Is Donald Trump Losing his Mind?

February 8, 2017


            “Rex Tillerson Cleans up Donald Trump’s Mess in Australia, Japan, and South Korea”, published by The Sydney Morning Herald, is rather intriguing considering the actual events unfolding in the geopolitical world. Backdoor diplomacy chooses a different world to adhere to, especially when Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull’s feelings are somewhat tarnished and undermined.


            It appears that all the hoopla was orchestrated by Republican Senators and Congressmen who illuminated the strong ties that Australia and the US have traditionally cemented. Republican Lamar Alexander stated, “Today, no two countries trust one another and co-operate in security arrangements more than America and Australia. We trade, we stand by each other in war, we visit one another and our students study in each other’s universities. It is always appropriate for the US Senate to reaffirm the importance of that relationship.”


            The article itself presented nothing in terms of any declaration from an Australian official acknowledging the praise that the US government is trying to ameliorate. Some US officials were as keen to state, “Today as President Trump disparages and disrespects our longstanding partners and allies, it is more vital than ever to strengthen our relationship with Australia.”


            Of course, when you slap a leader in the face, a leader is faced with two choices: to either retaliate in an effort to retain dignity of the Australian character or to simply turn their back and walk away vowing vengeance. The vengeance itself carries a certain degree that the Australian character may not work well with the Trump administration.


            Australia has a longstanding position in the Asia Pacific region and the South China Sea. Their economic benefits and livelihood rely on the context of getting along with all their neighbors regardless of superiority. The real achilles heel therefore in the Republican administration may have to do with their position in their censure of international leaders that don’t correspond to their philosophy.


            This grisly turn of events towards diplomacy with international leaders signals and deprives these leaders of their autonomy. A degree of hatred is consequently escalated that corresponds to an American leader feeling his only deed is to be loved by everyone rather than establishing international relations with partner nations.


            How disagreeable is this article? On the same day Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi met up with Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop in an effort to further strengthen the bilateral ties between the two countries. Wang Yi was pleased with the maintenance of healthy development with Australia and the good results both nations have experienced as a result of their free trade agreement.


            The meeting between Australia and China comes amidst the celebration of their 45th anniversary of diplomatic ties. Wang Yi added that it was an opportunistic time to review past experiences while planning strategically for the future.


            However unlike America’s praise and desperation, China actually received response and acknowledgment from Australian officials. Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop stated, “Australia is willing to strengthen cooperation with China in various fields and coordination on global affairs.” These global affairs have to do with the stability of the South China Sea and the Australian role and leadership in maintaining a solid equilibrium in the region.


            How is the leadership unfolding in Australia? The Australian officials have come together and conceptualized that US chief strategist Steve Bannon’s words were warmongering and now set the tone of Australian leadership taking over the region and maintaining international law and order. Australia essentially plays a role of security insurance with their state-of-the-art naval capabilities and expertise in the navigation of the Asia Pacific waters.


            The Republican Party understands that when you’re running for the leadership of a party it’s necessary to attack your opponents. Sometimes an old man becomes his own worst enemy because of his mind playing tricks that everyone is out to get him. If this gets progressively worse, not only will the US lose its international prestige, it will also raise the ceiling and open the floodgates for great leaders to come out of the woodwork and challenge the status quo.

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