The World of Hockey Is Not Determined With What is Wrong and Right

August 21, 2019

Ok folks, here's the story, many moons ago a 19-year old kid purchased a pair of goalie pads from us. Following this, he managed to receive $12,000 from the federal government with the hope of replicating these goalie pads. He came into my store with his mother and she indicated that she purchased a sewing machine and wants to buy the raw materials from us to make goalie pads with the intention of eventually selling them. Mind you, as an entrepreneur, I had no problem in terms of selling the raw materials for $10,000 that him and his mother wanted. Unfortunately after a few weeks, they couldn't produce the goalie pads and to my dismay they came back asking for a full refund on the materials I sold to them.


Here's the complexity with the situation; I myself am not subject to refunds on any raw materials I purchase from my suppliers. The mother and son indicated that I ripped them off and demanded that I return their money in full. First of all, I did not know that they purchased a simple sewing machine that had no business in constructing goalie pads. When making goalie equipment, you need an industrial sewing machine with a big needle that can go through not only the foam, but the exterior material used in constructing the pads.


I told the mother, "I am indeed sorry, but I can't take this material back as a return. It has been over four weeks and I have paid my fair share of provincial and federal taxes on the material."


She started to scream and curse, "I want the money back! My son can't even play hockey. My husband left me. My job doesn't pay me enough."


I told her, "Anyone can climb the highest mountain, swim with the sharks, eat tuna sandwiches, and parade themselves from what the real world isn't."


Again she reiterated the same mantra and began to yell at me in front of my customers. I whispered into her ear that I wasn't her husband that left her for another woman. She became infuriated and both her and her son started hitting me. Thank God my employees quickly called the police and helped to get them off me. I told the policeman the story and the backstory regarding the raw materials I sold to the woman and her son. The policeman padded my back, "Let's see whether or not we can ameliorate this whole situation."


The officer indicated this was a civil matter and that her actions in threatening and attacking me was not a viable solution. The police officer stated to the mother, "You received a grant from the federal government and your sole purpose was to manufacture goalie equipment. The real issue is that you didn't have the experience and the know-how to manufacture anything hockey-related. You have the option to take this to court, but you're going to lose badly. The money had a purpose that the taxpayer presumed your son would deliver in manufacturing a product that could be sold on the marketplace. That means that Fiorenzo Arcadi paid his taxes with respect to the raw materials you purchased from him. Now you want the money back because you failed to deliver."


This is why I admire this police officer. He proclaimed the most important aspect of life; that experience brings in knowledge, therefore the longer you are on Earth, the more experience you get. I really think the police officer determined the course of life with respect to one's failures and successes. Not because I was right in the given situation, but because he believed that there are consequences with respect to investments that sometimes don't materialize in life. For this, I am grateful to this police officer who not only showed wisdom, but displayed the material notion of self-doubt in the line of duty. As taxpayers, sometimes the environment does not dictate the real life that lives in protecting the order and harmony of our country.


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