Under Trump, Canada and Mexico Unite

February 13, 2017


            Today is the day that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visits Washington for a meeting with US President Donald Trump. Trudeau will justify the meeting by proclaiming Canadian values. The real problem here is that Trudeau lacks animal instinct in comparing the human frailties of a leader with a presidential leader that has failed to establish order in the Middle East.


            The presidential leader of the United States of America is focused not with respect to law and order, but with ameliorating the potential threat of drug cartels, Islamic extremist influence, and other potential and imminent threats on American soil.


            What is problematic is that nothing was given to deter Islamic extremism in their land-grab of the Middle East. Nothing has been resolved with their characterization of their own human law in discarding the many lives that they must murder to achieve their objectives.


            Trudeau simply wants to attach Canadian values in the mind-frame of Donald Trump. Trudeau lacks the mind in the solicitation of North Korea propelling a missile close to Japanese waters. This is a direct attack on Trump’s law and order in the world he cherishes and galvanizes towards a religious belief based upon the middle class American people.


            Once a US President focuses on the own threats imminent to their domestic soil, the larger more prevailing threats are never circumvented towards a peaceful resolution of the nations encompassing the Middle East. There is no plan or resolution for Syrian settlement or Iraq’s peaceful development.


            If a Canadian leader is preoccupied upon his own soul to determine our own benefits with respect to trade and to provide some sort of resolute to establish mutual benefits then the real goal in establishing law and order fails to materialize. Trump plans to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, foster “Buy American” protectionism, and has even brought up the idea of a border tax.


            There was never a question of the US president’s protectionist trade crosshairs and the reason why is because the fundamental crosshairs are based on making progressive and proactive trade deals with Mexico to establish our own multinationals that generate revenue for our nation. It becomes an implicit thought process where a leader can not fear the repercussions of trade that the US believes they currently have with Canada. It’s no question that both nations will suffer without trade.


            Trump can label Mexicans as God’s ill towards the Earth. But the real truth is that the Mexican people are productive individuals that utilize efficiency a lot better than most other nations in our world. If Donald Trump’s philosophical point of view is to allow Americans to be more equal than Mexicans then perhaps he has the right to eliminate them all since he apparently possesses that power.


            Do Canadians choose to be more equal than Mexicans? Or do they choose to be above them? If the drug-lords make billions then the market itself is established by America’s demands rather than a population that over the years has seen over 250,000 people die in drug wars. The real characterization is not based on the Mexican personality but rather by a sustainable belief that drugs have to flow through channels into America towards the middle class. If the right of the Canadian character is to survive in American society then how can we deny the right of Mexican character to somehow be diminished for the sake of being labeled a disaster?


            Unipolarity is being challenged. North Korea decided to display their dominance because there is no clear answer from the Republican administration that determines strength with vision. From the beginning I've detected mathematical sequences that Trump had to be the appropriate President for these moves to take place in the geopolitical world. My team and I have never been wrong on this. 


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