Kevin O'Leary Shames the American Warrior

January 31, 2017

            Facebook is the imperial stadium. The forum represents the political aspiration of a gibbering idiot that decided to proclaim his candidacy for the Federal Conservative Party of Canada. Kevin O’Leary seems to use Facebook to waste everyone’s time as a cabaret singer with his guitar in hand; perhaps there are similarities in his behavior akin to other Roman Emperors like Nero playing his fiddle. For whatever reason this small miscreant man uses Facebook to display his lack of skill with his mediocre guitar playing coupled with his annoying voice in soothing the Canadian character.


            Kevin O’Leary stated he’s “getting frustrated” with how many candidates are still in the running for the leadership role. The reason for this is because he wanted natural selection to rid some of the Conservative candidates so that he would presumably get more airtime from his competitors. The problem with O’Leary is that his Darwinian logic seemed to circumvent his mindset in allowing him to stay out of the debates. Most Canadians would refer to an act like this as cowardly along with many Americans that sense weakness in his demeanor.


            One must wonder if Kevin O’Leary is really a Bostonian. In fact on several American shows he takes out his passport for whatever reason trying to prove to the US networks that he’s in fact Canadian. When a gibbering idiot takes out a passport it shows a lack of confidence of a candidate desperately seeking the public’s attention and trust.


            Michel de Montaigne was correct when he pronounced, “I do not care so much what I am to others, as I care what I am to myself.” If O’Leary has to please the American audience by taking out his passport that means he’s trying to determine his worth because of his lack of reasonable confidence in knowing who he really is. O’Leary’s passport does not show confidence or courage to debate his competitors and implicitly raises the question of why he chooses to defend himself like an animal.


            The passport showed US citizens that O’Leary has no perception and emotion in creating the wealth of the creative Canadian spirit. What it does is emotes poignancy to the procrastination and un-American dogma for the so-called billionaire to fight his own battles. That means O’Leary is trying to sustain his own personality on the backs of Americans rather than Canadians.


            For a second let’s reverse the paradigm; let’s say O’Leary was running for the presidency of the United States. If he told the American public in the stadium that they are not warriors then what would the American public do with this man claiming to be a billionaire rather than just another stock promoter? That means all the Americans who have died in the revolutions and wars are not dignified to be labeled as warriors under the same Constitution that many have died fighting for.


            These American warriors would feel as if they have no graves, no bones, and no loved ones that are able to lay claim to the souls buried in American soil. Whatever prosperity the Americans achieved in foreign lands wouldn’t feel as if they rest on top of the soldiers that died for this prosperity to even exist. If an American soldier can not die for the land that he laid claim for his loved ones and children in perpetuity of a new generation then how can a new generation blossom and feed itself to lay claim to the same lands for a new generation?  


            Americans along with Canadians have served the geopolitical purpose in establishing stability in our world. Kevin O’Leary made the claim that Canadians are not warriors and that by the same token we Canadians can not exist with the same freedom, benefits, and prosperity that Americans have fought for.


            O’Leary chooses to go on American television but yet he refuses to even debate his competitors. This man is a coward and for my American friends this gibbering idiot has decided to open the gates in the stadium for two warriors to make their presence in the arena against O’Leary. O’Leary is simply weak, small, and can not educate the public of what he stands for.


            What is truly plausible is his stupidity in telling the world that anyone with a membership in a work union will go to jail. This means that the rise of the common man is being challenged by a weak man rather than true fate. O’Leary is not a God that controls fate; he is human and is vulnerable to the true warriors that have died and made North America great.


            Kevin O’Leary is not a warrior. He’s an emotional individual that has exposed himself to ruthless competitors that will systematically leverage themselves as more dominant than him. For the next 40 days the games are underway. I ask my American and Canadian political friends: are you not entertained? The liberal media is entertained by this weak man, but it’s time for the real truth.


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