The Hockey Dad Wants Revenge, I'll Make Sure to See it Through

September 12, 2019

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about my ex-friend who wanted me to write a promotional article on his son. The reason why he asked me to do this was because his son was having trouble cracking the next level of hockey because of his height. The sharp criticism towards my friend was met with an unapproved reception from my colleagues who told me I was a bit too harsh on him. In fact, many of my colleagues indicated that my ex-friend wanted to mention his name so that he could sue me and take me to the cleaners. Some of the responses I received over Facebook were very nasty; many of the fathers told me that if I ever talked to them like that I would have my face smashed with my teeth knocked out. Sometimes a man has to concede defeat for no other reason then because the social media aspect has taken over the exact logic of what happened.


Here's the dialogue I had with the father after the story was published on LinkedIn. "Fiorenzo, you're one dumb ****, I never asked you to display my son on LinkedIn. All I said was that my son is worthy of a recommendation and that maybe you could help me out. I will make damn sure I destroy you for this. I'll also make sure that all our friends discover what type of man you are. Everyone I know will give you a bad review not only to damage your business, but your reputation."


I told him, "You can do whatever the hell you want. I have visual and audio surveillance and I doubt it very much that any of my friends or your friends will go against me. You were the one who stated that your son was 'short' and 'puny' and needed a little boost, not I. You go around town saying how much money you spend in my store, however the real problem is that you're an incompetent real estate agent. Every time I gave you a property to sell you had to lower the price and still make the 6% that I was willing to pay for. Then you, your wife, and your son would come in to my store telling me how much money you saved me. My friend, the truth is that I will never recommend you anymore, nor will I ever do business with you. When your son worked for me, it was you who called me to tell me that your spoiled son couldn't work because he was asleep and tired."


He shot back, "You fired Vincenzo because you're jealous of our wealth. I knew your personality couldn't take it and you decided to go on social media to make us look despicable. We were friends and this is what you decided to do after I asked for a favour? How many favors have I given you? I always made sure to take care of your friends that wanted to sell your properties and now I will seek revenge. You screwed with the wrong person."


I almost chuckled, "You really make me laugh. Most of my friends told me they would never sell property with you anymore, and that includes me. Your son and you have achieved no work ethics. Your son wants to make it to the NHL yet doesn't understand that in hockey technique is teachable and speed is not. Speed is speed regardless, and that's why hockey players are tested on the vertical jump and broad jump. Your son has absolutely zero hockey intelligence and very little strength to beat out his opponents. How do I know this? I watched the kid play and he's one hell of an ankle-burner."


I wasn't done, "You knew fully well that I wasn't a scout, a coach, or a trainer. and the fact of the matter is that many people have criticized me on social media because I should have mentored your son. You're the goddamn father and it's not my job to mentor your son and feed him how the world works. You and your wife think you have the world in your palms because you're a frivolous useless real estate agent. When your wife was billeting that 19-year old hockey player what do you think your wife was doing with him? I'm sure our friends have mentioned this to you."


"I'm going to get you if it's the last thing I ever do," were the last words I heard from him.

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