Duterte's Vision Towards The Asia Pacific Region

May 15, 2019


There are sequences of events in the geopolitical sphere that dramatically change the mental state of geopolitical leaders. The heavily-medicated Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte was discombobulated when he cancelled a helicopter deal with Justin Trudeau over Trudeau’s decision to review the Philippines’ human rights and gender equality agendas. Duterte’s speech in Cebu city slammed Trudeau over “delays” in the proposed deal and that Trudeau doesn’t understand the “history of the world and geopolitics.”


         I hate to attack a fellow Liberal, especially as leader of the country, however it did take over 200 years for the barbarian terrorists to defeat the Roman Empire. I really think Duterte is trying hard to establish law and order in his own country. Yes, he’s most definitely being a tough guy with some of his harsher stances on ongoing and emerging issues plaguing the Philippines.


         Duterte stated, “So they [Canadian government] are delaying the chopper deal. Why? ‘You will use it against your own citizens.’ For God’s sake, Mr. Trudeau, my own citizens are rebelling against us, killing my soldiers and policemen and civilians.”


         In regards to whether or not he believes Trudeau wields power as a geopolitical leader, Duterte reiterated, “And I cannot use the helicopter because they are citizens, but they are out to overthrow my government. If you cannot understand, you should not be there in that mighty post of yours because you do not know the history of the world and geopolitics.”


         The conundrum occurred when Duterte indicated that a viable solution to American sanctions would be to purchase Russian military equipment instead of more-expensive American equipment. Indeed, this angered the Trump Administration, who imposed the military embargo on countries purchasing arms from China and even Russia in a statement outlining the United States’ main geopolitical and economic rivals in the Pacific region. The Philippines are planning to spend over $5.5 billion dollars over the following 5 years to bolster its defense capabilities and modernize its war fleet. I really think Duterte’s mental state is based on his own independence in establishing military contracts with Russia or China.


The Trump Administration may be second-guessing their move as a barrier towards their pivot towards the lucrative and strategic Asia Pacific region. The middle class in the Philippines is rapidly expanding and is readying itself to exceed spending power of Italy’s middle class by as early as 2030. The Philippines boasts a tech-savvy population, an integrated regional trading network, and a rapidly expanding digital economy that complements the new wealthy demographic nicely. Countries such as Germany are already in deep talks with the Philippines to provide Manila with key technology infrastructure and transportation projects. It’s no doubt countries looking to exploit the full potential of the Asia Pacific region must lean towards developing ties with the Philippines as a reliable supplier to mutually enjoy the benefits this rising nation will provide in the near future.


         The real problem in the geopolitical sphere is that China is becoming more efficient in building light-rail transit networks globally. For example, their 34-km Addis Alaba Light Rail Transit (AALRT) project in Ethiopia transported more than 29 million people in a short period of nine months. China is re-establishing international ports by purchasing them outright and modernizing them to serve the digital economy. There is simply no country in the world that can compete with China at this point in time with an equivalent level of innovation and labor in realizing their vision in the Silk Road Economic Belt region.


         Once a trade deal materializes between China and the US the next step for the US will be to secure a deal with Japan. Trust me, the most important option for Americans will be to establish themselves within the growth of their beef and pork export and import markets. If Trump plays hardball he will effectively remove Canada’s dominant position in the beef and pork industry and challenge Canada’s economic prospects in regaining a competitive edge within the industry. What Trudeau and Andrew Scheer fail to realize is that Donald Trump is a political trade animal and will stop at nothing to solidify the agricultural market for Americans over his Canadian counterparts.


The real formulated response for Canada, whether it’s Andrew Scheer or Justin Trudeau, is the development of Canadian markets in India, China, The Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and other key players in the Asia Pacific region that give Canadians the prospect of not only further expanding upon our resource-potential, but delivering them to all corners of the globe. Canada needs to move forward as a nation to attract the best industrialist minds and going straight to battle against America’s dominance in achieving this before us.


The most recent story highlighting the trash issue between Canada and the Philippines reached our Filipino viewers. Alex Mallillin Sr. stated, “The garbage is already stocked in the Philippine soil, no other resource will send it back to Ottawa.”


I firmly replied to him, “Global waste is based on separating raw materials. I’m willing to talk to Xi Jinping and Duterte in building recyclable infrastructure that will provide jobs for both countries. We could build efficient sensors that separate raw materials into a renewable resource and make it profitable.”


If God created everything, who created God? If a seed or a big bang created God, where did the seed or the big bang come from? How can something come from nothing? St. Thomas Aquinas asked how the beginning came to be. How can the beginning come to life? If God gave us the universe based on wasted gases, God gave us the opportunity to turn our waste into energy. It will happen.


The real pivot towards the Asia Pacific region is not only China, it is targeting the ones who want to invest in the Philippines as an economic force and their tribute to use their ports in allowing Canada’s goods to flow freely and prosperously. If Canada fails to move, we will be subsidizing every resource Canada has without any form of profitability in the global market.

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