Kamala Harris Teaching Joe Biden A Valuable Lesson

July 5, 2019

Joe Biden is being foolish by giving an interview to CNN. After being confronted at the debate, he indicated, "I was prepared for them to come after me, but I wasn't prepared for the person coming at me the way she came at me." The person coming after him was California Senator Kamala Harris who saw her chances of becoming President increase following the debate. If Joe Biden is not prepared for a Senator from California to come at him, then he's simply not prepared to become President of the United States. If Joe Biden felt bullied by the Senator, then why is he in this race?


It seems to me that Joe Biden simply wants to go around shaking people's hands rather than getting his hands dirty and getting grilled by tough questions. He's definitely no heir apparent because he's simply not prepared to stand up for anything. Even Trump insinuated that Kamala Harris was rather tough on Joe Biden.

Maybe we should take a look at Senator Kamala Harris? She quoted, "Real leaders don't ask anyone permission to lead, they just lead."


Unlike Hillary Clinton who was more demure and somewhat unconcerned about Donald Trump's attacks on her personality, Kamala decided to spill the old adage of firing the gun first. In regards to Trump, she stated, "And I will tell you we have a predator living in the White House. The thing about this person is he's got predatory instincts and predatory nature, because let me tell you a secret about predators. They prey on the vulnerable. They prey on those who they assume are weak. They prey on those they assume are desperate. And the thing about predators is this ... they're cowards."


Kamala used the appropriate word by calling Trump a coward. This solicited a response from Trump's son which made absolutely no sense. On Twitter, Trump Jr. reposted, "Kamala Harris is implying she is descended from American Black Slaves. She's not. Se comes from Jamaican Slave Owners. That's fine. She's not an American Black. Period."


Kamala challenged the patriarch with competitive masculinity. She achieved it with great skill by subordinating the Trump family that is tearing away at Trump's masculine symbolic order. As a leader, Kamala is not enacting femininity, but rather simultaneously disorientating the feminine quality in a political campaign by shaping relationships not only towards women, but the common man. Engaging with patriarchy shapes women's relationships and their other intra-gender relationships with other women.


Trump's son decided to achieve a certain tokenism by highlighting Kamala's authenticity. Kamala on the other hand, has become an elite leader that is disrupting the gender binary and flexing her muscle in the structural ambivalence upon the American conscience. Women competing for elite positions or display ambition may face negative responses from women who believe so strongly in the masculine symbolic order and attempt to restrict uprising forms of femininity which they believe are breaking gendered expectations. This paradox is known as emphasized femininities, which hamper possibilities of other femininities, versus women's engagement in the complexities of the resistance.


Kamala Harris is becoming a disruptive form in the political scene. She's showing strength and motivation, and she is prepared to go into battle. There's only one cautionary tale in a demise of a political personality; if she is to win perhaps you can use Hollywood to her advantage. However, Hillary did the same by getting Hollywood endorsements, and she lost. Unfortunately, the working class and common man can never recognize Hollywood as a core value towards their own success. She will be invited by many talk show hosts and news outlets, but she has to show an enormous amount of strength and resolve in saying that she's competing to win and that her ambition will drive her towards the growth of America. Laughing and smiling too much in these Hollywood talk shows will give too much away. Trump may be right about "sleepy" Joe Biden; he was sleeping on the job and wasn't fully prepared.


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