Trump is Playing China in the Geopolitical World

July 29, 2019

So China decided to purchase American soybeans after a heated discussion with the US about American farmers suffering from the effects of the trade war. There's an old saying in the Japanese culture specifying that you can talk all you want, but the true illustration in the world is the country that dominates. Indeed, in response the US administration announced the exemption of additional tariffs imposed on 110 items of Chinese industrial products. The real truth is that Donald Trump needs China as a scapegoat to solidify chances of victory for a successive term. China is making all the wrong moves because they want to capitulate to the most powerful country in the world.


China isn't willing to wait for a leader to ameliorate the sequences with respect to China's growth and the nation's spending power. Chinese companies and enterprises have continued to inquire about purchases of US agricultural products such as soybeans, cotton, pork, wheat, corn, and dairy products in an effort to feed Chinese domestic demand. China has to come to terms with the fact that real strength and purchasing power is based on American agricultural products. If the stars don't align with China's purchasing power then it shows the United States has absolutely no respect to China's ability and resources in purchasing American agricultural products that Donald Trump continually advocates.


What is Donald Trump advocating? For China to use their hard-earned income to purchase American agricultural products in exchange for tariff exemptions on their industrial products. In order for Trump to win, he has to make China the scapegoat of the industrialized world. Additional deals are expected to be made as US products continue to be reasonably priced while satisfying quality expectations. Multiple sources from Chinese government departments indicated that the US should take meaningful measure to fulfill their promises in creating favorable economic and trade conditions for the two parties.


Despite claiming that ideology doesn't play a role, the US trade committee is clearly aiming to demonize and attack China for considering to take a path of their own. Indeed, individuals such as Steve Bannon have stated that China is "an existential and ideological threat" to the US and that conflict is eventual. Bannon argues that China and America are simply incompatible and must compete in a zero-sum game in order to claim a supremacy title. What Bannon really means is that if China is not compatible with US philosophy, then it's not compatible with respect to capitalism. What this means is that Donald Trump isn't really concerned with Russia's global dominance, but instead focused on China's economic and innovative supremacy in the global market not only in foreign policy, but their industrial might and purchasing power. China's purchasing power is based on whether or not Trump receives some acquiescence in the industrial products that the US sells in China and Japan.


Anti-China rhetoric is growing in Washington along with fringe groups intending to smear China and label the nation as an enemy and growing existential threat to the US. These groups' ignorance and failure in understanding China are actually a global economic threat that will displace both the US and China if they continue to rise. Amy Hess, head of the FBI Cyber Division, sternly warned business executives that China's goal is to become "the world's most dominant superpower." Her words resembled those of Steve Bannon's who are clearly promoting populist-nationalist ideology around the world.


The real problem is Steve Bannon's control on the populists' determination of whether or not Trump will get reelected. The Democrats have failed to realize the growth prospects in the Asia Pacific region as a catalyst in spurring growth in the paradigm of American superiority with respect to China. What they don't realize is that China is a rising power, and for China to capitulate to America is simply a phantom between China's economic growth and America's prosperity.


It was Trump that decided to get involved with the independence of the Federal Reserve. It will follow suit not only with respect to the European Union, Japan, and China, but also Trump's quest in achieving some semblance of order for American farmers who are indeed suffering. I will tell China that giving in to America is foolish. After all, China's existence is based on thousands of years before America's existence. China, it is your choice, I can only come up with the geopolitical sequences of failure. If China wants to show weakness, they will continue to capitulate and let Trump win. If they want to show strength, they must play the game and refuse defeat. We are among the top in the geopolitical world, and that's why we have strength and influence in the global community. Trump is so weak that I know Steve Bannon holds all the cards in the geopolitical world. Spend your money wisely China, this is my final warning. 


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