Bullies Now Have Leaders

November 7, 2017


Bullying has been around since the cave guy with the biggest mastodon tusk to whale away on lesser mortals.  They have haunted school yards, arenas, and other venues ever since.  Now they seem to become more emboldened, only this time spreading their fear under the guise of political action.  The alt right an alt left extremists feel it is okay to impose, at times violently their political views on the unsuspecting and unprepared masses.  As strange as it may sound, both sides are being spurred into political bullyism by two men, the President of the United States and the Leader of North Korea.  Both are legendary in their own right when it comes to bullying but the head of North Korea tends to take things to a little more of an extreme, he does not just inflict bodily harm, he kills them.


He is missing one concept of bullying.  Instilling continuing fear and subservience into someone kinda loses its impact if they are dead. Trump on the other hand, has a history of bullying throughout his business career but he is now trying to deal with the biggest threat to a bully….people who say no and really do not cower in fear when they do so.


Trump’s bullying knows no bounds and is front and centre no matter who the audience or what the occasion. Trump cannot moderate his behaviour and his bullying actions take place as an everyday spontaneous reaction to the media. Social media provides numerous benefits to Donald Trump, that harms the Republican Party with conspicuous threats to his adversaries with the intent to hurt others through power and control. Social media gives him the vehicle to act as an immature adolescent child with impunity to attack the smallest and the most vulnerable. 


Donald Trump decided to host some Halloween festivities in the Oval Office and yet Trump could not refrain from his repetitious actions and his verbal barrage that children deserve duty and care, rather than extolling Trump's virtues.


Halloween is a ritual that gives all children to leave home and join with other children to obtain sweets in a non-religious atmosphere. If Christmas is a ritual that exchanges gifts within the confines of the family that acknowledges love then the symbolism of Halloween becomes a ritual of non members to mask themselves to provide gifts to the anonymous children that pose no menace or threat to the greatest American institutions. This is what Trump stated to the gathered throng “I cannot believe the media produced such beautiful children. How the media did this…I don’t know. They’re the friendly media” Trump said. He looked at one little girl and said “Are you crying for me sweetheart?” “But really beautiful children” he added “they can stay, the parents? Maybe, not so much.” He has taken a festival that provides, through costumes and fantasy, a brief escape from the harsh reality of day to day living, and dragged it back down to his level.


Trump internalizes his deviant behaviour and could not separate the Halloween festivities and then subsequently decided to attack the media and target the parents as a form of aggressive bullying. The bully showed his true colours of insecurity and his own stunted impersonation as a corrupted power.


Trump uses bullying to exercise influence in specific situations showing a low level of empathy and biased engagement with his own perceived notion of self worth. 


Kim Jung Un uses children as a political vehicle, parading them out when convenient to try and convince the rest of the world that North Korea is home to the world’s happiest society (maybe trying to replace Disney as the happiest place on earth?).


Both of these characters seemed to have inherited the bully gene from their fathers. A sad lesson learned on their father’s knee. If you cannot earn it, take it, by whatever means necessary.


Trump’s bullying behaviour may be a reflection of his belief that the majority of Americans have a low social acceptance of his leadership. It is almost a perverse belief that if he bullies them into submission they will acquiesce and become his staunchest supports, even outdoing the ideologues that hang on every one of his words. It is if it is a fall back position so people do not realize he is the weakest link in the chain of government.


The problem with Trump’s bullying behaviour is it is now the new bar by which American society is measured by the rest of the world.


Unfortunately when he makes comments in an interview with “friendly media” that include “I am the only one that matters”, the bar and respect for our American neighbours is sinking faster than anyone realizes, making it nearly impossible to restore American dignity. It can be restored, but it will take a lot longer to repair than it took one bully to destroy.


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