Generals of the United States want Trump Gone, Along with his Wife

August 29, 2019

Donald Trump decided to mention that his wife knows Kim Jong Un, North Korea's president, on a personal level. The problem with Trump is that he's a miscreant president that enjoys lying as evidenced by the fact that Melania has never met him. What are the reasons behind Trump lying to the American people? Well, for example, Trump wants the Nobel Peace prize, and that's why he's leveraging his wife to obtain this. Trump can't stand the fact that Obama received a Nobel Peace prize without accomplishing anything substantial over his eight-year term in the Oval Office. Trump's mental state corresponds with the geopolitical sequence that he can somehow generate a deal with North Korea in order to achieve peace.


If I was a military general kicking my heels on top of my desk drinking $1000 bottle of wine and had to listen Trump on television, I would definitely take matters into my own hands with respect to the industrial complex that I have authority over. I would question whether Trump's and Melania's mental state is familiar with the dictatorial world that Kim Jong Un adheres to.


The president has brought constitutional power even without legislation to deploy military force to retaliate against their enemies. Unfortunately the president has the innate power to retaliate against any person and any organization that are suspected to have been involved in terrorist actions against the United States. They also have the power to retaliate against foreign states suspected of harboring or supporting terrorist organizations.


Again, as a general, I would sip my $1000 bottle of wine and think that Trump is a complete madman who wants to win the Nobel Peace Prize. The real analogy is that Trump might not get elected for a second term. Trump's imbecilic concept is establishing some sort of sequences of why Obama received the Nobel Prize when Trump is doing "all" the work in ameliorating existing tensions with North Korea.


If you go back in history and examine the case of President Harry S. Truman's conduct in the Korean War of 1951, you will quickly see that it was a perennial statement amongst the American people and a reexamination of their direct involvement in the Korean War. I think the US military establishments are able to decipher a president's mental state through conversations, interactions and decisions with rogue leaders like Kim Jong Un. The US military doctrine has been designed to cope with threats like North Korea. Therefore despite Trump's role as commander-in-chief, their doctrines don't always correspond to the elected government.


General Jim Mattis, former US Secretary of Defense, serves as a not-so-veiled, but important figure that warned about President Trump. If Trump won't listen, the rest of us should both listen and act responsibly to find a reasonable alternative to reelecting this president. When the president tells the world that his wife has a good friendship with a dictator like Kim Jon Un, then there's a definite series of events that are taking place in the hierarchy of the US military complex. This is very serious in the geopolitical context in establishing stability. Unlike Trump and his frivolous useless wife, American generals are willing to wage a war of attrition rather than seeing Donald Trump receive the Nobel Prize and Melania kneeling before him as though he's some sort of god. Trump simply can't stomach the fact that Obama received the Nobel Prize, a feat that he and his wife simply can't achieve.


Examining another example from 1956, North Korean scientists began receiving training in the USSR. The Russians were not only able to give North Korea technological advancement to build nuclear weaponry, but also the ability to build rockets and associated nuclear capabilities to deter the United States from the North Korean peninsula and the Asia Pacific region. Trump clearly has a distaste for Barack and Michelle. If I was a general and trying to figure out the state of Trump's mind, I would never give him classified information. The reason being the fact that North Korea and Russia will already get that information because of Trump's misguidance in wanting to win the Nobel Peace prize. Trump doesn't deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. As a general, I would tell Trump that even though he's the commander-in-chief, that I'm here to protect the security of the American people and therefore I deserve to drink my wine and call him out for the imbecile he is. When a man in a position of power decides to tell the world that his wife met a dictator and is good friends with them, we should understand the real motive between a liar and a servant of the American people.

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