The Cat's True Knowledge of Love

March 10, 2017


Whatever creature lurks in this cruel world can’t obtain the illusion that they are worse than all the others. It is the simple commitment that claims man’s hearts that simultaneously destroys his own peace. You can not spoil an animal’s heart for they kill to kill; their survival relies on the dignity to live. For this un-consenting soul, it torments her spirit and mocks every damnation of innocence that is diluted in her emotion.


The more she rises and struggles the more he refuses to escape the responsibility that breaks the morality of the screen. She starves for affection; her drunken thirsts are random forces that collide with the despair she manufactures alone at her home. She realizes that her loneliness is burdened with the absence of feeling and desperation that loses its balance with misery.


For him, there was no one else to call. He formed his life on the screen paranoid of feeling rejected. His world is paradoxical and his emotions touched the screen leaving him less vulnerable. He defines his own cage and compromises his own sensibilities by confining his reason and intellect to the screen. He can differentiate between a feeling animal rather than an animal that can reason. Even his cat gazes at him looking at the screen with an ugly suspicion.


Many times his cat sits on the windowsill, waiting for the beautiful sunset and watching the color change before falling asleep, always living in the moment. In the evening, the cat’s routine never changes; he listens attentively as his master talks to the screen. “I love it. There are millions of women, plenty of ‘em. I wish my daddy was alive to see this. He’d be rolling with laughter. It seems like my computer screen is open to every creature that ever existed. It never ceases to amaze me how plentiful the sea is.”


His computer screen came to life with his master’s first reply, “Yes, I’m 48, but I’m not that type of woman, looking for someone in my life that loves me and cares for me. Nothing casual, you know that I told you that. Why do you pressure me? I told you to stop pressuring me. I do things when the time is right for me. Can’t you leave it at that? You were so nice in the beginning. Now you’re just some cruel animal.” 


His master shot back with force, “You know I love you, but how long do you think this relationship is going to last? After all you’re 48, and this life is short. How many times do I have to ask you to invite me over? I told you I’d bring the wine. It does numb the senses. You’re no spring chicken anymore, and let’s face facts, an old woman doesn’t have much to give. What makes me different? I’m like the rest of the guys you had. I promise I’ll be nice. I’m always nice, everybody tells me that, including you.” 

The words flashed on the screen “Is that all I’m good for? I’m not good for anything else? I’m not good enough for you to talk to me anymore? How can you think about that all the time? I have no friends, you told me I was your friend. Don’t ask anything of me until I’m ready.” 

“All I want is you. I can’t believe how beautiful you are. For a 48 year old woman I can’t believe how toned your body is. Your skin is beautiful. The picture you sent me shows me how gorgeous your soul is, and not only your soul, but your body and eyes somehow pierced through me. You remember what you told me? You know I have it right. You remember what you said? You told me you and your daughter were having so much fun watching a movie, when your husband stormed into the living room, drunk. He grabbed you by the throat and threw you on the floor. He started to kick you, and you tried to cover your face with your hands. While you were on the floor he was shaking and slapping you. You remember how vivid it was? He punched you in the face. He grabbed your dress and ripped it. He suddenly stopped when he saw your daughter hiding behind the chair frightened like a little animal.”

“I’m so ashamed that I told you that. Why did you bring that up? I told you that in confidence. Do you really want to come over?” 

“Of course, how many times have I told you I’ll be gentle? You know I love you, and you know I won’t harm you. Everything will be ok, but I can’t continue this relationship if I can’t make love to you. Do you really want me to go? Do you really want me to leave? Like I said, we’re both not spring chickens no more. I want to be your friend and make love to you, that’s all I want to do.”


The words popped out on the computer screen “You know there’s a McDonalds just across from my house. Forget about the wine; just get me a Big Mac and a Coke. That’s all I drink.” 

“Are you sure you don’t want the wine?” “No.” She typed. “I think tomorrow I’ll be on my period.” 

He turned his head and looked at the cat. The cat meowed; it knew very well of the imminent demise of these two creatures.

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