Kevin O'Leary Capitulates to a Poor Man

February 3, 2017

            When Kevin O’Leary opens his mouth there is a substantial amount of sound but a lack of substance. The substance is based on his own conventional wisdom in being a proud Bostonian rather than a Canadian.


            Again O’Leary has his facts wrong. He mentioned, “We have the largest border on Earth, people don’t know that, how do we patrol that? With C-140 prop aircraft at a cost of $38,000 an hour. If we had a drone program we could do it for a fraction of that and save $3 billion a year.” Then he has the audacity to say that he would direct the 3 billion dollars of savings towards the military. Unfortunately he fails to provide an explanation as to how the $3 billion will strengthen Canada in the geopolitical world.


            In the United States, the Department of Homeland Security inspector general stated, “The border drone program, its impact stemming illegal immigrants has been minimal.” Folks, drones are supposed to save money and manpower by responding to alerts autonomously, but investigators so far have found few incidences where this has actually happened.


            Kevin O’Leary is simply a small man with few redeemable qualities as a leader. A drone can not enforce the laws of the land; after all, it’s a machine. On the other hand, a border patrol unit run by people is able to respond strategically and carry out the laws of the land. But O’Leary seems to be so smart that he must ridicule Canadians by stating he is the only one who knows that we have the largest borders in the world.


            Here’s the real truth. 10 Predator-D drones are estimated to cost about $2468 per flight. However Homeland Security auditors discovered that with equipment, overhead, and labor that these costs rise to $12,255 per flight hour. Kevin is supposed to be a billionaire genius in efficiency correct? This clearly illustrates that he has no clue what he’s actually talking about.


            An individual choosing to specialize in the profession of a border patrol officer achieves that volition by sustaining a high level of professionalism with respect to their interaction with illegal immigrants. Perhaps Kevin O’Leary also wants to get rid of police officers and allow drones and humanoid robots to interact with crooks and the hockey-moms speeding to get their sons and daughters to the rink on time for practice.


            This man running for the Conservative Party leadership position clearly displays a lack of critical thinking let alone basic knowledge. He claims to be a proud Bostonian, but I doubt it very much that he understands the mechanics running the city of Boston. Many of these border patrol professionals and law enforcement officers generate income to feed their families and plow back revenue into our economy which helps the nation sustain its growth.


            Here’s another point involving Kevin O’Leary. He stated that when he meets with the leaders of different provinces that he wants to establish the goal of reaching 3% GDP growth. Some of these provincial leaders surely must be scratching their heads, after all who doesn’t want a 3% GDP growth level? However he continues to threaten provincial leaders by indicating he’s willing to wield a “very big stick” that will deter anyone who goes against his goal of a 3% GDP growth level. A statement like this clearly shows O’Leary’s stature of a small man with an insecure demeanor.


            But here’s the real kicker: many of the other Conservative candidates understand that O’Leary refuses to leave Boston for a debate with his competitors in Canada. He refuses to meet them on the same level playing field. Trump beat his opponents because he wasn’t a coward to go into the ring and fight every single one of his Republican opponents.


            As a poor man and a poor student we gave Kevin O’Leary 24 hours to change his stance regarding his statement that Canadians are not warriors. We published an article challenging his stance. The article was called, “Kevin O’Leary Shames the American Warrior.” Guess what folks? Within a day, he successfully capitulated to two poor individuals by publically concluding that Canadians are indeed great warriors.


            O’Leary the cockroach was vociferous against entrepreneurial individuals that simply want to make a decent living. He stated, “There’s something very visceral about watching people beg for money, it’s powerful.” It’s ironic that O’Leary begged to two poor men for a reprieve. We lied and we exposed his weakness in the world of Darwinism.


            My expertise solicits the fact that this man can not grow Canada’s economy and will fail to take advantage of a pivot towards the Asia-Pacific region. That is why this small man picked up a pistol and tried to show the world his marksmanship expertise. It didn’t fool anyone and once again his confidence has weaned.


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