Joe Biden: The Only Capable Candidate of Beating Trump and Dismantling the America First Policy

July 3, 2019


The only Democrat that can beat Donald Trump for the presidency of the United States is Joe Biden. Many countries will applaud the move for a new president as a sign of relief of Trump's America First policy and the protectionism of the US domestic market. Trump's tariffs are putting a damper on international trade because of the restrictions global consumers have begun to experience including higher prices and diminished purchasing power. Most countries' trade strategies are shaped by constraints and opportunities of the international economic global structure. With Joe Biden as president, America will have a more subdued and passive protectionist policy that will enable America to compete with Europe, Latin America and China on equal terms in global markets.


Joe Biden's presidency will put a greater emphasis on security values and self-sufficiency rather than income gains from the ballooning stock market and premiums to pay for higher-priced assets. Biden will never be a single hegemonic leader that tries to dominate the international global economy. Biden's determination will draw casual links between trade and economic stability which will drive social growth among Americans.


Trump's America First policy requires countries to obey American trade rules. In my opinion Trump has less than a 1% chance of winning this upcoming election. However, if that 1% chance turns into a victory for Trump, it will only lead to more bad news for Canada, Europe, Japan, and China. If this occurs, trade anomalies will only continue with Trump wielding a "nothing-to-lose" power in his second term. Trump will promote American beef, oil, natural gas, agricultural products, and automobiles against Canadian prosperity and the benefits derived from mutual trade. Trump will dominate the tariff negotiation process by needling other countries to purchase American products and by adopting retaliatory actions against US multinationals that seek to produce products elsewhere at a cheaper cost. Every country in the world should reap the advantages of steadily increasing productivity that alters Trump's heightened trade protectionism.


Joe Biden understands the decline of the American power and China's rise. He will make the United States the most influential nation state within a fairly large group of relative equals. Even though America is still an extraordinary technological power, a Joe Biden administration will not leave the international economy in accordance with its own desires and will and the expense of their trading partners. Biden's administration will foster new opportunities for international cooperation and allow American multinationals to operate freely and generate revenue for the world as a whole.


China's diplomatic spokesperson stated, "It is worth nothing that only by complying with the will of the two peoples and respecting rules can China and the US maximize common interests. The two sides both benefit from cooperation and lose in confrontation, and cooperation and dialogue are better than friction and confrontation."


What China is saying to the US is that they won't tolerate the US taking advantage of them any longer. China has a growing middle class and they want to strengthen economic cooperation by opening up their country to the global market, not just the United States because Trump says so. China has accelerated the formation of a new opening-up landscape and envisioned a future of high-quality development. Their desire to spark win-win relationships with all other countries is essential in building a global community with a shared future for mankind with countless economic opportunities. China may wait until Trump is defeated before signing any trade agreements with the US; after all they are the second biggest economy in the world, so why the hell would they capitulate to them?


Even Canadian-born Mark Carney, who is now the governor of the Bank of England, warned that the rise of protectionism could trigger a new Cold War with exorbitant economic costs. The Fed may lower interest rates to catapult the stock market to new heights and new wealth. However when the business cycle ends and dries, the global economy will panic and all the central bankers will have only themselves to blame for printing all the money in the world without interest. Many countries in the world are sick and tired of hearing Trump and his pursuit in making America great again.


What Trump wants to do is to ascertain dominance over oil, natural gas, beef, grains, and automobiles. If Trump wins, he may force even Germany and Japan to purchase more American cars. I really think Trump is going to go nuts if he wins a second term by increasing tariffs and threatening countries to abide by the America's hegemonic dominance in trade. A Joe Biden victory will set the time back towards a peaceful resolution in fostering economic trade and competition leading to technological advancement. It's a right for every country to deserve prosperity and growth driven by higher wages and better access to quality goods and services. Biden will not make America great; he will make it fair and give everyone a participation medal. So Joe, put on your sunglasses and get to work in beating Trump; the world is counting on you. The world doesn't care about some goddamn wall; they only care about trade because in geopolitics trade has always been a strategic game of wealth.

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