Kevin O'Leary Suffering from the Small Man Syndrome

January 23, 2017

            I enjoy Kevin O’Leary’s use of words. He often mentions cockroaches and ants as derogatory terms towards entrepreneurs, business elites, politicians, and so forth. Unfortunately Kevin O’Leary fails to understand his own personality; sometimes you have to tell a man the truth about himself and the mirror he looks into. It’s obvious Kevin O’Leary has been plagued with the Small Man Syndrome.


            He has similar qualities to Scarface’s Tony Montana and his characterization of a diminutive stature that needs to rise above other individuals. Remember Tony Montana’s famous quote, “I bury those cockroaches.” Of course he received a certain order of notoriety in establishing the American Dream as a small man making it big in the Miami drug trade. Even the big drug lords called Tony Montana a ‘little monkey’ after he betrayed them.


            On Shark Tank, O’Leary has a habit of proclaiming his billionaire status among other sharks. He somehow feels he has a larger than life appearance among his colleagues and has progressive thinking in terms of making money. But nonetheless it’s his words that come out clear; ‘cockroaches’ and ‘ants’ that he can destroy rather quickly as a competitive force.


            We all know Kevin’s mantra: if only kids growing up in slums around the world could look up and catch a glimpse of Bill Gates’ private jets, they have something to strive for. Again, Small Man Syndrome engulfs his head and infiltrates his mind to an illusion where he believes he is above others. Unfortunately his height says it all; 5 foot 9 if not less. The underlying truth is that these slum kids are not looking above the clouds to peak at Bill Gates’ private jet. The real scenario takes hold of Kevin O’Leary staring at Gates’ jet not having the means for purchasing a jet comparable to that of his idol.


            Kevin’s small time stature among the billionaires carries a certain jubilation of jealousy. Kevin however does have some pearl of wisdom for entrepreneurs that can’t spend time with their girlfriends or wives. He states, “Simply dump them and become rich, and get all the girlfriends one deserves.”


            How original is this? Tony Montana pontificated similar words with the same implication. Tony Montana however was a little more brutal hearsay in his interpretation. “In this country you got to get money first, first you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the woman.” Therefore Kevin’s philosophy is governed by the slightly taller Tony Montana.


            When O’Leary declared his candidacy for the Conservative Party he wasn’t the type of billionaire that rode down an escalator with a beautiful model and wife next to him. Donald Trump took the podium, looked to the journalists, and told them straight what he wants to do for America. O’Leary on the other hand used Facebook as the social media platform to get the word across to Canadians that he’s running for leadership of the Conservative Party. He was sitting down of course not to reveal his miniscule stature and was reading from a script rather than touching the hearts of the Canadian people.


            We are not involved in Canadian politics, but sometimes you have to take a look at the behavior of an individual to determine overall geopolitical trends. The reason why Kevin O’Leary doesn’t want to debate in either English or French is because of 14-year old Rachel Parent who stood up to him and conquered him on national television. Every argument and predisposition harbored by Kevin’s mind was defeated by a 14-year old. If you watch the video, when engaged in the conversation with Rachel she stood upright and never contradicted herself in pronouncing the exact points relevant to her argument.


            As Kevin was losing the argument his head began to slightly tilt one way. Rachel Parent continued to gain strength in the debate which led to Kevin’s head leaning over even more. Even Kathleen Wynne stated, “It is difficult to debate someone famous for making outrageous claims on television.” That’s simply not true as evidenced with 14-year old Rachel Parent.


            O’Leary’s primate social dominance rests on the fact that he is rich and successful; therefore he wants to transform his self-esteem as a symbolic prestige reflected on the patterns of behavior in Canadians regarding individual success. On Facebook there was one comment by a woman who went to one of O’Leary’s investing seminars; she was shocked how small and diminutive Kevin was in stature. She stated, “Even if Kevin was single or wasn’t married, can you imagine waking up with Kevin in the morning? It’s like turning on a tape-recorder and out comes the nagging.”


            Kevin referred to one of his American guests as a ‘dunbar’. What this means I do not know but the guest sure put him in his right place. The guest just stared at him and specifically outlined the reasons as to why O’Leary was stupid. The American guest then took out his microphone and vowed to never appear in the show again.


            On January 19 Kevin tweeted, “I’m taking Canada’s concerns about Trump directly to New York. Where is Trudeau?” First, he has to legitimize himself by mentioning Donald Trump. Donald Trump is a tall and big man in stature so it would be advantageous for Kevin O’Leary to take a selfie with him instead of a full-body photo. If he did meet with Trump then why did he lie and not produce the selfie?   


            Napoleon was a leader and a persuasive debater in legitimizing his position of authority in France. Kevin has a bad habit of lending delusional and alluring confidence tricks in an effort to disarm his opponents. This man tries to be articulate even though everyone clearly knows it will not generate intelligence. If Kevin can’t negotiate with a 14-year old then what makes you think he can negotiate any type favorable deal for Canada with a geopolitical elite? Who’s the little cockroach now?




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