The CEO of Huawei is Laughing at Donald Trump, Along With The Rest of Corporate America

May 27, 2019

Huawei Founder & CEO Ren Zhengfei is laughing at Donald Trump. Now Trump wants to include his company in the trade negotiations with China. I guess US corporations including Apple and Intel are foaming at the mouth at the shear stupidity of Trump's comments. Normally, trade negotiations involve dealings between nations, so why would Trump include a Chinese corporation to solicit their opinions on a trade deal? I think the first thing Ren would do is grab Trump by the throat and tell him to release his daughter from Canadian authorities.


In an interview with Bloomberg, Ren commented on the US-China trade war saying it's a "big joke" and stressed that Chinese telecoms have nothing to do with the war. He continued, "The US has never bought products from us. Even if the US wants to buy our products in the future, I may not sell to them. There is no need for negotiation. I will ignore Trump. Then with whom can he negotiate? If he calls me, I may not answer, but he doesn't have my number. I see his tweets and think it's laughable because they're self-contradictory. How did he become a master of the art of the deal?"


What Ren is telling the world is that Donald Trump is not a serious negotiator unless he's dealing with weak countries like Mexico and Canada. Even when Ren talks to his daughter he has to make sure that he's talking about family and her well-being as opposed to any legal matters that Canada and the US are listening into.


Ren employs over 100,000 people. Not only does he have to show his authority, but his stoic demeanor. He said his daughter hasn't faced hardship and her arrest can only make her stronger. He included, "I think my children have grown up without experiencing much hardship. Struggling a bit can be good for them. Cuts and bruises toughen her up, and even since ancient times, heroes were born or hardship."


This contrasts different with Donald Trump. If the media attacks his sons with Russian collusion accusations, he would be the first to sound the alarm in showing the world how weak they are because of their inability to handle the matter themselves. Trump's kids always run to papa. Even if Trump turns out to be a broke man after they get rid of him in the White House, the kids will continue to take advice from this comedy hour. Ren is probably asking himself how the hell Trump became a top-dog businessman with his logic. What Ren doesn't understand is that when dealing with developers they often lie, cheat, and steal not only from their workers, but their suppliers.


My brother was a civil engineer and he spent most of his time in court trying to collect developers because of their continual changes and revisions to development plans. Unfortunately the extra time these engineers expend doing revisions is usually not paid for by the developers. Of course, if you're a small engineering company it's easy to take advantage because you need the work.


Wall Street companies and suppliers to Huawei, particularly Google, Qualcomm and Broadcom have faced tremendous pressure after Trump's move to add Huawei to a trade blacklist. "About a quarter of small rural US broadband providers use Huawei equipment, which is ... at lower prices and better consumer service, mentioned Roger Entner, lead analyst at US telecom research firm Recon Analytics. Additionally, the blacklisting of Huawei in the US has confused the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Entner added, "Is the FCC going to accept slower broadband build-out?" It's important to point out that a multi-year review by Britain, Germany, and the European Union actually failed to find any illicit behavior surrounding Huawei. French President Emmanuel Macron indicated, "Our perspective is not to block Huawei or any company."


Xi Jinping recently visited one of China's rare earth metal processing facilities. It's clear that he is using this as a direct geopolitical threat against Donald Trump in limiting access to these rare earth minerals vital to producing smartphones, batteries, electronics, and medical and energy applications. With 90% of the rare earth minerals market, China will use this a key tactic in striking a deal with the US and the release of Huawei CEO Ren's daughter.

However, underneath that veiled threat is another closely looming threat lurking at the front steps of Donald Trump's real estate empire. China will make damn sure that Trump will pay the ultimate price when he leaves the White House. The Chinese collective conscious will not purchase any of his condos or belong to any of his golf courses.


Corporate America got their gifts with lower taxes and de-regulations. Most of the money went back to stock buybacks rather than the American workers. It is only logical when corporations are flushed with billions of dollars that they will pay back their investors who took the risk.


Apple's CEO is probably looking at himself now and asking himself why he isn't part of the trade negotiations. At least the CEO of Apple has no relatives incarcerated in China.

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