr. Hunt since you live in the Philippines. I want the families of the two Canadians that were beheaded to receive $10 million a piece for their anguish and our government failures. This is what I want Mr. Hunt, no compromise, no conciliation, I don’t care where the money comes from, but their families will get the money and will get to do whatever they please with it. It’s my understanding they may donate all the money towards a charitable cause. Duterte gave the orders for the two Canadians to get beheaded. Why did they have to get beheaded? It was because Trudeau was weak, frail, and couldn’t understand the geopolitical consequences. I blame Trudeau for this mishap.


            Mr. Duterte can bow his head to the archbishop of the Philippines; he even made a claim to the Pope that he threw a drug user out of a helicopter. This is unacceptable to the Philippine senate and I will make the case for this man to be impeached and brought to trial. This is what the geopolitical world stands for; no compromise among the dead. These two Canadians deserve rightful justice and it will be delivered, 


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