China Gaining The Upper Hand With Artificial Intelligence

May 17, 2019


Yes, everyone is racing towards artificial intelligence. A customer of mine who happens to be an aeronautical engineer told me that we actually don't even need pilots anymore. I mentioned that for some reason I actually still feel safer when I know a pilot is running the show. He told me that with artificial intelligence we can man over 50 planes from a single computer and quickly adjust operations efficiently if anything happens to go wrong.


Not only is new technology making taking off and landing a breeze, it is playing an even greater role when addressing drastic changes to a normal course of flight. Sure, pilots have a radar that shows them where storms are coming from, but predicting a storm before it even happens is the true power of AI in making planes safer and more cost-efficient for airlines. 


Xi Jinping stressed China's importance in innovative development with new generation artificial intelligence being at the forefront for scientific and technological development, industrial optimization, and enhancing productivity to achieve high-quality development. China is investing billions of dollars on artificial intelligence as a social technological advancement in governance of their industrial machinery. Indeed, this is a new era of intelligence where everyone is competing for a certain slice of the pie that could be worth trillions in the future. 


China's Minister of Science and Technology Wang Zhigang mentioned China is drafting standards and regulations for the regulation of AI. He added, "More effort is needed to make breakthroughs in basic AI theories and core technologies, expand the application fields of AI and further propel the deep integration of AI with various industries as part of a broader push to support the development of the real economy and improve people's livelihoods." 


China's bold economic plan is to build the Tianjin province into the central AI innovation center of the world whereby the standardization of artificial intelligence becomes the gold standard for the world. China's ultimate ambition is to beat out the United States in artificial intelligence, innovation, and technological growth. They want to become a powerhouse to attract global talent, and frankly where they get it from does not concern them. 


China wants to develop intelligent terminals that control transportation, supply chains, global resources, and industrial robots that possess the capability of using mathematics and logic to formulate unprecedented thought processes. General communication among humans involves, albeit effortlessly, an extremely complex series of thought processes that are still unknown for the most part. The development of computer systems capable of interpreting even fragments of natural languages such as English has been extremely challenging. The trick is for the machine to understand the human language effectively. The interaction between man and machine has to dive much further; the robot or machine has to think on its own in making the correct complex decision and sustaining the condition for the task at hand. 


With artificial intelligence, the key is the domain database that systematically has to search for the answer not just by retrieving information, but by explicitly providing new information and new ways of thinking that perpetuate its own knowledge. Many expert consulting systems employ the AI method of "rule-based deduction" characterized by utilizing expert knowledge as a large set of simple rules. These simple rules then essentially dictate the dialogue between the user and the system in reaching conclusions. 


China wants to build human-like robots on a massive scale. They want to make them cheaper and more responsive to the human needs that we all possess. China is investing a lot of capital and show their prowess in attaining their vision of artificial intelligence. It's time for every country in the world to start competing with China. Pretty soon, a human-like robot will be delivering the weather news.



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