The Trash Wars of Justin Trudeau & Rodrigo Duterte

May 15, 2019

 I just got back from vacation and the first thing I heard upon landing at the airport was the heavily-medicated Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte intending to declare war on Canada for the refusal of taking back their waste. Perhaps this stems from rogue Canadian garbage being offloaded legally or illegally in the Philippines. Most countries now refuse to accept any type of waste knowing fully well that Canadian waste is a cornucopia that only continues to accumulate once it finds a host.


I have to admit we have written several stories about Rodrigo Duterte, most of them were unflattering and expressed disapproval of his judicial killings, violence towards women, and of course his most infamous saying of all stating that he wants to “eat human liver.” Indeed, since he’s a lawyer, his conventional wisdom is to believe that all livers taste the same. Sometimes I wonder how the hell he passed his bar exam, let alone become the leader of the prosperous Filipino population.


We all know that Canadian trash circulates around the globe profusely in the attempt to save a buck here and there. However, my first attempt to understand the garbage business and how it affected the Filipino people has been rather interesting. One of my published stories made it to the Philippines and of course the reaction was heavily in defence of their leader and president Rodrigo Duterte.


The conversation escalated as Johnny Magallanes, a reader from the Philippines, stated, “Haha you Canadians disown your garbage that you send here in the Philippines. If you don’t know ask your country Canada, why do they send tonnes of garbage here to the Philippines?”


Cid Loueph, another reader, chimed in, “Although we acknowledge your fundamental criticism Mr. Arcadi, since it may keep some of our fellows more vigilant and fully aware of what is actually happening, it may not be well accepted by our president’s supporters.”


Magallanes returned, “Don’t forget Mr. Arcadi, get back your garbage immediately!”


I tried to mediate the conversation, “Duterte should tell Justin Trudeau to clean up the mess. Why would Duterte purchase Canadian garbage? You should be able to produce your own garbage."


Paolo James Dapogracion shot back, “Trash old man, you don’t know, your country’s garbage was transported to the Philippines! Yet your Prime Minister couldn’t do a thing about it, what a trash politician! Shut up, you foreigners always interfere with my country’s politics, and yet we, Philippines, did not interfere with your politics, isn’t this bs?! You trash old man, I’ll give you a shovel and you come clean up this mess on your own. Our children are not scavengers that catch parasites and then die because of your garbage. You are stupid Mr. Fiorenzo Arcadi.”


My personal opinion in regards to all of this? Canada is an OECD country; highly developed, low poverty, and high education rates. For some reason, I think Duterte is actually right about our negligence in taking back the waste Canada wrongly sent to the Philippines in 2013 and 2014. If Trudeau feels that he doesn’t have a mandate in asking the responsible company for taking back the garbage, that essentially means he has no mandate to get involved in the SNC-Lavalin scandal.


Trudeau only has himself to blame for producing a national disgrace whereby disease and poverty stricken individuals in Manila have to smell Canada’s rotten garbage for many ongoing years. Duterte’s declaration of war has more to do with Trudeau’s lack of leadership with respect to the global environment. If Canada is committed to processing trash in an environmentally-responsible way by laying its waste dormant in third-world countries, then we as a country have failed our due diligence in protecting not only our environment, but our promises in global climate talks that are constantly proclaimed gloriously by Trudeau’s brand image.


If Trudeau really wants to start a National Program to end climate change in Canada, he should focus on planting trees. Replanting forests could play a massive role in combating climate change, as announced by Woods Hole Research Center in Falmouth, Massachusetts last week. They estimated 100 billion tonnes of carbon, equivalent to roughly ten years of fossil fuel emissions, could be store in forests. To do so, Canada would need to end deforestation and encourage the re-growth of 500 million hectares of forests that have been degraded by piecemeal logging.


If Canada doubles the amount of trees that are planted, we can still feed the world economically with lumber, a win-win for our nation. This would place Canada at the top in the reconstruction of our world because of our specialty in lumber. Simply put, we must get rid of Justin Trudeau, he is a drama teacher and I highly doubt his math skills are up to par, let alone calculus.


If I was Rodrigo Duterte, knowing that I’m an old man, I would never declare war on Canadians. However, the next time I was to meet Trudeau I would hand the rich-kid a shovel and I would make sure to watch him dig out every piece of trash he left in Manila. I'm sick and tired of Trudeau projecting the image of real workers surrounding him as he conducts his speeches. Give Trudeau the shovel and let him work.


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