Two Canadians Will Not Capitulate to Mr. Trump in the Order of the World

February 22, 2017

           Why shouldn’t two Canadians muscle into the geopolitical world to put Canada on the map? Whatever prosperity the global world has today can not be determined by three nations alone. The moral dynamics do not rest on the atmosphere that another culture is greater than ours. The real pressures rely on shifts that the rest of the world aligns themselves with their own core values and assets.


           The categories of errors can not sustain themselves by the value and popularity of the President of the United States of America. Canadian deeds have never been so heavily relied upon. Historically speaking, as a new prosperous country, we did not allow Europe to fall in the First and Second World War. Canadians have given more lives with respect to the population that existed on our land than any other country in the world, and for that we have advanced within the geopolitical world and refuse to capitulate to any leader.


           When you look at geopolitical Machiavellian leaders, there is an assumption in the way they develop their perspective with an American President. I suppose Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin have their logistical workforce analyzing “fake news” and relevant news as a form of geopolitical maneuvering in their respective positions.


           One would argue that fake news and relevant news have no bearing in geopolitics. However, once the personality of a President is established by an opposing foreign intelligence agency, then fake news now becomes a dominant feature in the international world order. One has to determine if the President’s only virtue has become all-encompassing to differentiate between fake news and relevant news.


           Communist countries are not perturbed by this type of media. In fact, communist countries may join the free democratic media to solicit their own fake news with their own tinge of reality to sustain some degree of dominance. If I was part of the Chinese intelligence agency and watched Trump’s Press Conference on February 16, I could conclude certain mathematical sequences that the press has now encapsulated Trump’s mind-frame that has become a policy to establish real news from a free democratic press.


           It is apparent that Trump’s mantra “Make America Great Again” and “Made in America” has also influenced China and Russia. China’s propaganda team has set guidelines under the “Made in China 2025” policy to bolster its manufacturing sector in areas including smart manufacturing, high-end materials, branding, and new materials.


           Premier Li Keqiang has called to lower the nation’s threshold for market access, and to better allocate resources and reduce costs for the development of advanced manufacturing capabilities. Both directly and indirectly, this will boost economic competitiveness and boost the branded exposure of Chinese products to the world.


           The chief economist of China Fortune Securities, Zhang Jun indicated, “China’s aging population will lead to a rise in the price of labor and shrink demand, this means smart manufacturing is a good way to boost production efficiency and trim costs.”


           On the other hand, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade has suggested the allocation of $6.5 million to promote their “Made in Russia” brand in the foreign marketplace. The ministry’s draft plan reads, “Creating the “Made in Russia” export brand will allow to increase brand awareness of Russian-made products, increase the possibility of promoting in at international markets and form brand loyalty for Russian products among foreign buyers.”


           This is what you call “Follow the Leader”. The mantra becomes a built-in mechanism that nations derive their cues from directly from the United States to sustain the survival of the fittest. The geopolitical cues and implications take the form of submitting intelligence as a channeling effect to administer and escalate fake news to discombobulate a leader that can not differentiate the fake news from relevant news.


           China and Russia do have media outlets in the US that cater to propaganda. Even when Trump visits Russia and China, intelligence will be used against him for the sole purpose of getting under his skin. They realize that this 70-year old man does not have the ability to override the media because according to Trump, all news has now taken the form of fake news. Now, even real news pertinent to decision making will be catapulted as fake news.


           The Trump administration is focused on the way the media views him rather than his administrators that presumably feel they have a solid virtue to make America great. That means the deeds of the country fail to come first at the expense of the President’s reputation.


           Trump was able to get rid of the establishment, but in his mind Hillary still lingers on which was evident at his most recent conference. There’s no doubt he inherited a mess, but most countries are looking at the press conference with respect to the media’s behavior pattern and influence towards Trump’s way of thinking.


           The American dream has unleashed a different tone in establishing the arena whereby the combatants have chosen a popularity contest of who should win and who should lose the perception of who should dominate the American agenda. The popularity contest takes the form of a beauty contest, but underneath the veil of this beauty contest, different players have emerged that have emboldened their own world order.


           So does Machiavelli exist today? The only thing I have to do is change a famous quote of Machiavelli himself. When you disarm the media, you commence to offend the populace that put you in power, it generates a lack of confidence and a degree of hatred to one’s own soul that fails to generate an opinion.


           The introduction of the new order of policies that have built an agenda between what is real and what is fake may not be successful. What is real and what is fake has now taken over what countries must do to cater their own wellbeing and to establish their own benefits to achieve relevant news for the skeptics to forge ahead.


           Why should the geopolitical stadium only allow the United States, Russia, and China to compete? As two Canadians, we have walked into the stadium to do battle with our own world view in the geopolitical spectrum in how sequences work. We will not capitulate until we determine who is the strongest. The writer will win, we are the strongest.


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